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El Taco Amigo
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2005

6580 Pardall Rd, Isla Vista

Reviews by the General Public

CLOSED, 9/21/2006
Reviewer: asd from sad. ca
this place is closed

Still good despite change, 10/18/2005
Reviewer: Reed from Goleta, CA
Taqueria did have slightly better quality food, yes, and I fear that this is really a result of better management who realized they were losing money with the current quality of ingredients. However, business is business I suppose, and the new manager is, on the upside, very friendly, offers free chips, and has cleaned up the interior tremendously. The food, despite the slight dip in quality, is still probably one of the more authentic if not the most authentic in town (there's no other place that you're going to find tongue, cabeza, or menudo). Reccomended.

MARTIN (the owner) IS AWESOME, 9/28/2005
Reviewer: wendy from goleta, ca
You absolutely MUST grab yer friends and head down to this quaint Mexican food place, try the tortas and the super nachos! They always have a GREAT deal for beer (aka 2 for 1 happy hour 4-8 everyday).. not like I live there or anything ;)

New Owners, New Name Yuck!!!, 5/17/2005

Why change such a good place? The new owners tried to copy the menu, but the food just wasn´t as good and the service was really bad. They totally messed the orders and put the rice and beans on top of the tacos!!!! You are warned this place is not as good now.

Freebirds alternative, 4/25/2005

When you´re sick of tasting the same bland mexican food at Freebirds, check this place out. Much tastier stuff.

This place is the greatest, 4/13/2005

This place is awesome! Their mexican food is nice and greasy and feels just as good coming out as it does going in. Their chicken is very succulent and their salsa bar is excellent! For a good deal, go for the "especial" which consists of two tacos, rice and beans for a good price, which is great when washed down by a ice cold horchata. Check this place out if you want to fill up your gut with some good old mexican food.

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