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Boba Tea House
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2006

966 Embarcadero Del mar, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 685-4715

Reviews by the General Public

What happened?, 4/9/2006
Reviewer: Dean from Santa Barbara, CA
The Boba Tea House went under new management, and along with it, horrible service. I went in with my girlfriend and asked for two warm milk tea with boba since it was a bit of a chilly night, and wait 10 minutes only to get ice cold milk tea with boba. So I asked them to replace it. The server looked displeased and took it back. I wait another 10 minutes and STILL no drink! My girlfriend goes up to the server and inquires about the drink, and the server says I told them to give me two cold drinks and that they were still currently working on it. First off, I said warm; I even said it twice in the beginning because I know people typically don't order warm milk tea. Second, it's not all that great to blame your mistake on customers. Another 5 minutes pass, so we finally give it up and ask for a refund. Twenty five total minutes there. That place should only focus on food and forget the drinks. Nevertheless, my friends and me were once regulars there for three years, however that is the LAST time we will ever set foot in that place again. We nearly went to the boss about the issue. The new management can learn a thing or two about customer satisfaction from the old owners.

your attitude is showing!, 2/10/2006
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
I think you need a new name if you going to serve coffee instead of tea! Your coffee is good, but I had gone there looking for tea. I agree that it is chilly in there sometimes. Most servers are nice. I want to respond to the post made by Bob, who works there. While I appreciate your wanting to defend yourself and your co-workers, the manner in which you did it turns me off. In life and business, you will encounter people who ruffle your feathers; knowing how to handle them with politeness is the key to success. Calling people names, whether justified or not, is not the sort of business most of us want to deal with.

in reponse to post title "Be Careful...", 11/18/2005
Reviewer: Bob. I work there. from Santa Barbara, CA
Hey man, listen to me, you do not get charged more tax than normal. I think where you are getting confused is that there is an extra charge of approx. 25 cents if you want to add boba. Not all people want boba in their drinks, and this is done to allow people that do not want boba to not have to pay for it.

Also, you mentioned that "none of the staff I've encounted so far spoke Enlish well enough for me to inquire about this." I think this is a pretty ignorant remark considering more than half of the employees there are U.S. born and have lived in the U.S. their entire lives. It is even more ignorant when you consider that ALL of the employees there are UCSB students and obviously know enough English to understand course lectures, complete assigned readings, fulfill examination and essay requirements, and so forth. It is pretty ignorant for you to classify them as non-English speaking simply because they look Asian. How about you skip the prejudice, work up the courage, and actually ask them a question next time?

The drinks are wonderful., 6/12/2005

The drinks are wonderful. The snow bubble is smooth and yummy. I have not had the food, but the drinks are a good choice. It usually stays open pretty late and that is cool. It is often worth it to make a special trip from downtown Santa Barbara to Isla Vista, just to get some boba at 11:30 at night. I have never sat in and had my drink, and I don´t think I ever will. It is cold in there and not all that wonderful of an atmosphere. But if yummy boba is what you are looking for, this is your place.

Be Careful..., 5/24/2005

I absolutely love the Snow Bubble, or Bubble Tea as it´s sometimes called. Every flavor is DELICIOUS, and it´s really smooth- no chunks of ice. Just on quality of the drinks, I´d give this place TEN stars. Only thing is, three times now (of the like 15 I´ve been there) they haven´t given me back the right change- for example, a drink costs $2.94, I give them a $10, and then they only give me back $.06, instead of $7.06. Twice I reminded them and they apoligized, but once I didn´t realize until I got home and it was too late. I have heard of many businesses doing this in Isla Vista, so just be careful. Also, the tax there is really weird. A drink that´s $2.49 on the meny ends up costing $2.94. That´s $.45 tax, or about $.18 per dollar, which is much more than twice the tax at other businesses in Isla Vista. ($.08 per dollar, I think?) None of the staff I´ve encountered so far spoke english well enough for me to inquire about this.

bring a jacket, 2/18/2005
Reviewer: chad from Isla Vista
Drinks aren´t bad, although the food is horribly overpriced. Also, I like to sit down and enjoy a drink, but this place is way too cold to let me do that. I highly recommend you go during summer or when it´s hot outside, or you will freeze inside the store.

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