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Pizza Hut
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2010-07

2840 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 682-7500

Reviews by the General Public

Pizza Hut The best! Domino's the Worst!!!, 10/26/2010
Reviewer: Alessandro from Santa Barbara, CA
I would like to say that Pizza Hut was the best chain Pizza in Santa Barbara. Dominos has terrible food and service!!!

1, 6/10/2010
Reviewer: jorge Zarceno from Santa Barbara, CA
i tried to order a pizza and the from desk guy said that they close at 1100pm and it was a around 1020 pm when i call. to me this is pretty bad servive because it was almost 40 mins for closing. people please wake up and do something about it.

40 min wait of hunger, 2/5/2010
Reviewer: Enrique Gomez from Santa Barbara, CA
Well I saw the commercial and the ad poster at the location for the $10 deal they have. We entered and the place was empty and the employee at the counter was on the phone on a personal phone call.We waited for 15 mins for him to get off the phone to have him be rude when asking if we wanted to order.Very unwelcoming enviorment. We looked at the menu that they had in the store and when i asked about the $10 deal he told me only three toppings or a supreme style pizza only. i was like wow false advertisement. so i ordered from what i was told i could order and when i placed my order he seemed lost and then told me they didnt have that type of pizza there. im never going there again. After 45 mins of dealing with all the rules to ordering we ended up walking out with no food. A complete waste of my time.

Pizza Hut 10 pizza any size any toppings misleading !!, 1/11/2010
Reviewer: John Reynolds from Santa Barbara, CA
Have u seen the commercial for any size any toppings only 10 bucks?? well the sign and tv commercial shows pizzas with 5 or more toppings, well I went to the De La Vina location and they only allowed me to pick 3 toppings !! Can you believe that?? I was shocked, I mention the commercial but he didnt care so I AM HERE TO WARN YOU ABOUT THAT!! Even Dominoes and Little Caesars sells a Heavier (by weight) Pizza for 5 to 6 bucks ! I shouldnt have bought the Pizza but I did, I wont Return !! Will you ??? Fair warning, John a lifetime resident of Santa Barbara Why must we be "ticked" into buying a national product while they hide behind the "fine print" !! It is really sad John Reynolds

For a franchise these people k ow how to screw it up, 12/12/2009
Reviewer: John doe from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is the same anywhere u order it. Cheap pizza that tastes good. What these people lack is customer service skills. Especialy surfing these hard economic times the one thing a business needs to provide is quality customer service, if you can provide that u will automatically gain customer loyalty! That means more profit! The equation is simple but the manager there I have know idea how he has the job he does.

Good Food, Nice People, 6/26/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Kind of understaffed when I went but the food was ready and the lady was nice. Personal Pan Pizza was good except it was too small for me and it was mostly cheese and not a lot of toppings. All food to go here.

CLASS ROOM!!!!, 5/4/2009
Reviewer: Mari from Santa Barbara, CA
Pizza is great there. The only thing that i was very unsatisfied with was the employee that thelp me at the counter. He was really rude and like in a hurry. But the place was empty. Also if you are going to order more than one pizza. Make sure you have enough plates at your house for every one. Because they only give you 8 plates for the whole order. I order two pizza for a class room and only eight plates were given to me. So i had to go buy some more at the store. I think they could of given me more because I paid alot of money for the pizzas.

Great service, Pizza Hut online ordering!, 12/11/2008
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
As a chain you know exactly what you're going to get and Pizza hut is spot on. I LOVE pizza hut, they have a great online ordering system that is VERY user friendly. Ask about their "panormous" pizza, great price and very tasty.

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