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Lazy Acres
302 Meigs Rd, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-4410

Reviews by the General Public

Not Sure Why Lazy Acres is Being Reviewed Under Restaurant , 1/17/2018
Reviewer: MiTmite9 from Santa Barbara, CA
The date of my review: 1/17/18. I love Lazy Acres, but . . .the new set-up (completed some time in recent months) isn't quite what I expected. It makes me feel a bit more like I'm at Sprouts or some other market. The fact that there is no longer a customer service "desk"/designated area is a bit strange. I was told that now any problems can be addressed by the individual cashiers, but so far my experience has been that not every cashier is an old-hand and truly knowledgeable. The managers are managers for a reason. That said, I like the employees. Almost without exception, everyone is always extremely nice to me. There was one cashier who seemed to be getting more and more surly, and abrupt and almost angry with me, for no apparent reason. I haven't seen that person there in about a month. I am hoping a long holiday or perhaps complete relocation has solved that problem. The produce has improved quite a bit, I think. Lovely veggies and fruit. Some good sales, too. There seems to be a bit more space to maneuver. The parking lot (oh, my) is as ever, even after being revamped, one of the most difficult lots in town. You just have to watch out for other drivers is all I can say. There seem to be less vegetarian food choices in the fresh deli cases. Maybe that's due to the new "bars." From what I have seen, customers really like the new soup and salad bars. My favorite part of going to Lazy Acres, aside from the 10% discount days (student or senior) is the wonderful, tasty, generous cheese and jam and cracker samples. How nice that those samples are back again, after about a year of none provided at all. ------ Here's my Lazy Acres tip for you:------ ***Be sure and hook up your bill total payments to the Buy & Give Back Program.*** I think it's something like 3% (?) of your bill can be donated to the charity of your choice. There's a little card to attach to your key ring. I wish I could put a link here for you for the program, but the Lazy Acres employee I called on the phone just now didn't know anything about the link and told me to come in and get that done. (Please bring back that customer service desk.) ---------I am going to link my donation to Care4Paws.

Check out is a nightmare. watch your total.
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
I have had several recent terrible experiences checking out there. One time I picked up a few items and the total was $195. I said something isn't right and it turns out he charged me $125/lb for my fruit. Once that was corrected and in a very defensive way, the total was still too high. I asked to see summary, there was a keg charge and other weird stuff. He said he corrected it but unfortunately, it was never corrected on my Amex bill. I am out about $50..and I have since lost the receipt. The way the management behaves, they would never believe anyway. Today I was rudely handled because I asked to use a coupon right as the woman totaled the ordered. The manager had to lecture me that you have to present any coupons in advance. As if I have never shopped with a coupon in my life. Here I'm thinking they owe me a fortune already, but I bit my tongue. Bottom line, they really need to train their managers and checkers. I sense it is more a management issue because they checkers appear afraid and helpless when they need to deal with anything.

Lazy blows everything else out of the water!
Reviewer: Kim B. from Santa Barbara, CA
To hear everyone complain about lazy acres is disgusting. You don't like it? Keep it to yourselves and go somewhere else. The employees are always friendly and helpful when I go in there and my kids love it there! They not only get a free cookie and usually a sticker but there are little carts for them to use to "be like mom." As far as the employees not all speaking english, you all sound like pompous snobs. People need to work no matter what and I'm sure they're busting their butts off to make you your food. The chicken in the woods is my favorite there! Along with their raspberry smoothies. Their Taco Tuesday is also delicious! As far as the discounts go, I personally spoke to the manager and the hot case aka deli food and bakery goods are the only things that go half off! Lazy Acres is a GREAT place to go and is a one stop shop! They have everything! If you don't want to pay the prices then go to Albertson's. I guarantee you won't get the same service or quality of product. Everyone who wrote a negative comment on here just sounds ridiculous. You all should definitely do some attitude checks on yourselves. If you want quality from a grocery store SHOP AT LAZY'S!

Hot counter
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
Odered a pizza at the hot counter at Lazy Acres. When we picked it up, the employee pulled it from the oven and it looked delicious. My concern, was when he sprinkled a leafy topping on top and he used his bare hands. While I'm sure many restaurants allow this, I'm sure many more customers would like to see gloved hands touching their food. Kind of ruined the pizza experience, for me at least.

Little service for high prices
Reviewer: Karen from Santa Barbara, CA
The deli food is at best in the mediocre range. The service could vastly improve. The deli section is staffed by people that act like they are doing you a favor by waiting on you. I've stood there for a considerable time waiting for help while the workers kept their backs to the counter and proceeded to chop vegetables or whatever. No words like "I'll be with you in a minute" ...nada, nothing. I also have called to get an answer to something, and an hour later still no callback. If they are going to charge the prices they do, at least the service should match.

Never Consistent Offerings
Reviewer: Confused from Santa Barbara, CA
Really frustrated that I drive miles for particular specialty items that only Lazy Acres offers at insanely high prices... to find out that they didn't "make" or "ran out of" said items? At the end of the night, I can understand... But mid-day?

Why no English?
Reviewer: from Goleta
All employees working with the general public should all be fluent English speakers! Especially in an upscal place like Lazy Acres where I'm sure many questions Re: food.

I LOL at that review!
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
The staff at Lazy Acres is great! From the juice bar to the deli to the cashiers to the people stocking the shelves to the cashier dude with the cool big hair and boots! A bell pepper at Lazy Acres equals not an Albertson's one. They are organic and higher quality like ALL of the produce at Acres. If you had a bad experience with one of the bakery attendants it's probably because they speak little to no English and did not understand your concern. Voice your concerns to one of the nice managers instead. I love Lazy Acres and the only store I believe compares is Whole Foods. They provide the highest quality food items and they are non-union.

The Emperor's New Clothes?
Reviewer: John D. from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm amazed at how many people rave about how wonderful is Lazy Acres, despite evidence to the contrary. It's overpriced beyond belief and the employees often have a condescending attitude that I find offensive. For some folks, if you pay $3 for a bell pepper, it's obviously a superior bell pepper--never mind the fact that you can buy an identical one at the Albertson's around the corner for a buck. I one time bought a pear pie for a hideous amount of money--around $20--at the Lazy Acres bakery, to take as dessert to a dinner party. It was beyond awful, to the point that no one ate more than a bite of it. When I complained to the bakery personnel the next day, I was told words to the effect of, "Oh, well," and summarily dismissed. No apology, no offer of a refund--nothing. Lazy Acres is like the story of The Emperor's New Clothes--people will buy into the hype because it's not fashionable not to. Maybe it's the proximity to Hope Ranch that keeps it in business?

Corporate policies
Reviewer: Ellen Jackson from Santa Barbara, CA
Americans consume huge amounts of sugar, over 150 pounds per person each year. Too many of the items sold at Lazy Acres contain excessive amounts of sugar and oil. Many of the granolas have at least two different kinds of oil and/or sweeteners. At the deli, I used to buy the Lazy Acres strawberry/spinach salad–with walnuts. But one of the primary ingredients in this salad is--sugar. Both honey and molasses are now listed as primary ingredients in the Biblical Bread. The English term molasses comes from the Portuguese melaço which in turn is derived from the Latin mel, meaning honey. Melasus (sic) was first seen in print in 1582 in a Portuguese book heralding the conquest of the West Indies. It’s not in the Bible, doesn’t come from the Bible, and doesn’t belong in Lazy Acre’s Biblical Bread. By using two sweeteners instead of one, corporate America snookers the consumer into thinking there’s less sugar in the bread than, in fact, there is. Lazy Acres has many good points. But real concern for the health of its customers doesn’t appear to be one of them.

Denied Discounted Sushi
Reviewer: Jenny from Santa Barbara, CA
Some friends and I went to Lazy Acres after 9 because that's when everything is 25-50% off, so we grabbed the sushi in the 25% off section and the discounted tabbouleh salad. However upon check out the girl did NOT give us the discount. We thought she had just forgotten, so we politely told her that these were discounted and she said that "they normally write disc. on the label". We told her they were in the 25% off sushi section and raw fish goes bad after sitting out for too long and it was after 9 so they should definitely be discounted, not that that fact that the sign CLEARLY said 25% off all sushi wasn't enough. She said "oooh.. well you can go ask them..." We just paid the full price without much of a fuss because there was a line behind us and it would've been a 2$ difference anyways. It's just a little ridiculous that the staff is ill informed of the night deals because it's the SOLE reason for why Lazy Acres amasses such a crowd after 9pm. We distinctly heard the guys behind us informing her that they were not paying full price for sushi as we were walking out. Please inform your staff about discounted products because it's the only reason why many people go after 9pm.

I like lazy acres
Reviewer: Steve Lord from Santa Barbara, CA
Ive shopped there for five years for almost all my food. THe produce is fresher and better than any organic food market Ive ever been toa and IVe been to about 25 of them. freshest than Whole food anywhere Ive been in the state including here. Just check the difference in freshness in the romain lettuce at Lazy Acres vs Whole food, you can knock a man out with the Lazy Acres Romaine. IF there is a difference between Lazy Acres before Supervalue, I dont know what it is, I dont see it. Whole food too has so many non organic items even in produce much higher percent than Lazy. Prices are slightly higher at Whole Food too.

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