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Lazy Acres
302 Meigs Rd, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-4410

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Not Sure Why Lazy Acres is Being Reviewed Under Restaurant , 1/17/2018
Reviewer: MiTmite9 from Santa Barbara, CA
The date of my review: 1/17/18. I love Lazy Acres, but . . .the new set-up (completed some time in recent months) isn't quite what I expected. It makes me feel a bit more like I'm at Sprouts or some other market. The fact that there is no longer a customer service "desk"/designated area is a bit strange. I was told that now any problems can be addressed by the individual cashiers, but so far my experience has been that not every cashier is an old-hand and truly knowledgeable. The managers are managers for a reason. That said, I like the employees. Almost without exception, everyone is always extremely nice to me. There was one cashier who seemed to be getting more and more surly, and abrupt and almost angry with me, for no apparent reason. I haven't seen that person there in about a month. I am hoping a long holiday or perhaps complete relocation has solved that problem. The produce has improved quite a bit, I think. Lovely veggies and fruit. Some good sales, too. There seems to be a bit more space to maneuver. The parking lot (oh, my) is as ever, even after being revamped, one of the most difficult lots in town. You just have to watch out for other drivers is all I can say. There seem to be less vegetarian food choices in the fresh deli cases. Maybe that's due to the new "bars." From what I have seen, customers really like the new soup and salad bars. My favorite part of going to Lazy Acres, aside from the 10% discount days (student or senior) is the wonderful, tasty, generous cheese and jam and cracker samples. How nice that those samples are back again, after about a year of none provided at all. ------ Here's my Lazy Acres tip for you:------ ***Be sure and hook up your bill total payments to the Buy & Give Back Program.*** I think it's something like 3% (?) of your bill can be donated to the charity of your choice. There's a little card to attach to your key ring. I wish I could put a link here for you for the program, but the Lazy Acres employee I called on the phone just now didn't know anything about the link and told me to come in and get that done. (Please bring back that customer service desk.) ---------I am going to link my donation to Care4Paws.

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