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Luigi's Pizza & Pasta
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2010-10

5711 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-6433

Reviews by the General Public

good pizza...who knew?, 9/15/2010
Reviewer: charlotte klein from goleta, CA
I haven't been to this place since it was Petrinni's, a hundred years ago...what can I say, I hold a grudge for them closing (fond childhood memories) Anyway, I took my daughter for pizza and it was crazy good! I had 0 expectations for this place, but I must say that it was really good, straightforward American pizza ( My daughter ordered a simple pepperoni and I had everything on mine ) Great crunchy crust, ample toppings and a very nice sauce ( I'm a saucy chick ) Hey, I love a good sauce and it's oh so rare to actually find one! especially in Goleta ( yeah, I'm smiling when I say that ) Well done, we'll be back. Oh, one thing, the salad bar sucks.. there's other lettuces on the planet besides Iceberg!!!

not so good, 8/24/2010
Reviewer: kate from Santa Barbara, CA
Tuesdays they have the all you can eat pizza and salad bar for $9.99 per person, which is a great deal. This promotion started out great months ago and slowly the quality has gone down hill. I went tonight and all the pizza they were delivering around to the customers was old pizza. So all they do is re-heat it and send it back out. It was cold and tough to eat. Its pretty sad when they come to your table and the customer asks "how fresh is the pizza?", and the worker says " this is second round". Thats horrible. Not to mention you used to be able to get a drink with the meal and now its not included. Same price, horrible food. I used to go every tuesday. This was my last. I wonder if the owner knows what is going on? I wont return to see if it gets better.

Food Better Than Decent, Service Horrible, 8/13/2010
Reviewer: Abraham Alexander from Santa Barbara, CA
I Have Been Here Multiple Times, Because Of The Food. In All Honesty The Service Is Horrible. The Employees There Just Don't Care, The "Manager" Doesn't Make An Effort To Make People Happy Either. I Called To Place An Order For One Large Calzone, The Phone Was Answered By A Lady Whom Decided To Hang Up On Me Half-Way Through My Order. When I Arrived To Pick Up My Order, Not Only Was It Not Ready But It Was Not Even In The Oven Yet. When My Order Finally Was Ready They Only Gave Me One Small Marinara Sauce & When I Asked For More I Was Hassled By A New Employee & A Manager. I Just Wanted A Little More Sauce, Show Some Compassion Please.

ok food, poor service, 9/20/2009
Reviewer: rachel radcliff from goleta, CA
i've eaten at luigi's a few times and found their food to be pretty good, especially for the price. The times I ordered delivery, they always messed my order up and the delivery driver acted like he didn't know what to do. hello? go back to the restaurant and make the order right! i think i'm finished giving this place chances though...

Great Improvement, 5/6/2009
Reviewer: Jason Koivu from Carpinteria, CA
I came here a year or so ago and hated it. The food was terrible and the service was, aside from taking your order, non-existent. But co-workers have insisted that Luigi's is better than the bottom of the barrel, so I gave it another go. Now, I'm not going to say it was great, as the title might suggest, but it is a great improvement over the last time I ate there. The pizza, although by-the-slice, was much fresher and a good deal less like something right out of the microwave. The dough tasted more like, I'd say, garlic bread, rather than super-dried out cardboard like last time. The salad bar was filled with fresh items and now away from the front door, which is a good idea considering flies and whatnot. The server was friendly, prompt, attentive and willingly helpful.

Food Good - Service was Awful, 3/25/2009
Reviewer: James Reed from Santa Barbara, CA
I go to Luigi's occasionally because my kids go crazy for those chuck e cheese type arcade games. We also like the pizza and soda. But gosh people - employees, and Mr. Luigi himself, would it kill you to smile once in a while. When I walk up and order would it kill you to look like you give a &*#@! that I'm here and about to drop $30 in your place. The place reminded me of a funeral home. Everyone's kinda sad. Again, the pizza was great, always liked it and the salad bar was good. Please get rid of the old tv that's barely bringing in a signal and get a flat screen like the rest of the world. Had I been able to watch March Madness clearly, I probably would have enjoyed my time a bit more. One other comment: the games seem to have a lot of issues - whether its not refilling the tickets or having tokens get lost in the machine, it's dissapointing that my girls were complaining about not getting an employee to walk over and give them 30 seconds of your time. They're paying customers too. I would probably come back to your place because the kids will soon forget about all the little issues but I may try to steer them toward the other place down the road from you all, if you care.

Best sauce ever, 1/25/2009
Reviewer: Michelle from Isla Vista, CA
My friends and I like to go here because you pay up front when you order, making it easy for large groups to avoid the "splitting of the check." Their marinara sauce is absolutely amazing, I really like the spaghetti and meatballs. Portions are huge. Service is very fast. Menu variety is excellent.

Good food, Ok decor/service, 10/9/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Sub to go I got was very good, can't comment on the pizza yet. Apparently they have an all you can eat(pizza/salad/drink) Tues nites for $10. Incredibly wide seating space in side, they surprisingly even have a Chuck E Cheese like room with token/tickets/prizes, only problem it smelled like a diaper nursery, not good for appetites so get the rug cleaner in! Service just Ok(they were training at the time so I'll cut them some slack). Food took a little while but pinball in kids room kept me occupied(as I was holding my breath).

Very tasty Pizza & Salad, 6/2/2008
Reviewer: Kumar from Goleta
this is a good place for Pizza & Salad, their pizza sauce is very tasty and their service is good

Long wait, pathetic calzone., 3/3/2008
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
I waited 30 minutes for them to make me a combo calzone... only to take a few bites and throw it away. A very long wait and a disgusting, soggy piece of bread oozing lukewarm marinara made for a poor experience. Luigi's disgraces Italian food

Yummy food, not so good service, 10/12/2007
Reviewer: Heather from Santa Ynez, CA
I always seem to show up when nobody is at the front to take my order. I usually have to wait up to five minutes until I'm acknowledged, then they finally take my order. Seems during the lunch hours, there is only the two cooks to serve AND cook the orders. The food is always worth the wait, though. I've been going there since I was a kid in the early 80's, and continue to go, regardless! It's a great family atmosphere.

Casual dinner, 6/21/2007
Reviewer: Lei Tocman from Honoulu, HI
We're visiting the area, and tried this place due to reviews on this site. We were doubtful that the little pizza we ordered as an 'appetizer' would arrive first, but it did, and our dinners came with perfect timing. Not an outstanding, magnificent culinary experience, just good basic family style Italian at reasonable prices.

Frozen Pizza?, 6/17/2007
Reviewer: Jason Koivu from Carp, Ca
Did I just have a one-time only bad experience, cuz everyone else seems to like this place. When I went, the pizza I had tasted just like a frozen pizza I'd make at home. The crust was extremely dry and stall. The sauce and cheese didn't do much to impress me neither. The service (lunch time) was typical fast food restaurant service, just adequate enough to get you through the experience.

My expierience at Luigis, 6/14/2007
Reviewer: Sam from Goleta
I was at Luigis today, I am very glad I went. Very good food selection, and taste was very good with good prices. Waitresses were very nice and pretty and always made sure I had everything I wanted. I will definately go again, and recommend it for all young people and anyone who knows good Italian food.

Delivery, 3/17/2007
Reviewer: Christina from Goleta, CA
I placed an order for delivery on a saturday at about 3:30PM. I was told it would be 30 minutes for my order. An hour later my food arrives, the pizza is cold and the cheese is hard. My salad is soggy. It tasted like it had been sitting around for 30 minutes. Please deliver food in a timely manner, and edible would help.

Solid Pizza, Delievery was fast and pizza was hot, 12/18/2006
Reviewer: JB from Goleta
Order delivery from here recently and was pleastly surprised. The pizza was cooked perfectly, toppings were generous, and it was an all around solid pie. Delivery was quick and freindly. Not the most memorable pizza I've had in the SB area flavor wise, but for Goleta delivery, a solid choice.

Place really surprised me..., 10/23/2006
Reviewer: Candy Hall from Goleta, CA
This was the ultimate surprise. I was expecting really bad pizza. The place seems like it could be bad, especially in its location (strip mall), but I was greatly taken aback by the great good. Good pizza, good service. Really awesome little place.

**THE** best calzone in Santa Barbara, 8/29/2006
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara
You haven't had calzones until you've been to Luigi's. Nothing beats the warm, fluffy, crispy crust filled with ricotta and mozzarella cheese. Plus you can order any of their famous combinations as a calzone: the Meat Special, the Gaucho, the Garden Special, etc. The pizza is also good, as are their salads.

mui fantastico bueno cabrone, 3/16/2006
Reviewer: emanuelito hernandez la rose perez from compton
i had a wonderful experience at this fine dining establishment... it made me happy when i got my xxl vegetarian pizza with a splash of chicken.... the cheese was gooey and tasted slighty like a romano and parmesan hybrid.... i think the orange soda with the black stuff in it was delisiouqs tasted like mango sours altoids,.... WHICH ARE THE BEST Candies i have ever tasteed and i think you should go buy some right now because it makes my stomach happy.... also if any one likes my review... thank you it ttouches my heart....jk lol much love... your bff Emanuelito josue jesus mario hernadez de la rose perez the 4th

Pretty good pizza, decent sandwiches, generally poor entrees, 2/5/2006
Reviewer: Grant from Goleta
While the wait staff seems to work hard to get food out and place orders, they seem to be short-staffed. The last time I was at Luigi's I saw only two girls and presumably the owner/manager while there was a large party in the back and quite a few tables taken. Remodel looks good but hearing the waitstaff being yelled at turned me off. I like their pizza more than most in town (particularly the chain pizza joints) and their hot sandwiches are fairly good for a quick lunch. I would recommend against ordering any entrees. They may taste "okay" but the price isn't that much less than another place where the food is much better.

Great Food, 12/3/2005
Reviewer: Kevin from Santa Barbara
I Really Like Pizza And The Arcade.

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