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No longer in business
Opened: 2005-03 Closed: 2013-10

5934 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 683-3008

  • Category: Japanese
  • Hours: Lunch: Mon-Sun 11:30am-2:30pm Dinner: Sun-Thu 5:30pm-11pm, Fri-Sat 5:30pm-Midnight
  • Chef: Robert
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
  • Reservations: Yes, recommended
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Reviews by the General Public

Won't be returning, 7/12/2013
Reviewer: VicT from Santa Barbara, CA
Eaten here many many times with mixed results. Wanted to try again under new ownership. Prices are higher, sushi portions were smaller and not very fresh tasting and there was hardly any crab in the spider roll, all rice and veggies. With Sushi Teri and Goleta Sushi nearby this place is off our list.

New owner , 5/13/2013
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten here 3 times since the new owner. The food is still good and the staff is OK, however, what is wrong with the owner mgr. He does not welcome you and he has this scowl. He actually acts like he doesn't want you in the place. NOT the busy place it once was, hmm could it be? OH, and get rid of the plastic dirty plants. You have to act and make the place look like you care.

bad servicee, 12/26/2012
Reviewer: jay from Santa Barbara, CA
after a great day with the family for xmas.i decided to order some sushi.everything was closed in the area where i live except for TAKENOYA.i placed my order 30 mins before i arrived.there was only one waitress and one sushi chef to a packed restaurant..the waitress was nervous and very indifrent when i asked her for my order.i waited another 30 mins and i asked her again..she never apologized for the delay or anything.once i finally spoke up she said there was another sushi chef on the way and if could wait..that was it.i simply left..word of advice if u dont have the staff to cover on a holiday like xmas why even bother opening up..

New Owners, please get more chefs, 10/8/2012
Reviewer: Doris from Santa Barbara, CA
We ate here this evening, knowing that it had new owners. It had been our very favorite Japanese Restaurant for years, We were hoping that it would remain the same. The food was still excellent--the fish fresh and beautifully presented. The service was terrible, not due to the wait perple, but rather due to the fact that there was only one sushi chef. I'm hoping that this will improve, or else we will loose a excellent restaurant.

wat else can i say?, 3/2/2012
Reviewer: mandy from Santa Barbara, CA
Best Japanese restaurant in Santa Barbara! Very authentic love their sushi, especially. Their staff and environment! Best thing is their party room for my company gathering! They also have these Asian Boba drinks that are awesome!

Bad Bad Service and Cold Food, 12/10/2011
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara, CA
I have never written a very negative review but I am going to make the exception here. Party of 5, used to be regulars. Put in Name, asked 20 minutes later why not seated, they said, "Oh". Got seated Given 3 menus 4 chopsticks and 2 napkins in a pile on the table. Waiter came for drinks,15 minuted for hot tea and sodas. Ordered food. Sushi rolls came in 15 minutes other meals bento and fish came ONE hour later,no apology nothing. Did not bring the rice,or the edamame we ordered until we asked for a 3rd time. NO refills no service, nothing, Just terrible service. Last time here.

love the sushi boat, 11/6/2011
Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat here often and have always had good service. I had a group with me so we ordered a sushi boat. What a bargain and great food. I think the staff are extra nice or maybe it is because I am a regular customer.

Half the food twice the price, 10/29/2011
Reviewer: Lauri from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been dining at takenoya since it opened almost once a month, but no more! They changed their sushi to one piece per order. Same price, only one piece! I have never heard of sushi one piece per order, it is ridiculous. My husband and I each ordered an order of sushi. If we had to place two orders each it would have been $18 for two bites each. They have lost us as a customer.

best so far in goleta, 8/11/2011
Reviewer: daniel from Santa Barbara, CA
we love going to takenoya and we eat their many times since we moved in a year ago, and their food tasted fresh and nice portion, specially the 007 roll, and the best of it is their special mango roll called something "tropical"?? Anyway, just like to express some of my friendly experience with takenoya. Hope everyone will have a great time as much as I did.

Cutting corners?, 7/1/2011
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been coming to Takenoya for years. This time it was very disappointing. I ordered the sushi plate. The sushi and tuna roll were quite small and the quality of the fish was not great. Maybe they are cutting back on their portions but charging more for the dish. Also, we received our appetizer and a minute later my husband received his entree. Were they trying to hurry us? I received my mini-entree about 5 minutes afterward. They better get their act together very soon to keep their business afloat.

Nice place, 5/25/2011
Reviewer: jeff yang from Santa Barbara, CA
i had been to takenoya many times, it's alway good for me ,and i made friends with many of their stuffs. i do not usually write reviews, but i felt uncomfortable when i see my favor restaurant was under attacked

Terrible Mother's Day Lunch, 5/14/2011
Reviewer: Sam from Goleta, CA
The worst SERVICE EVER! Moderate-Poor food. Went there for Mother's Day. Started off with a RUDE Host seeting us. We sat for almost 5 minutes until I had to ask for some service and water and that we wanted to eat the All you can eat Dim Sum. I ordered quickly knowing that the Dim Sum was going to take some time. Other people that came after us were catered and treated better than us. Dim Sum took 30 minutes to get 3 dishes and still other people that came before us got there Dim Sum before us. No Server(s) to be found. I had to finally speak up and ask why other people were getting there Dim Sum before us and that we have been here for almost 1 hour. The server counldn't explain why..?. Dim Sum was also moderate-poor, it tasted like they have just microwaved some of there Dim Sum. WILL NOT GO BACK! I recommend the owners take a look at there staff and see how RUDE they are.

Decent sushi for Goleta, 5/10/2011
Reviewer: Tan Man from Santa Barbara, CA
Some unique rolls that are great but small compared to Sushi Teri or Goleta Sushi House. Decent portions of Sashimi and very fresh. Not too sure about the cleanliness of the place. Its pretty disgusting looking behind the cashier area. Can't tell if its trash or buckets of old grease! I'm sure the Health Dept would have some issues here.

A Terrible Experience, 2/4/2011
Reviewer: Hani from Goleta, CA
Preface: We are NOT picky diners. This was our first (and last) experience at Takenoya. Our regular sushi place (Sushi Teri) was packed, so we decided to try Takenoya for dinner tonight. They were pretty busy too, so tables were limited. We were seated in the back room in an area that was being used for storage of Christmas lights, audio equipment, a large rifle (presumably a BB gun), and tons of other stuff. We ordered a couple of sodas that arrived in cans. We're used to unlimited refills, so this was a bummer for us. After ordering and waiting a reasonable amount of time, our order started to arrive. We got our miso soup - which was great. But it's tough to screw up miso soup, right? The edamame came soon after. They were hot, but they didn't taste very fresh. The side of steamed rice that came was not hot at all. Then the sushi rolls arrived. They were priced very similarly to other sushi places in town - but good Lord they were small! To top it off, they didn't taste very fresh. They just weren't that good. Needless to say, for what you get, they were WAY overpriced. As for the service, I know they were busy, but the waitress wasn't very attentive. She never checked on us to ask if everything was okay. I figure it takes 15 seconds to do that. The most attention we got was when we were placing our order and when we were paying the bill. On the way out, we noticed that the floors were pretty sticky. Like I said, we're not too picky - but the combination of all these things really made this a pretty miserable experience for us. I mean, if we're going to pay $50 for dinner we'd expect a much better experience and a decent meal. We won't be going back. (Two blocks down the road is Sushi Teri, go there.)

Love their sushi specially their rolls, 12/26/2010
Reviewer: Jian from Santa Barbara, CA
Been there many times, services on and off, but this time was good, and very friendly. Their sushi has been very consistent, tried their dim sum couple of times, but to get your moneys worth, got to go for their weekend all u can eat special. Just notice that they have half price happy hour, I believe it's after 9pm, will give it a try for sure, maybe next week.

Go on weeknights, 7/1/2010
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
We went to Takenoya last night for our wedding anniversary to have their party boat. The tempura was crispy and not full of oil. The sushi and sashimi was very fresh. It was lots of fun. Also, the service was superb. I think one needs to go there on weeknights for great service.

Fabulous experience, 6/10/2010
Reviewer: Andy from Santa Barbara, CA
I love come with a lot of seafood. The sushi is Really fresh!!! Especially, there are many different special drinks. I prefer peach ice tea!tasty!! I'll be back. ^^

A very pleasant experience, 5/29/2010
Reviewer: Jerry from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to Takenoya quite frequently and they have the best Japanese food in Santa Barbara. They provide a wide variety food, with all of the freshest ingredients. The service is impeccable. If you are looking for the ultimate in dining experiences then you have to try their sushi, fresh from the sea, cooked to order. You can't go wrong with the green tea, or hot sake, and perhaps even some Japanese beer. Coupled with fresh sashimi, or custom made rolls, your evening, or afternoon will be complete.

Good Food Bad Service, 5/3/2010
Reviewer: Albert from Santa Barbara, CA
Food was really good, my wife and I had enjoyed everything but the service. It sucked like a Hoover upright. The skinny gentleman waiting on us was VERY pushy and rude. We have gone there twice thinking the service would change and it did not. Its unfortunate they have no customer service skills cause we would be eating there on a regular basis.

Expensive but Tasty, Staff are pushy and not friendly, 3/19/2010
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara, CA
Takenoya has always had above average food, but its way overpriced and they nickel and dime you. Want a Coke ? comes in a can and if you want another one(refill) you have to buy another can. Staff make you you feel like they need your table asap and they are not very friendly. There a better places Like Goleta Sushi house where its less expensive and super friendly.

Everything is good , 3/15/2010
Reviewer: Jing Jing from Santa Barbara, CA
I think the lunch special is the best and server is good

Food was good, but the staff was extremely rude, 3/6/2010
Reviewer: Daniela McDowall from Santa Barbara, CA
We had a terrible experience at this restaurant today... we ordered the "All you can eat Dim Sum" lunch, the food was great but it took forever to come to the table, and right after ordering the first round, we were told the kitchen was closing! When I complained that the staff should have warned us that we wouldn't be able to order more, the waiter pretended not to understand English. Or maybe he really didn't... The staff became extremely rude and trying to rush us out of the place, the waitress started cleaning up the table while stepping on my feet and literally leaning over my body to reach for things, dropping food over me and my guests. I was embarrassed for taking my friends there, it was just unbelievable! I will never, NEVER go back there again.

The 007 Roll is the best!, 2/24/2010
Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place. It's not a the type of sushi place to get your standard sushi, but they have some really good creative rolls here. Try the 007 Roll. It's probably one of the best things I'v ever eaten.

Unprofessional and Lacking in Service, 2/13/2010
Reviewer: Ralph T. from Santa Barbara, CA
It was my 2nd time dining here (other than 3 yrs ago) and I decided to take try it out since I haven't been there for a while. I went with a friend and first off, you can tell right off the bat that the staff were inexperienced. I mean, they seemed to mumble at every other word and were not confident in their job. A waitress even managed to lose her balance at the table and spill the 4 people's drinks into their laps. And worst of all, we sat down and ordered before two other tables and those tables were served their food before us. We didn't even see/hear about our food until 45 mins later when we asked where the food was which we got the reply of a very passive "it's coming". After an hour of not receiving our food, we decided we couldn't take it anymore and wanted to leave. They gave us the excuse that the place was closing (it was 2:35 and they close at 2:30) and that didn't seem like a valid excuse to not serve us when we were their an hour earlier. Again, very unprofessional and I promise, I will never be back. Worst Experience Ever.

Today we had a really bad experience here..., 12/8/2009
Reviewer: Very Surprised from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to this place many times. However today we got really bad service took 10 mins to get a menu. Had to get up a find someone to give us a menu. Then my plate came then we had to wait 10 more min for my friends plate to arrive. My food was cold. My salad was frozen (had ice crystals on it. The serving dishes were dirty. We were over charged. I don't know what happened today. Normally pretty good place to have lunch.

Amazing Food & Service, 7/4/2009
Reviewer: Tish from Santa Barbara, CA
Found this place a few years ago after a long time search for good not over priced sushi. Almost tried everyone in SB until a friend recommended Takenoya. At first i didn't give it a real chance, went in with my nose in the air but after a few more tries i realized i was being over analytical NOW you cant get me out of the place. Love all the people in the place and the food.

.....canned tuna?????, 5/9/2009
Reviewer: Lauren Harper from Santa Barbara, CA
I had THE worst sushi here that I've ever had. I got the Take roll, which was listed as being spicy tuna roll fried with avocado on top. It came as advertised, except that I'm positive the tuna inside of it was canned, cooked tuna! At first I figured it just got cooked in the frying process, but not only did it smell fishy like canned tuna, but it was the same color and texture- usually when you get tuna rolls it's one large piece of tuna or smaller cut up pieces.. this was shredded like you see in a can of tuna. I paid almost $10 for the worst roll of my life... plus it was TINY. (Also, it wasn't just my roll... my boyfriend's crazy roll had canned tuna in it also) My suggestion- go to Sushi Teri about 30 seconds down the street for cheap, amazingly tasty sushi! I've been there multiple times and love it.

Extremely rude, 5/7/2009
Reviewer: Ewa from Santa Barbara, CA
Went last night and the waitstaff was extremely rude to my entire group, generally ignoring us and telling us that "since the boss is away, you can come and complain to him some other day." In addition, we had reserved a room for karaoke and they told us we could not use the machine because it was connected to the tv and other people were watching the Lakers game. Now, first of all, there's got to be a way to set up your system so that is not an issue. Second of all, I am not advocated pissing off your other patrons just because someone happened to reserve the room, but I would say that that is something you should INFORM the person of when they are making a reservation. It's not like the Lakers game comes as a huge surprise. I was very disappointed, which is a shame, because I thought the food was quite tasty.

Quality.. NOT Quantity, 12/19/2008
Reviewer: Kazanda from Santa Barbara, CA
The service was very good and it was a nice and comfortable environment. However, the portions were very small. Before going I looked at the menu on this site and was pleased by the prices. Unfortunately the serving size was probably about half you would get at any other Japanese restaurant.

Good food a little pricey, 11/11/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Good food a little pricey but food quality is pretty good. Spacious seating inside. Servers seem nice. A bit of wait for food, more of a sit down place than take out.

Good, but better in town, 7/12/2008
Reviewer: Richard C. Mongler from Santa Barbara, CA
I like takenoya. Their sushi is good. The prices are about what you would expect for the SB/goleta area. Many of the reviews on this page are from college students. Any SB local would not be surprised at the prices. I agree about the staff. they do seem a bit "confused." as a customer you kind of have to initiate the conversation in order to get what you need. thats not a big deal, however, because everyone is super friendly. If you want good sushi for the price, however, I highly recommend Ichiban. similar prices, better quality.

MMmm good sushi, 6/26/2008
Reviewer: Angela from santa barbara, CA
I've only ever eaten sushi here, and the best thing in the world ever is their salmon box roll! So delicious, I will drive up from downtown for it. The other rolls are pretty tasty as well. Service can be spotty but I don't care I love me some salmon box roll.

great japanese food, 2/7/2008
Reviewer: Travis Solomon from Santa Barbara, CA
if you want to go somewhere for japanese, go here. they have awesome food, and the service is pretty good too. ive only been here twice, and ill deff. come here again and again, especially for their great sushi and pork ramen. ^_^

bad service, 11/29/2007
Reviewer: Ashley from Santa Barabara, CA
I have been to this restaurant for 1 year, service has been fine, until last Monday nite when i went there. I ordered a dish and I supposed to get a soup along with it. I guess the waitress forgot to give me and I asked for it, she gave me a really bad attitude, as if i lied to her, but she gave it to me eventually. When I asked for my bill with the same waitress, she did not give me until after 10-15 mins, when i asked for it again, her attitude was even worse. Then, I asked for the manager to talk to, I found out she was the one from another waitor. I was disappointed. I hope there will have a better service in this restaurant since their food has been great.

Echoing Brandon 5/31/2007, 11/25/2007
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Takenoya's food is consistently pretty good but the service is pretty inconsistent. They, say, maybe bring out one person's meal well before another's, or bring the entree seemingly 30 seconds after they deliver the miso soup. But they're very pleasant. The $8.95 teriyaki chicken is the value choice on the menu -- good tasting and a bargain price. The sushi is well prepared.

Very Average, 9/15/2007
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara
Went to Takenoya for the first time last week. Had Fiesta Sushi and Companion had Bento Combo. Food was average at best. Was delivered pretty quickly though. Apetizer came(Calimari) at the same time as meal. Got my Drink Order at the same time too ? Asked for Soy Sauce 3 times before I got it. Never offered any drink refill. Staff is friendly but they seem to be confused as to what to do first. I probably would give them a second try

I love this place!, 7/30/2007
Reviewer: Julie from Goleta, CA
So my co-worker and I come here all the time! In fact we used to have lunch here at least once a week! It's excellent! There lunch special is very affordable and you get a ton of food! And my favorite roll of all time is their Hurricane Roll! It is so yummy! I recommend this place to everyone!

Takkkeeennoooyyaa, 5/31/2007
Reviewer: Brandon from Goleta
I have a sort of love/hate relationship with Takenoya. This is partially because they ditched their late-night sushi deal which was absolutely perfect for college students. This leaves their menu relatively expensive which I've come to expect from certain Japanese restaurants... Regardless, the sushi is great and well prepared (tastes fresh). There are TVs playing ESPN at the bar which is nice for all you sports fans. Service I would say is rather mediocre as you often have to ask for things. Point in case, give it a try. If you like it.. come back for more!

Diverse menu, friendly staff, good deals, 4/5/2007
Reviewer: Josh from Santa Barbara, CA
This is my 4th time visiting Takenoya, and each time they improve their menu and service. I'm quite impressed. We always try a new roll and a daily special ...something other boring sushi restaurants should try more often. This is also a pretty kid-friendly restaurant and that is hard to find in town now that Jimmy's and Red Robin are gone. plus, zodo's is right across the street for further family entertainment.

Great food, bad service, 2/2/2007
Reviewer: Mark from IV
I think this place has some of the best food in town. I am a college student, so the prices aren't bad. Aside from that, I've had to deal with an issue with the service. If you go in when it's busy, the service is extremely bad. I think the place could improve very easily if more workers were employed. I recommend trying the food at least.

Good Sushi, Some good rolls, good nigiri, 1/28/2007
Reviewer: JB from Goleta
I alternate between here and Sushi Teri for quick to go orders and I'm never let down. It's not the cheapest, but it's tasty. The nigiri portions are generous and the fish quality has always been good. There is a good selection of rolls, some interesting choices, some better than others. The spicy green mussel roll was quite tasty. I only have done take out here so I can review the sit down service, but as far as "pick up" its always ready on time and the servers are always really friendly. It's not where I go when I want to go out for a night of sushi, as I have my spots for that, but if I'm craving sushi and short on time, a to go order from Takenoya does the trick

I would definitely come back again!, 1/27/2007
Reviewer: Kris from San Diego, CA
We've been to many sushi restaurants all over the country. The prices were high here, but are comparable to many. The 007 Roll was to die for! Everything was delicious. Our waiter was gracious and was there when we needed. Most Japanese restaurants are a laid back atmosphere, so I don't expect to be rushed. I expect to wait. Gives me time to eat slower and enjoy the rice bloat.

High quality food, spotty service, 11/25/2006
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara
Three of us went to an early dinner tonight at Takenoya. As it was our first visit, we ordered different entrees. All were pretty simple dishes: Teriyaki Chicken, Teriyaki Beef, and Tempura Donburi. After the Teriyaki Beef was delivered, the next diner received their Teriyaki Chicken 5+ minutes later. We waited and waited for the donburi. After a good 15+ minutes, I had to flag down the waiter. He apologized that the dish was accidentally delivered to another table (but don't you think he should have come over and told us there was an error?). All that being said, the food quality was very good and the staff was very friendly. But maybe I'll try take out instead!

Great options, nice setting, 10/18/2006
Reviewer: Reed from Santa Barbara
Takenoya is a welcome alternative to Sushi Teri. While I enjoy Sushi Teri, particularly the Goleta location just down the road from Takenoya, the ambience at the Sushi Teri locations leaves something to be desired in comparison to Takenoya. A very clean restaurant, lit brightly but pleasantly, with beautiful decorations. A nice little Japanese water scooper mechanism with a synthetic stream and some bamboo arrangements adorn the entrance. A sushi bar follows the length of the left wall, with a dining room facing in front of it, and it looked like there were more seating options in the back of the restaurant, perhaps for business parties. My girlfriend and I sat at one of the tables. The menu is really very large, larger than Sushi Teri's. A variety of interesting-sounding appetizers start it off, including "Green Onion Beef" among a few other unusual items. They also have a Donburi section, something I'd never seen before, Udon options, Ramen options, Yakisoba, Chirashi bowls, "Box" dinners, plus plates (i.e. Chicken Teriyaki plate), Japanese Curry, Chicken Katsu, and, of course, a variety of sushi, including some original rolls of Takenoya's creation. My girlfriend had the Black Cod Makitori (?), I the Chicken Curry, and we split and order of Edamame and a Philadelphia Roll (cream cheese, salmon, avacado, pretty typical at most Japanese restaurants lately). The Makitori, quite honestly, was not very good, although the waitress reccomended it. It was marinated in Miso, but the pieces were small for the price, and the taste overly salty. I had to help her finish it since she couldn't eat any more after a while. My curry, on the other hand, was great - chicken teriyaki cutlet mixed with the usual potatoes and carrots. Also came with the small Japanese pickles and pickled radish (?) that come with Japanese curries traditionally. Rice, miso soup included, also. The Philadelphia roll was very good, very creamy. The Edamame was also pleasant. Anyway, a mixed experience with her not enjoying the Black Cod. It seemed like an unusual mishap, however, as everything else we had plus everything else I saw others' eating was big on portions and appetizing. I would reccomend Takenoya rid themselves of the Black Cod dish.

love the diner booths and the fake deer outside, 9/1/2006
Reviewer: justin from goleta
the food's pretty good and having lived in japan for two years it's become the go-to spot for a little comfort food.

You get used to the service, 8/29/2006
Reviewer: Kris from Goleta, CA
I eat at Takenoya fairly often. I appreciate that they have a wide and fairly tasty variety of Japanese food so I don't always have to get sushi when I go (the Nabeyaki Udon is my Favorite!). However, the service is lacking. The first few visits I was a little upset, but after a while, you get over it. In fact, it turns into a little game of "how many times will we have to come before both of our dinners come out together?" While the service needs some servicing itself, the food keeps me coming back.

Our first time, would go back for seconds., 7/25/2006
Reviewer: Charlie Wolff from Atascadero, CA
Learned about the restaurant through Decided to try it when passing through. I'm glad I didn't read the other reviews first, because I like to make up my own opinion. We ate there on 6-23-06, 6:30 PM. The service couldn't be better, they were very attentive. Food was good, lots of variety. Fish was fresh and tasty, no un-pleasent pieces. A couple of the rolls did not stay together well, but the contents and appearance was good. Overall, I would recommend this restaurant, keep in mind, everyday may not be the same, but I sure was pleased with this visit. Hope yours is as pleasent, see you there, Charlie.

Succumbed and raised prices, 7/18/2006
Reviewer: Jenny from Goleta
After having been a faithful customer to Takenoya for two years now, I was saddened to see that they had raised the price on nearly every item on their menu. Although not substantial, the price increase was still disappointing to see especially as a college student. Additionally, the size of their delicious tempura green tea ice cream has decreased drastically from the old portion. This was sad to see, needless to say they have lost a once extremely faithful customer.

Scallops, not cooked enough, 6/1/2006
Reviewer: Kevin H. from goleta, Ca
My first visit to Takenoya. It was clean and nice, but the Scallops were chewy and rubbery, probably the worst I've been served in a restaurant (inedible). I told the waitress they were really bad and rubbery. I ate only 20% of what was served, thinking the next one would be better I gave up. The waitress reaction was not what I'd expect, she didn't seem seem to care at all that I wasted $10. She took the plates after saying something like, "Oh". The words "sorry, I'll talk to our management and see what they can do" was what I expected. Maybe had a bad chef day. I'll try it again, place looks good. The sake was honto ni oishii, kedo fudan wa sake ga ii to omoimasu.

Good food, not so good service, 3/26/2006
Reviewer: Sarah from Goleta, CA
The food is pretty good. I've had better in other parts of California but Takenoya is definitely the best for sushi in the Santa Barbara area. As for the service, the servers were somewhat attentive in the beginning but by the end of our visit, we had to call the waiter to get our check. Don't expect excellent service when you go there but the good food will make up for it.

good rolls, 3/15/2006
Reviewer: Aia from Goleta
Takenoya has many good rolls. The miso soup is also good. The service however is a little slow. One time had my orders mixed up. Still, I like this place. Philadelphia roll is one of my favorites. And they serve free fruit after the meal. Nyum!!!

we love this place, 1/25/2006
Reviewer: Meg from Goleta CA
First of all, I don't know how anyone can complain about the service, maybe we've just been lucky, but we've eaten at Takenoya at least a dozen times and always had fantastic service. The food has consistently been very good also and the prices are reasonable. Along with a nice atmosphere what more could you want? Pobably the best restaurant in Goleta.

Great place for groups, 1/18/2006
Reviewer: Jackie from Goleta, CA
I came here with a group of six. At first we were seated in the main room of the restaurant which was crowded and eerily quiet. We asked if we could move into the karaoke room in the back which was perfect for us. The sushi was excellent and the service was attentive. It's nice to finally have a decent full service Japanese restraunt in Goleta. The next time I go out with a group for sushi this is where I'll go.

Horrible lunch service!, 1/17/2006
Reviewer: Briana from Santa Barbara
The first time I had lunch at Takenoya was shortly after it had opened and they were very busy and so, the service was a bit slow and I wouldn't go as far as saying they were unfriendly, but it was more like indifferent. The food was good. Nothing to complain about at that point, but now I have issues with it. My friend and I, the one with whom I had lunch with the last time, decided to try it for lunch again today and luckily, it was not very busy when we got there. We arrived about 12:15pm and ordered 2 lunch specials right away so that we could try to get out of there by 1pm to get back to work. I think that's a reasonable amount of time for sushi lunch specials. We got our miso soup and waters about 5 minutes after we ordered. Then, before we knew it, 12:50pm came around and we still didn't have our food - and the 4 gentlemen at the table next to us had already gotten their meals and they had arrived about 5-10 minutes after us! We asked our waiter to box up our lunches to go, but 10 minutes later we still didn't have our food. I fail to understand how it could take 45 minutes to prepare 2 lunch specials that consisted of a few pieces of nigiri sushi, salad, and some rice. My friend ended up cancelling her order and leaving because she had to get back to work while I decided to risk being late and got up to talk to the manager. When I got up to the cash register, they handed me my bag of food and said I could leave without paying. Nice gesture, but they're still not getting any points with me. I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt that they were short-handed or there was some minor mistake, but we got no explanation at all! I left and that's the last time I'm ever setting foot in there! Sorry. I've heard great things about their food - and I do think it's good. I just don't advise going there unless you're willing to wait a long time for your food and you're ok with having an uncommunicative server.

good food, improve the service, 12/23/2005
Reviewer: Thomas from Santa Barbara
I came here about a week ago, and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. The tempura appetizer was delicious, as were the rolls we ordered- the 007 and the salmon box roll stood out in particular. Our service, however, could have been better. Our server did not seem very interested in talking to us, and it could not be said that anyone who came to our table was very friendly. In fact, it seemed that they were more interested in talking to their friends who had come into the restaurant instead. The food was delicious, but service must be improved. Hire servers who are more upbeat and friendly, and who actually talk to customers and make them feel welcome. It will make people feel more comfortable to be there. Next time I come I will try the sushi bar special. Hopefully the chefs there will be more friendly.

Unimpressed & Mediocre At Best!!, 11/19/2005
Reviewer: John Mitchell from Goleta (Elwood)
I went to Takenoya on Friday November 18, 2005 with my wife and another friend. I ordered the tuna roll with the beef teriyaki combo. The tuna roll was standard and the beef teriyaki was nothing to be excited about. In fact the beef teriyaki was very tough and I remember not being happy about the size-portion I recieved. My wife noted that the california rolls she ordered were indeed fresh but not in the same league as arigato on state st. My buddy ordered the chicken teriyaki combo and basically said that he didnt care for the food and wanted to go back to sushi teri. Overall, the food seemed mediocre at best and for the most part hit & miss. I or anyone else in my party was not overly impressed with the establishment..however im not saying the restaurant is awful either. The service is lackluster considering that the server never came back to refill drinks or ask if we wanted anything else. The atomosphere - yes they have re-modeled the place...but as far as im concerned it still feels like sitting in a rundown diner. Yes they tried to recreate the japanese aesthitic with bamboo and plants..but the problem is that it creates too much a diner experience. Would I come back again? Probably not...granted that there is an outstanding list of japanese restaruants to choose from in Santa Barbara county and I am more than happy to drive from Goleta to the best places in town. Even if the meal only costs me $38.00 dollars.

Sushi is excellent; keep working on service, 11/13/2005
Reviewer: Stacey from Goleta
Hi Takenoya owners- We love love LOVE your food. You have some of the best, freshest, most creative food around. We especially enjoy the yellowtail mint chips, 007 Roll, Rock and Roll, and Salmon Box Roll. I would definitely like to see more press-box sushi - go check out Sakana in Montecito and get some inspiration from their stuff, because I'd rather eat at takenoya (1.5 mi. from my house) than drive to 'Cito! The service at the restaurant is hit-and-miss - the servers are quite earnest but sometimes forget to check the tables - we tend to order three or four times throughout a meal, especially when dining in large groups. Also we have had one or two instances of confusion with the bill being wrong, but the matter is always settled with great cheer. The dishes arrive with good timing, in general, just as we are finishing the last item. The sake menu is adequate but one or two more moderate-priced choices would serve you well in the cold sake area. The atmosphere is excellent - amazing what has been done with an ex-diner! - and the fish has always been extremely fresh. Takenoya has become one of our two regular sushi restaurants, and we do eat sushi a lot - sometimes two or three times a week. I also especially appreciate that Takenoya has an atmosphere that is comfortable whether it's me dining alone with a book, my husband and I dining with our three-year-old sushi fiend daughter, or a group of ten of us having a pre-bowling sushi feast. Work on the service and keep up the good work!

Best resteraunt in town, 10/11/2005
Reviewer: Omri from Goleta, CA
Not only do all the staff carry themselves with a smile, but I simply love the atmosphere. The food is incredible (White dragon roll highly recommended) and very creative. The crispy roll (i am not sure of this is on the menu) is one of the best rolls i have ever had. Also, they have a back room with Karaoke and will turn it on for your party. We were not that many people (8 or so) and they let us go wild in the back room with lots to drink eat and sing, and cheap too! This is my new "go to" resteraunt.

Yummy Food, 9/2/2005
Reviewer: Jennifer from Goleta
I threw my birthday party in their room that seats 45 and I had a blast...i had soo much fun singing karaoke and dancing with all my friends in the party was unforgetable...the staff were the sweetest ever. The food was arranged in a catering style for us and we dug in the delicious buffet style sushi.

Takenoya writes: Thank you Jennifer, we are glad to have you dine in our restaurant.
Out of the frying pan, and into the grease trap, 8/25/2005
Reviewer: Greg & Yukari from Goleta
We were not pleased with our two visits to the bamboo room. Perhaps it would be a real gem, if found in Barstow. Everything is so very sweet, it makes your teech ache. Stay away from anything terriaki, unless you get the sauce on the side. Don't let them put dressing on the salad. The ramen is in some milky white broth. The gyoza is deep fried, as most everything else is. The shishamo is deep fried. The tempura dipping sauce was so sweet it tasted like their terriaki. Avoid the fancy sweet rolls, or deep-fried "firecracker" roll. I did have a good piece of hamachi. If we were to go again, we would just have sashimi and beer.

Takenoya writes: Sorry for the dispointment, Greg & Yukari, we will do a better job, thank you.
Quite pleased..., 8/21/2005
Reviewer: Josh from Goleta
I have eaten at Takenoya several times in the past two weeks, and I have yet to be dissapointed by the food. One of the last five times, the service was slow... They appeared to be understaffed that night, however. The fact that they are open past 10 PM every night makes this place VERY popular with my friends and I.

Takenoya writes: Thank you Josh, you are alway welcome.
CA Roll Is Acceptable, 8/11/2005
Reviewer: Santa Barbara Dianne from Santa Barbara
I just returned from my first visit to this restaurant and as I always do when trying a new Sushi place, I just ordered the CA Roll. I was impressed that it came with salmon eggs on top, something I don't see very often anymore. Still, the roll was just average and haven't decided if I will return for a second visit. I wasn't thrilled with the service with it being slightly delayed even though they were just moderately busy and what seemed like a full staff.

Takenoya writes: Thank you for the input, we will improve our services over time.
Great japanese food in town , 5/20/2005

I have been a regular ever since it opened. The food and service quality has improved dramatically since it opened. I think this is one of the best japanese restaurants in the Santa Barbara area, and definitely the best in Goleta. The place is pretty big, and the chef has great creativity in making and presenting the sushi and sashimi. I would say it is a place people definitely should try out.

Takenoya writes: Thank you very much for giving us the chances to serve you.
Tasty with Variety in a Friendly Atmosphere, 5/14/2005
Reviewer: Dave from Goleta
We are getting are kitchen remodeled so are frequenting a number of places. I have been to Takenoya more than them all. They seem to appreciate the business and show it with attentiveness to customers along with really good food, some sushi and rolls I have not had before. They are going to, in my view, eventually find themselves overwhelmed and I hope they employ enough people to keep up with the inevitable growth.

Takenoya writes: Thank you Dave, you are our VIP customer, and it is our plesure to serve you.
Surprised, 4/25/2005
Reviewer: Sherry from Goleta
I was actually quite surprised that Goleta finally opened up a Japanese restaurant, especially late night (perfect for the college students). I´m sure everyone has different views but in my opinion, the food there was really good and the sashimi were fresh. The servers there were also really friendly. I think that we should give them a few chances to better some of their imperfections since they have only been in business for two months. I´m sure everyone knows that no one or no business is perfect, it takes time. Like the old saying, "Practices makes perfection"! ;) However, I do hope that they set up their karaoke, that would be wonderful because no restaurant here has had that before.

Takenoya writes: Thank you Sherry for your great advice "Practices makes perfection", and our Karaoke is ready, it opens after 10pm and please bring your friends in.
Hit n Miss, 4/11/2005
Reviewer: ln from goleta, ca
The first time we tried this restaurant was the week they opened. The service was HORRIBLE during the lunch hour. Giving a second try, we tried it again for lunch today. The service changed incredibly (very prompt), and the food was all right. I had the beef teriyaki--at my first visit, it was tough, and unfortunately, that was the case again. My boyfriend had the salmon teriyaki and the fish was not fresh at all. I think this place is a hit and miss, and I doubt I´d go again. My all time favorite though--edomasa. They need a second location in Goleta!

Takenoya writes: Sorry for the Hit & Miss, we have already improve the making of our beef teriyake, it's more tender and tasty now, welcome to try again.
Getting there....., 4/2/2005
Reviewer: Spinelli
Ive been to Takenoya a few times since its so close to my house. The owners are 3 young guys who are working very hard to do a good job with their new restaurant. The power roll was exceptional, its a tempura shrimp and avocado roll, covered in sea eel. Their tempura dinner was very complete and boasted 4 shrimp. I definately think this place has great potential. I think some of the things they need to work on are concealing the kitchen a little bit better and hyping up their karaoke night. I really believe that karaoke night is the key to their success. Perhaps some nice music in the main dining room would help the atmosphere a bit too, but the food is good and considering they have been open for under two months, they are doing a great job! Keep it up guys!

Takenoya writes: Thank you for your input, we are constanly making improvment over time, and we always work hard to do the best.
Going back, 4/1/2005

I liked the atmospere and was impressed with the attentiveness of our server. My friend and I went for dinner on a Friday and even though there was a good number of people there we received good service. I really liked their own rolls especially the "007". I was also impressed with their appetizer menu it was quite long as opposed to most sushi places I have been to that don´t offer much in the way of appetizers. My friend and I have definately marked this as one of our sushi spots.

Takenoya writes: Thank you, your satisfaction is our goal, we will keep up with the good work.
Worst Japanese Cuisine, Atmosphere, and Service..., 3/29/2005
Reviewer: Mark Bible from Goleta, CA
My wife, daughter, and I decided to visit the restaurant during my wife´s lunch hour and were pleased to notice we were only the second party to arrive. Shortly after placing our drink orders, the place was getting full. My wife ordered a sushi plate, my daughter a terryaki bowl, and I was in the mood for some ramen. Simple orders, one would think. We sat patiently as all of the guests who had arrived well after our orders were placed received their food. Only after asking for the status of our order was my wife presented with her sushi tray. My daughter wanted some of my wife´s rice, so we asked for a fork. About 5 minutes later, my wife being half-way through her part of the meal, we inquired as to the status of the rest of our order and were told the waitress would check. Ten minutes later, infuriated, I asked where our food was again. This time, my inquiry was posed to another waiter, who also offered to check for me. When I insisted that checking wasn´t sufficient and told him to cancel my order and bring my daughter´s food promptly, the waiter laughed and turned away to go to the kitchen. Suprisingly, my daughter´s food was immediately brought - sans fork, I might add. We never got the fork. One of the owners was casually preparing sushi - aware of what was going on - and did nothing to fix the situation. My wife went to settle the bill and another owner just so happened to be at the register. He said he was sorry and gladly accepted full payment for the food my wife described as tasteless. As my daughter was finishing her meal a few minutes later, the owner attempted consolation by offering us authentic Japanese rainbow sherbert.

Takenoya writes: I appologize for what happened, but we were new to the business back then, things may not be done the right way. We are improving our service and food quality.
Great new sushi place for Goleta, 3/27/2005

Had a terrific dinner there last night. Attentive service. Good food. Great oysters. They´ve done a really nice job remodeling the space. I hope that Goleta will support this slightly upscale sushi place.

Takenoya writes: We are trying our best to bring Goleta one of the best sushi place, thank you for all the support, sincerely.

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