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Blue Dolphin Cafe
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2006

910 Embarcadero Del Norte, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 685-7010

Reviews by the General Public

I love the Blue Dolphin, 8/9/2019
Reviewer: John from Tucson, AZ
I'm finding out 13 years later that it's closed. For me, it was a part of growing up as a college student over a brief period time from 1989 to 2003.

gone, 6/11/2006
Reviewer: James Green-Armytage from Goleta, CA
Unfortunately, this restaurant no longer exists per se. Now it has been replaced by the Jerusalem Garden Cafe, which to date doesn't offer anything like the yummy vegetarian stuff that the Blue Dolphin did. Sad.

good and chep malay food, 3/19/2006
Reviewer: aia from Goleta
I went to this restaurant and tried the Malayan food. It was great. I recommend the daging rendang and nasi lemak. The portion was plenty. I prefer the rice mix rather than their noodles. Good price. Slow service.

Hot food and spicy service, 3/12/2006
Reviewer: Blake from Ca
Anyone looking for a great tasting meal after a late night will fully appreciate this chilled-out cafe. The menu offers hearty meals at bargain prices, featuring a tasty selection of special waffles and scrambles for breakfast, and inventive sandwiches and salads for lunch. There is even a malaysian variety for a more exotic taste. Best of all is the amazing scenery.... of the waitresses, that is to say. The cute staff will satisfy your sweet-tooth with eye-candy and serve you with a smile (SO TIP THEM WELL... they are worth every dollar!)

I love this place, 12/19/2005
Reviewer: Dana Alexander from Santa Barbara
My friend and I went recently for some of the vegetarian Malaysian food (where else can you get that in SB)and thought it was great -- tasty and ample. We ordered the "lunch" portion, which was plenty for us. All this for $6.00! (that is not a missprint)

thank God for this place, 9/18/2005
Reviewer: James from Isla Vista, CA
Seriously, I don't know what I would do without the ole Blue Dolphin. This is far and away my favorite restaurant in Isla Vista. I order mostly the vegetarian stuff from the Malaysian menu, which is superb, but in general I've not had a bad meal here. Before I found this place, I thought that I would go crazy from eating nothing but Mexican food for the next five years. (I love burritos, but I can't eat them every day. The rest of IV is mostly burger places, soup & sandwich places, etc.) But THEN, I found the Blue Dolphin, and I was saved.

Bad Experience, 7/22/2005
Reviewer: Ashley from Goleta
This was not an enjoyable breakfast. we waited forever and when we finally sat down, it was an hour before we got our food, our drinks were never refilled.. and our orders were all wrong. The food didn't taste good either

tastey breakfast, 6/7/2005
Reviewer: UCSB Student
Good breakfast. Great for IV, good prices. Not for an upscale event.

Great breakfast & Malay food & Taiwanese food, 5/25/2005

yeah everyone knows they have the most popular breakfast in IV and delicious Malay food (esp the curry!) BUT what you don´t know about is that they also cook great Taiwanese food for ya if you ask and have patience to wait. you should probably bring about 6 or more ppl so the price would be cheap, and also call in to order if you don´t wanna wait for 10min. Important thing to know is that since it´s not on the menu, so you eat what you get. if you never had Taiwanese food, please don´t order it and complain ^^

Are you looking for Cheap and Good Chinese Food?, 5/25/2005

Blue dolphine serve Chinese don´t have to look up the menu because it won´t show on the menu...Just tell the lady you want CHinese food, the she will cook for you.......It is Cheap and very delicious.....Blue Dolphin has great "Fried Banana with Ice cream" as well.....Go check it..

Good variety at a reasonable price, 4/25/2005

This place is awesome. Not only do they have good food for breakfast, but they also have an extensive menu for malaysian cuisine. The curry is great!

a gem in the iv rough!, 4/25/2005

so ya.. this place is in iv. but look past that! it might look like any other isla vista hole-in-the-wall business, but the food is GREAT. i´ve only been for breakfast, but the helpings are generous to say the least, and delicious. the waitstaff is friendly and the prices are definitely not too much for what you get! it can take a long time to get your order though.. but be sure to sit outside so you can enjoy the sun and people watching!

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