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I.V. Deli Mart
6549 Pardall Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 562-8858

Reviews by the General Public

Take-out Middle Eastern
Reviewer: Julian from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the lamb gyros. The fallafel is also great. Looks like a convenience store, but sells great food. You can go across the street to sit down and eat.

not good food but great delivery service
Reviewer: Gaucho from Santa Barbara, CA
I was pretty stoked to see that the Deli Mart was in the running for best Middle Eastern Food. I love a good gyro from time to time. So me and my friend ordered some and as per usual it showed up within minutes. I love this place so I hate to say more, but basically stick to the sandwiches. Period. the shwarmas and gyros blow

Very Good!Very,Very Good!!
Reviewer: Aaron Gsonell from Santa Barbara, CA
Hey!The Shawerma was all that and more!!Simply the best!!

Parent pleased that you do not sell liquor
Reviewer: Janet from Santa Barbara, CA
Thanks Deli Mart for serving the great food you do without the liquor. Keep up the great store.

Reviewer: Jackie from Santa Barbara, CA
Everyone is really nice there and after a while even recognize you and greet you when you arrive! the food is amazing and you just have to keep trying things till you get your favorites! mine are the creamy pastrami and the chicken wrap! my boyfriend and i tell everyone we can about it! they even deliver, definitely a hole in the wall of hole in the wall GO THERE!

Very good
Reviewer: Tyler durden from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is the ultimate hole-in-the-wall. I thought their store was some sort of drug front unyil I tried their sandwiches. Their produce is some of the freshest and all the middle eastern sandwiches are delicious. As far as "student dodging" goes it is a definite problem, especially since no one in IV has any idea how to ride a bike on a public street without ignoring everyone around them. However it's worth the hassle- I just make a game out of it. Try their falafel, hand made from 20 different spices every morning ( Ive seen 'em) or their gyros which is always filled to the brim with delicious carvings of slow roasted meat.

Answer to Question
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
As you know the street that this is on has a lot of bikes on it and is hard to negotiate hence "dodging". For those of us in Goleta who don't have Middle Eastern food options basically this is the only place to go that is close(same for Naan stop for Indian etc.). The purpose of this website is to inform the community of food options and to state the pluses and minuses whatever they may be to inform the public, as I said its great that those in IV don't have to go far for great food!

Why Come
Reviewer: John from IV
To the reviewer below. I am a regular at the IV Deli Mart, and a student at UCSB and live in IV. I also read this blog all the time. You have said it before, why come to IV a college town, if your worried about "Student Dodging"

Good Middle Eastern food, all orders are to go
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Small shop but they have good middle eastern food(shawerma, etc). All food is to go, no seating there. Good beverage and chips selection also. Just have to do some IV student dodging to get there and great if you live in IV already. They also have more standard sandwiches too.

IV deli 4 me
Reviewer: Travis from Goleta, CA
The customer service here is the best around. The sandwiches are very good and very decently priced. It's my favorite place to eat at.

Extremely tasty food....very friendly service
Reviewer: Peter from Isla Vista
Everything about the I.V. Deli Mart was great. Great deals on all food. The sandwhiches were of the best sandwhiches I've ever had. sandwhiches don;t take too long to make either and the workers are friendly to everyone.

you guys were right !!
Reviewer: Lindy from Goleta
Had to have the Swarma after reading the other reviews. Everyone was right, the food was sooo tasty !!! And the owner was incredibly friendly. I'll definitely be back again.

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