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Gaucho Cafe
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2011-08

At the UCen on the UCSB Campus
Phone: (805) 570-2333

Reviews by the General Public

Unappetizing mixed-up order, 4/29/2011
Reviewer: Rebecca from Santa Barbara, CA
Yesterday I had the pastrami sandwich and house salad at the Gaucho Cafe. The service was acceptable, but the wait was pretty considerable despite there being no-one in line ahead or behind me. I am pretty sure they were making their own lunches at the same time. The salad of lettuce, cucumber, and carrots was fine, not exciting but nothing wrong with it. The Italian roll the sandwich was on was rock-hard on the outside and soggy on the inside, and the pastrami not of particularly good quality- quite fatty. What was especially frustrating was that there was a spread of PESTO SAUCE AND CHICKEN in my sandwich, where there shouldn't be. I eat meat, but I certainly hope they don't make mistakes like that in their many vegetarian options! Was in a hurry, so didn't take my issue to them, but I did not have a good meal. It is quite overpriced; around the same amount will get you a larger and tastier pastrami sandwich at the IV Deli.

great experience!, 1/10/2011
Reviewer: Rachel Reenders from Santa Barbara, CA
I went into Gaucho Cafe today and absolutely loved my pesto chix sandwich and the service was very prompt and courteous. My guy friend I was with especially liked the cute blonde girl working behind the counter! We will both definitely be returning.

Reviewer: Hannah from Santa Barbara, CA
I loved the food at this establishment! I go to UCSB and one day me and a friend decided to try it out we got a mediterranian wrap and a curry chicken salad sandwhich. The girls that worked there were very polite, and the food tasted so healthy and delicious. It was busy and our food came up very quickly. If your ever on the UCSB campus you should definitely try this place out.

Super Delicious, Organic, Healthy, Great Views, Affordable.., 7/7/2010
Reviewer: Caroline from Santa Barbara, CA
I bet people don't leave this place hungry! What a Superb location, Sexy people, Large portions and Great meals. We just had a wonderful Lunch at the Gauchos ! We all thought it was one of our happiest, most relaxing and satisfying meals we've had in a while :- ) My boyfriend got the Student special with sandwich, salad and drink for 5 bucks! I had the Mediteranean/Greek Wrap with the side of real Greek salad; my roommate had the gourmet Panini Sandwich with Tomato herb Soup. It was refreshing to see the manager/owner greet us / be friendly and asking about our summer plans and any feedback about our meals. He even gave us free cookies(love the Chocolate chunk with Caramel!). The servers are all local students and athletes. They look super healthy and toned. Thank you Gaucho Cafe for being there for us. We're lucky to have so many great places in Santa Barbara. My only criticism would be: no china service. Every thing served on recyclable products. At least they are Green !

Veggies are mostly on the menu, 6/29/2010
Reviewer: Barbara from Goleta, CA
This is probably the best you can get at the UCen if you don't like fast food, but still the place is not terrific. Their sandwiches consist mostly of bread (at least the bread is ok, but nothing beyond that). According to the menu, there should be a lot of veggies in them; I got focaccia with grilled eggplant, zucchini and some other stuff and could barely find them. Other time I ordered a salad with chicken which turned out to be curry chicken and didn't have too much veggies either. For the price, I would expect something better. People with whom I was having my lunch had similar complaints. The service is excellent though, very very nice people.

Not recommended, 5/23/2010
Reviewer: Isabel Walker from Santa Barbara, CA
Ok I used to think this place was pretty good but the past two visits were extremely disappointing. The fact that they only take cash is ridiculous. And the rude owner has the audacity to lie to everyone about it each time by saying "the credit/debit system is down" when the employees have admitted to me they've never even had a credit machine! That aside, their service has become noticeably worse as the girls there seemed very annoyed. Overall, the food was less than average and overpriced. Definitely will not be returning!

Good times at the UCen, 10/16/2009
Reviewer: John from the Goodland from Santa Barbara, CA
Ate here yesterday and had the Gaucho Club with fruit. One of the better sandwiches that I have had in a long time and the fruit section took up half the freight. Killer quantity and quality. And, to top it all off, the sandwich was made fresh and was literally ready in less than a minute. And I was one of four being made at the time. Killer food, quick service, and nice people. Thumbs up.

Good stuff, Cash Only, 9/17/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Good Food Nice People, Only thing I did not see was the cash only sign, other UCSB places take it so not sure why this does not or I would have ordered more food. Sandwich I had could not be eaten as a sandwich as the chicken patty was too big for the bread, good with a knife and fork though. Lots of healthy options. Nice view of the estuary with in and out seating. A little pricey but their food is good and blows away the Hub food down below(Wendys/Panda/Chilitos) so if you have the cash...

great food, great service!, 8/10/2009
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
excellent food excellent service, i came with five people and all of us loved out meal and the staff was really nice and friendly. great deal for the amount of food i got!

love the blondes, 1/26/2009
Reviewer: Josh Lawrence from Santa Barbara, CA
I really enjoy each and every meal I eat at Gaucho Cafe. The blondes are always on task and very friendly..i enjoy the staff a lot and I hope they are here to stay for the rest of my time as a grad student at UCSB. Go for the greek wrap!

** New Grad Student Favorite Cafe on Campus : ), 9/15/2008
Reviewer: Dave the Cause ! from Isla Vista, CA
I'm new Grad Student on Campus. I live in I.V. Asked around for a good restaurant. This place was highly recommended. So I tried it and was not diappointed. I don't eat much fried food. This place is a knock out. Gold Medal please! I had the Chicken Pesto Sandwich on herbed Foccaccia with Tomato Basil Soup and my roommate got Gaucho Club with Waldorf Sald. Apparantly,the manager or the owner heard me tell the gorgeous Blond behind the counter that I was new here and he asked her to give us free Cookies and Drinks. Righ On ! The food was very yummy and plentifull. Everybody was super nice and welcoming! We definitely comming Back. Go Gauchos (Cafe) . . .

Reviewer: Cassy from Goleta, CA
Gaucho Cafe is our New Favorite Restaurant. There were Five of us. We all had tasty meals: The Greek Gyro and Greek Salad is unique, Special Gaucho Club and California Wrap Awsome, Crab Salad Wrap and Curry Chicken Salad oh Ma Ma Mia! We met local Farmer delivering Produce to 'em. He said most of their produce: Veggis and Fruit is from the Farmer's Market. You can taste the fresh food. The Service Staff and Manager were cheerful and friendly. We even got Free hommemade cookies with the purchase of drinks. This was our second time here. The ocean views or water views wow! We Love it !

Teriyaki Roast Beef Lousy!, 1/7/2008
Reviewer: Rob from IV, CA
First of all this place lost points with me when they told me that their cc/debit machine wasnt working. So I had to get cash out of a wells fargo atm which is sad because I have an account with BofA. So there goes 2 dollars to wells and another 2 bucks to BofA for using an atm from a different business. Okay so thats now 24.00 dollars out of my back pocket. So I go back and pay for my food. I asked for the sandwich,potato salad, and a nestea. Came out to be 10 bucks. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever dealt with considering that all students can get the same type sandwich combo minus the salad at Subway for about 4 dollars less. Now I get the sandwich and the bread stale enough that it was unedible. Meat tasted like something that came out of a roast beef can at the supermarket. The potato salad at nearby Albertsons makes the one at this place look like a welfare case. Ill never go back again. In fact now I realize why it is that the panda express line is always so long since most students have figured out that they can get a 3 item combo with drink and two egg rolls for 10 dollars. Sad, just freakin sad!! The last thing is that one student told me I was better off taking my 10 dollars and eating at Ortega Dining Commons.

Pretty good, 5/31/2007
Reviewer: Laura from Santa Barbara
I love the falafel pita! I've gotten a few things that weren't my favorite (veggie wrap, veggie burger) but once I found the falafel I don't think I can ever go back to anything else! It's delicious!

Excellent ORGANIC Food, Freindly Service, Ocean Views, 4/25/2007
Reviewer: Jennifer from Beverly Hills, CA

Mmmm-mazing, 11/9/2006
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
Gaucho Cafe has a big menu with everything you can imagine, from burgers to wraps to salads. Lots of healthy choices. I ordered the Teryaki Chicken Wrap with a side of fresh fruit. I was blown away by how good that was. The first bite makes you go "wow." And the fruit was delicious too. The owner Charles is very nice. I will be back soon to try more items from the menu!

Unwelcome Surprises, 9/22/2006
Reviewer: Russell from LA area, CA
Considering the price of this place compared to the others in UCEN, you'd think they might have a real menu that actually lists what is in each thing, rather than that stupid whiteboard which leaves you in the dark and gets worn off anyway. Because of this, every time I go, I get some unexpected non-standard item in my sandwich like stinky cheese or a mountain of peppers, which ruins it for me. The Gaucho Cafe Blonde Patrol are usually pretty friendly, which is nice. But I'd rather go to the Coral Tree, which has similar items at similar prices and actually describes what's on them. My one safe item is the Greek Wrap, which is pretty good.

You know why???, 9/21/2006
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara,Ca
Blondes are HOT!!!!!!!!

pretty good, 7/27/2006
Reviewer: Lee from Santa Barbara, CA
Tasty food, good price, but I sometimes wonder why only buxom blondes work there...

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