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Coral Tree Cafe
Near Cheadle Hall, UCSB Campus
Phone: (805) 893-4704

Reviews by the General Public

I can't believe there are ratings for this place but ok..
Reviewer: Nora from Santa Barbara, CA
It's just a campus cafeteria, but I suppose everyone knows that. It's kind of funny there are reviews but I'll play along because, hey, I have things to say about their options for vegetarian soups. That is, it's a campus cafeteria so one suspects they are deliberately aiming for mediocrity. It must be in the contract; is it in their contract? I don't know; UCLA and Irvine on-campus dining options are not so terrible. Canadian Cheese soup is excellent. Don't even go near the "vegetarian egg drop." And the rest -- the split pea, the vegetable curry, the black bean, the cream of baked potato (?) -- are calculated so as to be so bland so as not to offend. You know, like a campus cafeteria. I always wonder how campuses get themselves into such bad catering contracts and I still kind of wonder.

Just Ok food, Service a bit slow esp at lunchtime
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Not a place to go if you are in a rush and want something made to order. They do have UCEN created food already packaged for you like other places on campus. Food made to order was just not that good for me, maybe breakfast is better? A lot of outdoor seating with a nice Coral Tree outside and a neat moving pencil sculpture across the grass to watch.

Great Breakfast on Campus
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I drove myself to UCSB for 3 years as a student and this was right next to the parking structure. (This was before the Mesa parking structure was built.) I would frequent it with friends before or after my 8am bio class and always got their breakfast sandwich with bacon. Consistently delicious and service was great for being mostly student run. Make my years as an undergrad a lot better!

good sweets, strong coffee!
Reviewer: chee from santa barbara, ca
I've only eaten here twice, but I'd give an enthusiastic thumbs up regarding Coral Tree's pastries/muffins/scones. However, each time I order the coffee there, my head starts hurting like crazy and I feel nauseous and overly-caffeinated (and I'm usually a starbucks regular)...I dunno what they do with their coffee, but boy, it's too strong for me!

Great Blueberry Pancakes!!!!
Reviewer: Bdizzle from Goleta, CA
I would go to campus early once or twice to my 8am class just for the blueberry pancakes. Tasty!

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