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Cafe Nordstrom
17 W. Canon Perdido St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-8770

Reviews by the General Public

Hidden Gem
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
Had not been here before. What a hidden gem. Wonderful food and very reasonably priced. Tomato and basil soup not to be missed. Our visit to the cafe was made very special by the young irish cashier Andrew. We will definitely be back.

Best French Dip EVER!
Reviewer: Ginger from Santa Barbara, CA
Nice presentation, perfect meal along with attentive service at the counter and table. Very friendly atmosphere and an excellent view from the patio. Better music (genre as well as volume) than the rest of the store which blares. Ready to go again!

Best cafe/ servers in Santa Barbara, no lie.
Reviewer: Adrian from Santa Barbara, CA
The tomatos soup was amazing! Common answer but the costumer is always right. Our server was named Sal I believe and when we needed something he was on it. From what I saw he didn't slack, always had an enlightening smile on him every time he walked by, always asked us if we needed something. He even pulled out my chair for me (what a gentlemen). For my first time going it was great and recommend it to locals. Maybe he'll be a nice a he was to me :)

Yummy soup.
Reviewer: Ceci from Santa Barbara, CA
The tomato soup is so good . have not tried any thing else but the other food i have scoped out looks great .

2 for Lunch from Lompoc
Reviewer: Neglected Lompoc from Lompoc, CA
The food is always GREAT, love the chicken lime cilantro salad and their tomato soup is the BEST. Now service is another ordeal, sometimes I feel like some waiters discriminate, if you don't look like a tipper you are ignored. I have had to get up and ask for water/tea, not good for business. I now take my food to go.

Good Food, Great View, Upscale
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The sandwiches were all top notch along with the food. They do have kids meals there too. The view is amazing from the balcony, not sure where else you can get a three story view restaurant view from in SB. They are open way past lunch too which is nice. The food is all topnotch and the prices won't blow you away too much. Wait attention is a bit minimal though.

best lunch in town!
Reviewer: charlotte from goleta
First of all, I must say that this is the best lunch in town and it is more than reasonable. The restaurant is our destination and the fact that it's tucked in a beautiful department store is just a perk! I love the grilled sandwiches, salads and pasta dishes. I especially love the clam chowder (the best I've ever had) and my daughter LOVES the tomato soup. Another great thing about this place is that it is CONSISTENTLY yummy and the service so far has been good.

Awesome soup- not so awesome service
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I probably eat at Cafe Nordstrom at least twice a week, I'm in love with their tomato basil soup! It's relatively cheap (the soup i mean- the other dishes are north of 9 dollars) and fills me up every time. However each time I go, I feel as if every waiter or waitress is brand new- not to the cafe, but to the occupation itself. To be honest I feel like some of them are deadbeat college kids who come to work hung over and not caring about their jobs. I've only really had one positive experience with a server there, and he was well out of college age. I feel like Nordstrom's needs to have a better process for picking their employees.

Really very nice
Reviewer: deborah from Santa Barbara, CA
My mom and I eat here frequently as the food is very fresh and healthy. It's a convenient location for shoppers and the service is quite good.

Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara, CA
I never knew Nordstrom's had a cafe upstairs till I went to the 3rd floor. But when I found out I went to eat there the food was great I had the Santa Fe sandwich and the service what outstanding make sure you have Kevin as your cashier and Arron has your server and you will be taking care of. Thanks Nordstrom's!!!!!!!

Surprisingly fresh!
Reviewer: Cherry from Carp,CA
By all appearances, it seems like a cafeteria yet the food is fresh and there's a nice variety ranging from sweets, pastries, to "real" food. I highly recommend the Caprese sandwich and enjoying your meal on the balcony and people watching. It can be a little pricey but I don't mind for an occassional meal there.

Fabulous Little Secret!
Reviewer: Alex from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat here all the time. It is one of the most affordable places in SB and the food is totally fancy gormet. The soups are awesome, the sandwiches are amazing, the berry/chicken salads are to die for and huge. It is a self serve cafe, not a restaurant, but I have always gotten what I need quickely and with a smile. Love it!!! :)

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