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JSB Cafe at SB City College
721 Cliff Dr, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-0581 x2776

Reviews by the General Public

Really gone downhill
Reviewer: Dr.Stuart from Santa Barbara, CA
This place on the SBCC campus has really gone downhill and no further proof is needed than the fact there were open tables when we arrived at 12:20 for lunch. It used to have a salad and soup bar that was included in the price of whatever you ordered. Well no longer. There used to be table service like in a restaurant. Well no longer. Now you order at the counter and after a long wait someone shouts your name or order number. You used to pay after you had eaten. Now you pay up front. Guess they want to teach the students how to work at Micket D's or some other fast food place rather than at a nice coffee shop or restaurant. The food was very ordinary. In fact it tasted like Subway quality. Frankly the food upstairs in the cafeteria is tastier, cheaper and the salad bar is great up there.

Good place for a good meal but can be chaos
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Good stuff as previous reviewers said but the multiple lines in the same place is pretty vexing. Went at rush hour/noon and it was far from being a nice place to eat. You have one line blocking the front door for order taking another line blocking the soda fountain for paying and for takeout pickup and another salad bar line blocking a main aisle. This place is too cramped for all the lines. The quality of the food is good though and cheap! I think some people call in to go orders and leave and that seems to be the best way to go. They do have roomier outside seating though. The students were nice there also and its nice they get to learn but seemed more like a lot of adults(students?) were cooking.

Hooked up!
Reviewer: Krista from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is my favorite lunch spot. Convenient for when Im at school, and even when Im not. Food is quality and decently priced. who cares about the service, its worth it! Its good service anyway. Thanks SBCC culinary arts!

Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is awesome! I always go here and get a grilled cheese sandwich with fries. The service is pretty good and the place is run by culinary arts students. It's really inexpensive, too, and the portions are good sized. Plus, it is conveniently located on campus, so you don't have to worry about running to the Mesa and getting back in time for class!

Best diner food you can find
Reviewer: Alley from Isla Vista, CA
I am in LOVE with this place. everything is very cheap, the service is alright but you dont need much from them so its not a huge deal if they are a little slow. The grilled cheese sandwich- sounds silly because its so simple, BUT it is THE BEST GRILLED CHEESE I HAVE EVER HAD. this is the truth. the kobe burger is amazing and they are well known for their hrc sandwich as well. If you are ever in the area, DO IT.

Reviewer: JC from Santa Barbara, CA
Like mentioned in previous reviews, this is a student run restaurant by the culinary arts program at SBCC. That being said, the quality may vary, especially at the beginning of the semester when a lot of the students have had no experience cooking food to order in a restaurant setting. However, once the students have got the hang of it, it is one of the best lunch spots in town, and you just cannot beat the price. The burger is great, and the french fries are my favorite.
The service can occasionally suffer though, and I have on more than one occasion been treated VERY RUDELY by the manager (not the chef, the manager). I haven't seen him there this semester though, so other than that, whether or not you go to SBCC, try it out sometime.

Good and Relaxing
Reviewer: Steve aka Silvy from Santa Barbara, CA
I have had the Fish, Special of the day many times and it has always been wonderfully cooked. I especially like there treatment of sauces that accompany the food. The Asian Chicken Salad is a favorite of mine. The Soup tastes from scratch much of the time, both hardy and fresh. The sandwiches are good and filling. The service is good, I don't get there at the start of any semester. I really prefer sitting outside on a nice day and there is usually is the choice of sun or shade. For the buck you cannot challange the bang.

cheap eats for students and teachers
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara
Nobody has reviewed the JSB yet? Ha, I'll be the first one. Okay, so if you're poor and need a lot of food fast without sinking to the depths of MacDonald's (or you don't want to give up your precious parking spot by leaving the campus), come here! This is a working lab for culinary students at CC, so the beginning of the term might garner you some burnt food and slow service, but they are ON IT by the end of the semester. Another thing to be wary of: the vegetable soup - because it's not necessarily vegetarian. For $5-6, you get soup, salad, and your main, which includes french fries usually. The hot deal is the club sandwich. And I think there is crack in the french fries, because they are addictive. If your service is good, please oh please tip them because the "staff" here are *paying* to work this 7 unit lab and tips go towards scholarships for them.

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