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The Club & Guest House at UCSB
West side of UCSB, near Parking Lot 23
Phone: (805) 893-7720

Reviews by the General Public

Your only chance to eat a good meal at UCSB
Reviewer: Barbara from Goleta, CA
Food here is fresh and tasty, although sometimes a bit bland. They always have a good selection of daily specials, including seafood and risotto. Everything comes to your table quickly and nicely served. The most important thing about the Faculty Club though: this is the only place at UCSB (and IV) to eat a proper meal, not some fast food, overpriced, lacking in flavor sandwich at Gaucho Cafe or salad at Romaine's. I also like the atmosphere here, it is quiet, no rushing and screaming undergrads.

Good food in fine atmosphere
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara, ca
Goleta, and the Isla Vista area, is slightly lacking in restaurants that can provide a meal which isn't cheap fast food, so I'm glad to learn that the Faculty Club on campus is open to non-members. It'll cost $3 to park for an hour in lot #22 or #23, and you might be a little crestfallen to look at the member vs non-members prices side by side on the menu, but props to the manager for setting the non-member prices as standard, and honestly the price difference is just a dollar or two. I still felt like I was in a dining facility rather than a restaurant, but the table decoration and service was definitely no cafeteria. It's an older bunch that comes here for lunch, and looks comfortable in the space. I think I saw a number of students sitting around awkwardly in the foyer. I ordered the lunch trio, getting a fresh garden salad, a cup of the daily soup and half a sandwich for about $8.95. Everything was prepared just fine and I thought the sandwich was particularly good with whole chicken breast rather than deli cold cuts. There are a number of variations available with the lunch trio and the price was dead reasonable. The dessert tray is good enough to tempt anyone with a sweet tooth and my group opted for the NY cheesecake. We paid no more than $15/head including tax and tip for a mellow lunch that left us relaxed and ready for the rest of the afternoon.

Great place, but weird atmosphere
Reviewer: Jerod Brey from Isla Vista, CA
I've been here once. It was a little bit awkward though. It is the FACULTY club. It's filled with a whole bunch of profs, so it made for a rather uncomfortable eating experience. The reason why students don't eat here too often is simply because of that fact... It's intended for professors (although the general public can eat here) and the professors use it. (They often have official department lunches here as well...) I'd be more comfortable eating at the UCen. Anyway, that being said. The food is fabulous. Really good quality, especially for UCSB. It's a great place to have a fine dining experience and the service was wonderful. Not a regular place to eat, but a once-in-a-while type deal.

SeRiously Delicioussssss
Reviewer: Lily from goleta
Even though I don't want it to get too popular i must say that this is the best restaurant in SB with the best location. Really not enough people especially STUDENTs know that they can get as great or better a lunch here than at Ebar etc. Great atmosphere great service great foood. so fancy. The maple turkey sandwich with sweet potato fries is delish. You can get herb crusted ahi ahi for 11 when it would be somewher like citronelle for 25! I really just want students to utilize this great campus resource for great dining especially if they don't have cars...yummm

What kind of club are you running here anyway?
Reviewer: Kevin from Montecito, Ca
Let your education in fine dining begin here. The Faculty secret is out, it's no wonder they're all so happy. I started out with the marinated duck pate, and gave the chef an "A+" for his delictable work. The scrumptious Beef Wellington was my choice of entree, but I managed to cram a delicious shrimp cocktail in before that finale. Dessert, choose between flaming cherries jubilee or baked Alaska! (The ice cream is home-made, and tastes like butter!). This is the best kept secret in dining of Santa Barbara this side of the Channel Islands (mums the word).

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