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Creekside Buffet at Chumash Casino
3400 E. Highway 246, Santa Ynez
Phone: (805) 686-0855

Reviews by the General Public

So Disappointed!, 11/4/2018
Reviewer: Karen from Clovis, CA
We were regular visitors to Chumash Casino and have eaten at the buffet in the past many times. When we went to the Central Coast we would always go to Chumash for their wonderful buffet (in the past!). Not any more, we tried it twice after they "re-vamped" the whole buffet area. The organization of the buffet area is dismal to say the least, seemed like very few food choices in comparison to the 'original' buffet and the small containers left the food dry and not tempting. Very few of our favorite foods were there and the prices were higher. Now we don't even bother going to the casino any more and look for more food friendly venues. Whoever 're-designed' this area needs their head read!! It was always crowded and busy in the past, now it has few people interested in partaking.

New favorite for me!!
Reviewer: Armando C from Santa Maria, CA
Okay so just went last night with my wife brother and his wife, we all loved it. We definitely got our moneys worth. The different variety is great they got seafood, salads, asian, mexican, italian and american cuisine. Question are hotel guests only allowed to bring thier kids?

A waste of time, money, and food!
Reviewer: Missy from Santa Barbara, CA
So terribly disappointed! Drove all the way to the Chumash Casino to dine at the Creekside buffet, only to be over charged for serving what I consider an inferior selection of dishes. Sorry, but we won't be returning. This buffet leaves much to be desired to the pallet! Never again!

Reviewer: lou from Arroyo Grande
Been here a number of times, just recently went there for early dinner, was charged almost $90 for 3 people my mother-in-law (93) eats like a bird. For what we got they'll be out of the buffet business fast, it was almost empty and those that did visit had coupons. Won't go back and will stop to eat somewhere for half the price. Food was average at best, deserts we good but not for the price. Get real Chumash your majority of customers make minimum wages and they'll never pay that price.

Ho Hum Food at not a good price
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Maria CA
Went to the Casino today to see the Which One's Pink Concert. Wanted to try the buffet so I didn't eat anything all day. Boy was I let down. The only good things I had were the salad, cooked shrimp (can't screw these up) and the Swedish meatballs with spaghetti (excellent). Everything else was garbage. I am in a Culinary program at a junior college, so I know how to cook and how it should taste. The Tri-Tip was not cooked right which caused the connective tissues to seize up and be inedible. The Roast Pork was dry as a bone (not even the sauce made it edible). Also both the Tri-Tip and Roast Pork had absolutely no seasoning whatsoever (Salt n Pepper at the table did not help). Being from Santa Maria I know what Tri-Tip is supposed to taste like. This was also my first time there and embarrassingly found out that they are to escort you to a table (sat at a table then had a couple come to sit down and eat which caused me to move). I would rather eat at Hometown (Country) Buffet than eat here. Hell Vegas buffets are leaps and bounds better than Chumash but, I will still eat here when I come to see a show (choice vs price). It is a hell of a lot cheaper than the "real" restaurant at the Casino. I just might try them next time. Hopefully they can use seasoning and cook the right way.

Reviewer: Glenda from Santa Barbara, CA
Fiday nights are the only time we can come to the casino. The "old" menu was the best. Don't eat Sushi; don't care for Asian. Prices keep going up and choices are more limited. To please more people you could keep the basics; like fried chicken, TriTip and mashed or baked potatoes. Have special promotions of other cuisines; but keep the Basics for those of us that are Meat and Potatoe people. Only real complaint, the bread rolls always taste like they have been left out for days. Should be a better way to serve or freshen up. Also flavor of rub for Prime rib,Sirloin and Tritip the best ever! Should be sold in Gift Shop.

What Lobster Buffett?
Reviewer: Robert Yeager from San Luis Obispo
We invited our family members to meet us at the casino on a Wednesday to enjoy a seafood, Lobster & crab leg Buffet. This was the 27th of June and when we arrived at the Creekside Buffet the cashier told us " The Lobster & Crab leg seafood is no longer being offered". We were disappointed & embarrassed. A notice in the lobby of the casino would have helped save us the trip up to the Buffet. Whenever you have the seafood, Lobster and crab leg Buffet again let us know on your web site so we will come back and spend some $$$ in your Casino. Thank You

First time to go
Reviewer: Anthony pauza from Ventura ca
Disapointed long drive to find out no kids aloud even Vegas lets your kids eat wont go back unless they change that rule

Dissapointed n dissatisfied
Reviewer: Upset from Santa Barbara, CA
Not family friendly and buffet at the 3rd floor. Big casino but poor service especially the unexperienced information booth lady@lobby doesn't know how to handle customer she said"no kids allowed on the Creekside buffet" where u can get a tag so kids can eat @ buffet. Very disappointed will never go there again n will tell all my friends n families "warning" not to go there. Foods very dry, prime rib very raw no medium rare, so wasted my time and very angry that I ate there. One thing is good there is the young server that give us the drinks n very helpful but that's it. Please dont eat there unless u want dry food and left overs.

Very good food!
Reviewer: Pamela Comerford from Santa Maria, Ca.
We tried the 50/50 buffet only once, and we are going back for a second time. The food was excellent and the variety was great! The atmosphere was very nice, and found the service people were very kind. Where can you get a better buffet at this price? Nowhere! Can't wait to go again Wednesday.

We love Creekside!
Reviewer: Steve from Long Beach, CA
My sister and I have been to the casino four times in four months, and always look forward to lunch at the Creekside Buffet. With the free player's club card the lunch costs about $11. The food is of good quality, well prepared and presented, several steps above your typical slop-the-hogs Hometown. On a recent trip the fajita beef strips were outstanding. Even their sushi, a usual buffet misfire, is pretty darn good. Not sure what other reviewers have been carping about (sorry), but they have prompted me to add my perspective. Very broad selection which changes somewhat each day. Huge dessert bar that includes a sizable sugar free section. Someone is working behind the scenes to maintain a high level here, and I applaud his or her efforts. Also, the employees have been unfailingly helpful and cheerful.

In All Fairness.
Reviewer: Robert Ponce, Sr. from San Buena Ventura, CA
Always room for improvement. Most all employees- cordial helpful. Two female employess at the Buffet were critical of the "thick" cut of Prime Rib I requested; 1 male employee & 2 chefs rudely insisted & gave infantile reasons why "we don't have Rare P/Rib". On 2 occasions I asked the managers for "Rare"- they came back w/it. They stopped the P/Rib. Food selection is only limited by the physical plant design- not much thought went to dining. Management is doing Gr8 w/what they have.

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