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Omni Catering

Creekside Buffet at Chumash Casino
3400 E. Highway 246, Santa Ynez
Phone: (805) 686-0855

Reviews by the General Public

So Disappointed!, 11/4/2018
Reviewer: Karen from Clovis, CA
We were regular visitors to Chumash Casino and have eaten at the buffet in the past many times. When we went to the Central Coast we would always go to Chumash for their wonderful buffet (in the past!). Not any more, we tried it twice after they "re-vamped" the whole buffet area. The organization of the buffet area is dismal to say the least, seemed like very few food choices in comparison to the 'original' buffet and the small containers left the food dry and not tempting. Very few of our favorite foods were there and the prices were higher. Now we don't even bother going to the casino any more and look for more food friendly venues. Whoever 're-designed' this area needs their head read!! It was always crowded and busy in the past, now it has few people interested in partaking.

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