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Little Caesars - Kmart
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2016-02

6865 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 968-1948

Reviews by the General Public

Very polite service, hot/delicious pizza, 4/14/2009
Reviewer: Nicole from Goleta
The service here is great! They even have a stand right near the door now so you can literally run in and out and not have to deal w/the lines, crowds, etc. The breadsticks are my personal favorite. Once we needed ranch w/an order and forgot to ask until we were rushing out the door. They usually charge for ranch but the guy was nice enough to give us a free pass and told us next time we'd have to pay like normal. He sensed we were in a rush and we appreciated his kindness and sharp observational skills. While this is no Rusty's pizza, this deal simply can't be beat.

Best Pizza Deal in the Area, 4/12/2009
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara, CA
$5.00 for a Pizza ?!?!? What a deal. Where can 3 people eat lunch with drinks for $10.00. Like the buffalo wings too. Across the parking lot its $20.00 for the same pizza.Pizza had a great crust and the toppings were fresh and plentiful. Does huge student business. I must of seen them sell 50 plus pizza in the 30 minutes I was there !

Good food for price, 6/4/2008
Reviewer: GlennG from Buellton, Ca
They must have raised their prices as I did not see the $5 pizza(more like $10). Its a quick break if you are within Kmart especially. They have Nathan's hot dogs, smoothies and a really good pizza sub I had. Only thing I did not see was relish out(even 7-11 has that..a good place for a quick hotdog) but I did not ask for it over the counter. Overall good for the price, Pizza Sub, Smoothie and hotdog for $9 and convenient for Kmart.

Delish, 7/18/2007
Reviewer: Stephanie from Goleta, CA
This is probably THE best pizza out there for this price. I mean, $5 for an entire pizza? How can you beat that? The service is equal to that of the other employees at this Kmart, not bad. Sometimes they need to smile more but, honestly, they do a good job of efficiently and quickly bringing out the order, especially if it's the pre-made pizza. I wish they were open later because sometimes I'm craving Little Caesar's past 8p.m. but I'm sure that's not their fault. GREAT, CHEAP PIZZA!

THis Pizza Rocs My world No matter what, Jessica SB.!, 9/30/2006
Reviewer: Fred from LA ( the rich part of town),CA
This is the best pizza that I have ever tasted I mean Its the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way Jessica from Santa Barbara you don`t have a life I think you were tooo high on crack to talk like this got that and how dare you talk about my Little Caesars like tthat!!! Mmmm ahhh!

Great for the price, 4/13/2006
Reviewer: Jeremy from Goleta
In response to the previous reviewer and my personal experiences. If they used better ingredients, the pizza wouldn't be $4.99. If you want better ingredients, cross the parking lot to Rusty's and pay $20.00 for a pizza of the same size. For the price, this pizza is great. And I love the fact that they make a living by offering inexpensive pizza for those who can't afford to go to Rusty's. The product is consistent and for a Kmart operation, the service is always friendly.

Not a pizza!, 4/12/2006
Reviewer: Jessica from santa barbara, ca
The price is okay, but this is not pizza. The pizza looked and tasted like frozen pizza, no wonder it is only $4.99!! I believe that the ingredients need to be of better quality.

great food while you shop what else could you want, 8/22/2005
Reviewer: mark smith from isla vista, ca
just when you thought you got a great deal on those 2 for $5 organization tubs, you realize youve worked up quite a hunger in your quest for bargain hunting. fear not the pizza pizza king and k mart have joined forces to solve your hunger needs! 3.99 for a large 1 topping.. i mean most places charge this for a coke. my roomates and i ate for 3 days off this meal.

College Kids, 8/21/2005
Reviewer: Phish from Santa Barbara, CA
Decent pizza at a good price. $3.99 for a Large 1 topping on weekends, who can beat that? honestly.

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