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Cajun Kitchen - De La Vina
1925 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-2062

Reviews by the General Public

What happened?, 6/28/2018
Reviewer: Rose from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been dining at the different Cajun Kitchen locations for several years. 9 times out of 10, great service and tasty food, including the location on De La Vina. However, the past month, the service has been almost non-existent during times when there are only a few other diners in the restaurant. My orders either come out wrong or the food is mediocre. What has been a good, dependable staple is now a disappointment.

Ragin Cajun :/
Reviewer: Jay from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been going here for a few years, and the food seems to have gone to MEH land. Not sure why, but it's just not as tasty as it once was. The prices have gone up up up, yet the portions stay the same. Nothing gets me more annoyed than when you see a restaurants financial gain /greed glaring back at you in the menu. Service is ok, but you do tend to run into lifetime waiters that are a bit aloof and jaded from doing this for SOOO many years. Conclusion: it's ok if there is no place else to go, just make sure you have lots of Cajun cash to burn on sandwichs, eggs or tomatoes.

Reviewer: Ighungry from Santa Barbara, CA
They will charge you for a substitution of sliced tomatoes in place of their overturned potatoes, at the tune of an extra $1:50... Skip this place,... There are so many better alternatives

Don't order substitutions
Reviewer: joseph from Santa Barbara, CA
If you dare ask for sliced tomatoes instead of potatoes, you will be charged.

So-so; service fine but food not good anymore
Reviewer: Ron from Santa Barbara, CA
I had an omelet and wife had eggs benedict - neither breakfast entree was good, hash browns were burnt and cornbread tasted stale/old. Extra sauce for benedict tasted like it was a from a powdered mix but extra hollandaise was $1 additional (should've tasted it first). Experience was disappointing. We won't go back. Cajun Kitchen used to be our surefire go-to for breakfast and our recommendation for out-of-towners or newbies, but no more.

our favorite breakfast spot!
Reviewer: Sarah Clark from Santa Barbara, CA
this is our top choice for a breakfast place in SB! We come here often for there yummy breakfast burrito, hash browns, and excellent service! decent prices too.

Just to clarify one thing......
Reviewer: Lorraine from Santa Barbara, CA
The first Cajun Kitchen was on Del La Vina...I only know this because it was my mother and I (Lorraine) who began the business in 1979... Glad to see The Cajun is still around ( :

3 Words...
Reviewer: Tarek from Santa Barbara, CA

Worth the drive!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Terrie from Bakersfield/California
I used to live in SB and frequented CK...moved to Bakersfield got married and missed my wonderful CK so much I made my husband take me there...he was immediately hooked...we now drive up from Bakersfield just to eat there. We even called in sick once to go down on a weekday because I had to have the was worth it!!!!!!!!!!

Best Breakfast and very reasonable prices.
Reviewer: Amy from SB
I have been here twice and we have all been very happy with both the food and the service. And that is rare! I love that they have so many options for everyone. The cornbread cannot be missed! The only thing I would like to see improved? A bigger space because they get so busy. I guess everyone else knows how good the food is too!

Reviewer: Erika from Santa Barbara, CA
I wanted to try this place b/c I always see a big crowd. So I was really disappointed when I tasted their food. I am afraid that the oil that was used for my hashbrown was old (I could smell it), thus ruining the taste. Same with egg. I highly recommend that they don't use old oil (bad for our health!). Their bicuit was good though!

Mediocre food & slow service, which is not worth the price!
Reviewer: Gini from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten here several times. It's supposed to be like a diner but the prices aren't cheap, and they are charge you like crazy for any substitution, making an omelet like $12 to get it the way you want. The service is slow and lacking. The food is just mediocre, it should definitely be cheaper than it is...are there no delicious and reasonably priced breakfast places in Santa Barbara?

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