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Cajun Kitchen - Hollister
6831 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 571-1517

Reviews by the General Public

What a repellant experience...
Reviewer: Morgan from Santa Barbara, CA
I found a rare Sunday morning to myself, so I decided to grab some breakfast and read an article or two. At the mention of a party of one, the hostess' face soured. I was led to the back of the patio next to a toolshed that REEKED of urine (not kidding). I managed to ignore it and place my order. The food was great, but every five minutes the bus boy was refilling my water and eyeing me. Once I was finished, he snatched my plate from in front of me amd pointedly said to pay up front. I wound up waiting for five minutes while they screwed around with a pickup order, obviously standing in the way of the staff. This place is an SB tradition, but this wait staff is obviously not well-motivated. I will notbe going back, and neither will my Facebook friends.

Terrible Service
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a long time customer because the food is awesome. The (Goleta) service however is consistently the worst service I have ever had!!They seem to have a terrible attitude and are always getting my order completely wrong when it is to go. I have given them a comment card and a few emails to their manager, but they don't reply. It is most likely because they are sooo busy and they are understaffed and underpaid.

Best Breakfast Around!
Reviewer: T. Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
I frequently order take out from Cajun Kitchen and they are consistently fantastic. Rachel is the friendliest, and most helpful! I constantly have some picky phone order requests during the busy lunch hour, and she always gets it right and is nothing less than pleasant. The servers always greet me with a smile and you can't beat the quality for the price.

I love Cajun Kitchen
Reviewer: Kelly from Goleta, CA
I have never had a problem with bad service here, my coffee cup gets re-filled before it is even half empty and the waiters and waitresses are always so friendly and helpful. Clearly it isn't a high-end restaurant but it is a great local breakfast spot. Their home fries are delicious and, (I don't really know if they serve anything special) their coffee is really good too!

Great breakfast
Reviewer: Dutchy from The Netherlands
When we are over from The Netherlands we allways have breakfast at Cajun Kitchen . Almost everyday,we love the omlets,scrambled eggs,and of course sunny side up .The one I love is cajun special!!! So thanks guys , see you soon!!!! R & J

Bad Service and Salty Food
Reviewer: Ixchelle from Santa Barbara, CA
The service is terrible, and it's not for lack of servers. They just spend their time chatting with each other instead of doing their jobs. The food is overrated with salty dishes and many of the products taste like they came out of a can. We will not be going back.

Cute restaurant, great food
Reviewer: Lisa from Santa Barbara, CA
I really enjoyed my first visit here. I had the California Eggs Benedict. Very delicious, I ate all of it, and it was the perfect amount of food. I also got a side of bacon, which really wasn't my thing (a little too thick and not crispy enough). Overall, a really nice experience. I will definitely go back again soon.

Follow up to poor service
Reviewer: Darin from Santa Barbara, CA
After the shock of over paying for eggs and sausage with a side of cornbread. I ate the eggs which were fine, but the sausage was rare and still pink and uncooked inside. I have been to all the Cajun's around town. I have recieved poor service every time I go to the one in Goleta, and after this I will probably not go back to any of them. The food was bland and tasteless, not to mention over priced.

Very Disappointing
Reviewer: Kelly from Portland, OR
I was making a to go order and the person who answered did not speak english very well and I had to repeat my order 3 times. My second call was for the address and the person answered by telling me that they were closing in 5 minutes. The cornbread was burnt on the bottom as well as stale! Pork chop was dry and the red beans and rice were flavorless. I guess you don't get fresh food when they are closing in 5 minutes.

Reviewer: Nancy Siris-Rawls from Santa Barbara, CA
What the heck has happened to the service here? We are "regulars" who love their breakfasts but service has gone downhill. We tried Cajun in Goleta again yesterday when it wasn't too busy and STILL the service was so slow. There were a least 5 tables that had not ordered. Only one server was taking orders while 3 other servers were visiting behind the counter. Something needs to be done here and quickly.

Best Breakfast
Reviewer: Nicole from Goleta
This place has an amazing breakfast and you get SO much food!

A regular customer recommends Cajun Kitchen
Reviewer: Brent from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm a regular here. I probably eat here for lunch 1-2 times a week. I have never had any issue with the service as the other people have, but I will admit that since I'm a regular I might get more attention. I've never noticed any one getting bad serice though. The food is good for amquick lunch or breakfast. It's not exactly authentic cajun, but it's better than a greasy spoon / diner style restaurant that might carry a similar menu. For being strictly a breakfast / lunch place, it has a pretty large menu. I recommend the Spanish Omelet, blueberry pancakes w/ wheat germ, and anything with chili on it. The prices are decent for the food you get. Blueberry muffins are good too, and they also make a decent burger with cajun spices. I'll keep going because I'm happy with the place, and it has good coffee.

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