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Natural Cafe - Goleta
6990 Marketplace Drive, Goleta
Phone: (805) 692-2363

Reviews by the General Public

What's Happened Natural Cafe?
Reviewer: Eva from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been a regular customer for over 20 years and have never had a cause to complain until this last year. The quality of the food and the presentation have not been the same as in the past. There seems to be little pride in the preparation of food. On two visits the sandwich bread was stale. The mayo spread was a "glob" rather than spread. During a third visit the lettuce in the Old Town Salad was wilted and the ingredients seemed to be thrown in the bowl. Wanting to give it one last try I ordred food to go. The turkey sandwich was a mess that seemed to be tossed in the to go box. The turkey dry and tasteless. It's a shame to see one of my favorite restaurants decline in this way.

Recent disappointments
Reviewer: Sue from Santa Barbara, CA
Regulars for a couple of years, but past 3 or 4 months we have had disappointing take-out experiences in the evening. Tonight was VERY stale corn bread with my Supernatural Platter - which also came without the usual melted cheese. Last month the garlic bread was omitted from my lasagna order; the following week we told staff about that omission but no one even said they were sorry, much less offered us an extra slice of bread. I feel that staff thinks since we are take-out that they can give us sub-quality food that won't be discovered until we are home - and not worth a trip back. At this rate, we will either try a different location or a different restaurant entirely. Staff needs to take pride in their service and product.

I think I'll skip it next time.
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
My co-workers rave about this place and they frequently call in orders to go. Everytime I've tried it, I've been consistently under-whelmed by the food and amazed by the prices. Tonight I ordered a side of chips and salsa that cost $3.25. It was literally a handful of broken chips and 2 tablespoons of salsa. I also ordered the vegetarian chili, which was suprisingly bland and came with a piece of stale corn bread. So I spent $10 on food and was still hungry...and this is about the 3rd or 4th time I've ordered, different menu items each time and everytime has been the same...too much money for not enough quality food.

Baja Burrito is a bust
Reviewer: Josh from Goleta, CA
Ordered the Baja Burrito, it is shredded chicken, beans and rice covered in enchilada sauce. There is no flavor, the sauce tastes (and looks) like a sweet tomato paste. Halfway through the burrito, I found a piece of plastic (possibly a food handlers glove). That's enough for me, I'm done.

Generally okay, but I had one terrible takeout experience...
Reviewer: Ingrid from Santa Barbara, CA
I like Natural Cafe for its selection of vegetarian food. The food and service are generally good - nothing particularly outstanding, but I had moderately pleasant dining experience there. However, I had a 40-minute wait for a takeout order during weekday lunch time once. I even got there around 11:45am to avoid the crowd! As it turns out, there was a huge takeout order (for at least 15 people). I tried to be understanding, but it was upsetting because all the dine-in customers who came a lot later than me were getting their food. The most common reason for anybody to get takeout during weekday lunch time is to save time, which Natural Cafe failed miserably that day. The worst of all, the staff did not seem at all apologetic about the 40-minute long wait. I don't go to Natural Cafe often enough to know whether this happens frequently, but I'm certainly less inclined to go there for takeouts now.

a fresco cafe wannabe...
Reviewer: Cody from goleta, ca
ordered a falafel for take out. the employees made be wait 20 minutes after it was ready because they did not see it on the counter, or did not care/remember me. the falafel was pretty bad. not disgusting by any means but compared to others i had in my life its was boring and bland. the chickpea meatballs in it where totally greasy and burnt and it almost nothing in the pita besides lettuce and brussel sprouts. i would give it another chance though.

My Favorite!
Reviewer: Elyse from Goleta
With limited affordable options for vegans/vegetarians in Santa Barbara, this place has become my favorite casual restaurant in SB. The midtown location has a great atmosphere. The staff are all friendly and helpful, the food comes pretty quickly, and the food is always simple but very fresh and yummy.

Good food, good service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I ordered something to go and I had it quickly. Pleasant staff. The food is on the healthy side obviously so go for the health food(the stuff Taco Bell and McDs tends to not serve around the corner!). Nice casual atmosphere even though it is right on a busy street.

Quality Cafe for Counter Service
Reviewer: Ryan from Goleta, CA
The food selections are vast. I often have trouble deciding between many different things. It's not all "health food" either, they serve every thing from nachos to steamed tofu! As for the service, I've found that they are only cold to you if you are rude to them. Overall, my experiences at the Natural Cafe are always pleasant and it's been a family favorite for years. We'll be back!

Long time customer-do not intend to return.
Reviewer: Sara from Goleta
I have been eating at the Natural Cafe, mostly the Goleta location, for years. Lately I've noticed the and decrease in the quality of food and a decline in service. Last Monday, I placed a phone order and the girl on the phone was not only extremely rude (cut me off, kept asking if I was done, didn't ask me what dressing I wanted on my salad etc.), but when I went to pick up my order, it was wrong. I tried to get the attention of two different employees, including the girl who was ringing me up, and was completely ignored. I know the cashier could hear me because she responded to other things I said. Though I used to eat here on almost a daily basis, I feel like this place has been on the decline for a while and I've had enough. I don't intend to ever return to The Natural Cafe.

Food General good, service recently not up to par
Reviewer: Rita from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten here many times and I'm glad there is such a place for eating healthy. The food is general good but there's one dish that I order that sometime it's really good and other times just a total miss. I guess it has to do with the cook on the day that I order. On the service side though I can say that it has recently been consistenly below par. I had someone place a big lunch order for me for my company and that person got really rude service over the phone. Then I went in myself several times this last month and today, I can definitely say that the service has turned south. The staff would walk up and down behind the counter and not acknowledge you while you stand there waiting to ask about your pick up order. And then when they finally come to help you, it's less than friendly. I don't know what happened to some of the regular wait staff that I've encountered before that were much more friendly. I hope something can be done to improve things because in general I like the place!

Delicious and healthy!
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
I like the tempe tacos, and the place is usually very clean and the food is prepared quickly. The workers tend to be kind of indifferent though, and the food is moderately expensive.

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