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Marcello Ristorante
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2005

1218 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-2128

Reviews by the General Public

The Best Restaurant, 12/28/2005
Reviewer: Marcello from Los Angeles
The best restaurant I've ever been to!!! The food,service, and atmosphere are all great!!! Two years ago I went here and all my relitives loved the food,service, and atmosphere! They all agreed that it was the best restaurant they've ever been to in thier lives! I think if everybody came here, they will do anything to eat your delicios food! Bye-bye now!!!

Spanish Chef, 10/6/2005
Reviewer: Luis Roger from Barcelona, Spain
I'm really proud of seeing Marcello's success given that a few years ago I had worked in it with Giovanni. I'm happy because after all the changes Marcello's Ristorante has been through, is getting better over the years. I'm looking forward getting back to Santa Barbara and have an unforgetable dinner at Marcello Ristorante. Congratulations from Barcelona.

Wonderful!, 4/12/2005

Marcello Ristorante is just fantastic. The atmosphere is great, especially for a romantic evening. My boyfriend took me there for my birthday, and we were both very impressed with the ambience as well as the delicious food. Also, their service is stellar. We were treated very well, and the owner and staff were very warm and accomodating to us. We would definitely go back again!

I´m a snob too, and this is the best Italian in town, 2/27/2005
Reviewer: Cookie from Santa Barbara resident
The atmosphere and service are nice but food is the key. This is great, the best Italian in town (yes, that includes Montecito). Note to fellow snob reviewer above--I´ve been to Italy several times, have professional cooking training, etc.

what a pleasure, 9/14/2004
Reviewer: Coco from Santa Barbara
My boyfriend and I celebrated our three year anniversary yesterday, and ended a wonderful day at the restaurant. The food, the service, and the atmosphere was absolutely wonderful. What a romantic set up they have too. I loved it. We´ll definitely go back.

Excellent Service but food not so good..., 8/30/2004

At Marcello´s I received the best service I have ever had at any restraunt in my entire life. They are the most kind and accomodating. The food was good but being a snob for Italian food I was slightly disappointed. When they realized this they attempted to remake my dish against my wishes in order to please me. Despite the fact that I was still disappointed (of which I made sure they were not aware of) the kind gesture was enough to make me come back again. If you arent a snob like me I would recommend this place. They are truly wonderful people.

What happened?, 5/8/2004
Reviewer: Clint from Santa Barbara, CA
Marcello Ristorante used to be glorious, but I recently discovered the quality of the food has gone down significantly. I don´t know what they changed, but whatever it was they should change it back.

The best Italian food!!!, 2/16/2004
Reviewer: Perfecto from New York
My wife and I were visiting from out of town and while walking around just decided to eat here and were really glad we did so....excellent food! The calamari is to die for, the lasagnia was perfect and the deserts were awesome. I think this is the best Italian food I´ve ever had!

Best Chef in Town: Emanuele Del Signore., 2/7/2004

It is a great relief to find an Italian restaurant outside of Italy that has genuine Italian food and has not compromised the real taste and menu of Italian cusine simply to comply to the American market. Simply the best Italian food in town. Marcello´s Ristorante has been blessed to have such and extraordinary chef as Rome´s Emanuele Del Signore. He will be missed greatly by Santa Barbara.

Best Raioli you´ll ever had, 3/4/2003
Reviewer: Bethany from Santa Barbara, CA USA
I live in SB and go to many many restaurants! This was what my boyfriend and I stumbled on one night. Thank God we did! Great service! Wonderful food for the price and the one of the better wine lists you´ll see in town. You have to try it!

Excellent Italian Food!, 2/27/2003

My husband and I went with another couple for Valentine´s Day dinner. We all loved the food, the great wine and the service too! Nice ambience and atmospehere as it is not a real large restaurant and is lit up by lots of little twinkling lights throughout. Met some really nice people sitting next to our table too. We would definitely recommend this restaurant. We ordered the antipasta tray--it was so good and had great variety. Our Merlot wine was also an excellent choice. We will go again next time we´re in Santa Barbara.

Excellent!, 2/27/2003

My husband & I and another couple dined for the first time at Marcello Ristorante for Valentine´s Day dinner. We LOVED the food, the wine and the service! The atmosphere was very nice and "romantic" as it is all lit up with little twinkling lights and is not a very large restaurant. Their prices are very reasonable for the quality of food and attentive service you get. We were extremely pleased with everything. We ordered the anitpasta and were pleasantly surprised with the quality and variety of the platter. We also met the people at the table next to us and they told us it was one of their favorite restaurants too. We will go back next time we´re in Santa Barbara.

Highly Recommended, 9/19/2002

I hosted a dinner at Marcello Ristorante last week on a recommendation from friends. It was on of the most enjoyable evenings dinning out in Santa Barbara in a long time.Marcello Ristorante has a very warm and friendly atmosphere, a creative menu and excellent food and wine list. The service was friendly and very attentive. I highly recommend this restaurant.

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