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City Kitchen
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2005

901 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 892-4483

Reviews by the General Public

Great Place, 3/25/2005

Try the cheezy bacon grits instead of potatoes with your breakfast. Oh my. This is the kind of diner that puts the love into their food.

AMAZING!, 2/27/2005

SO GOOD! And low key. Prices are great, food is amazing.

We love City Kitchen., 2/1/2005
Reviewer: Mike and Tami
We eat at City Kitchen almost every weekend and love it.

Great Breakfast..., 4/22/2004
Reviewer: Rachael from Santa Barbara
They do have a great breakfast. Their prices are totally reasonable comparatively speaking to the amount of food you get. Their portions are huge!! Hope you are hungry!! I love this place

What´s your beef?, 3/8/2004

This restaurant is not over priced. The portions are huge. I have yet to ever finish a full plate of food. What is up with your review "SoSo-Very Pricey", yet you give them 5 stars? And as for "I will be going some place cheaper with better food" , I´d love to know what restaurant that is? City Kitchen serves great food, great portions and at resonable prices.

So So - Very Pricey, 2/27/2004

Good Rueben

used to be 4 stars, 2/4/2004

This place was good when everything was cheaper. Once it became somewhat popular they raised the prices at least $2 per item. The food is NOT worth what they currently charge. My advice is when you got something good going don´t change it. From now on I will be going some place cheaper with better food.

This is the best breakfast!, 12/1/2003
Reviewer: Stephen from Santa Barbara
Forget what others tell you. This is the best breakfast in Santa Barbara. I have eaten here several times and I cannot find a better breakfast in town. The eggs Benedict are amazing, homemade everything including buttermilk biscuits that would impress Martha Stewart. And you have to try the grits. WOW. Be prepared to wait if they´re busy they have a small kitchen.

Tasty new dinner menu in this classy diner, 6/19/2003

It´s great when a favorite resturant continues to offer great food at resonable prices... The sandwiches remind me of Jerry´s Famous Deli in LA (They´re HUGE). OH, and now they have a special dinner menu with tasty sides like corn cooked with bacon, and garlic mashed potatos. And the Brie Cheese fondu app is scrumptious. and the Cow on the roof is GOLD.

Donít miss this spot, 4/29/2003
Reviewer: Mary from santa barbara
Set in a beautiful Art Deco building, which formally housed two local dairies. Warm, cheerful diner/coffee house environment with memorabilia from the 30ís and 40ís. Breakfast served all day, omelets, blueberry pancakes, wonderful egg sandwiches. Lunch and dinner possess the same charm, hamburgers, grilled sandwiches, incredible french fries. Steak, chops and ribs for dinner Donít miss this spot a favorite frequent on my list.

good food -- snooty and bad service , 3/6/2003

City Kitchen would be great if one of their waitresses got a new career. It is not the mistakes that I have a problem with, since we all make mistakes. It is how the mistakes are handled that matters the most. They have a waitress who uses passive aggressiveness to ´get her way´. After screwing up my meal 2x, plus not delivering my drink or wiping my table, I decided to get a refund, which she also made a mistake on. I spoke with the chef, who has a great attitude and years of Class A experience. If he fired this waitress, he could end up with a fantastic restaurant! I´ll come back when she is not there.

Pricey and Greasey, 2/17/2003
Reviewer: Annie from Santa Barbara
I think the sandwiches are very pricey. I hate it when you have to buy your sandwich and then buy your fries or side salad seperatley. I thought that their old fashioned feel would give into the whole idea of getting alot for your money. Wrong!!! I think this restaurant has alot of potential, however; the restaurant needs to step out of it´s snooty atitude and serve up some REAL, good home, comfort food.

Best Breakfast Burrito in SANTA BARBARA, 12/31/2002
Reviewer: Brian J from Downtown SB
they grill peppers and onions and melt cheese over the eggs... I prefer the beacon with pepper jack cheese. east coast diner atmosphere...

I Love City Kitchen, 9/12/2002
Reviewer: Brandy from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the new restaurant CITY KITCHEN on Milpas. It´s that great old McConnels´s building with the cow on the top. The food and atmosphere are a great choice when you want to get away from the hustle of State Street. Not only are the chilis fries the best but I now go out of my way to stop there every morning for the best coffee in town.

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