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Dish Cafe
No longer in business
Opened: 2005-06 Closed: 2008-10

5722 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-5755

Reviews by the General Public

Good and interesting food, 8/27/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Interesting food choices. Tried the papaya thai chicken salad which was good. A little pricey though. Got the food fairly quickly.

disappointed. won't go back., 8/10/2008
Reviewer: Daisy from Goleta CA
I was excited about this place from reading the menu, but I was really disappointed. They made a few mistakes with my order - the wrong dressing on my salad (which was a good salad, the only really good thing about my meal!), and they made a fish-of-the-day burger instead of a dinner special and had to remake it. When they finally brought my food out, the fish really didn't taste fresh. To top it off, instead of mashed sweet potato, they gave me mashed up sweet potato fries -- which, from reading the first review above, seems to be something they do there. You guys should stop! It's totally unappetizing for the diner, and makes us feel like we're eating someone else's rejected food. When I asked one of the servers about it, he said that it seemed weird to him, but didn't make any effort to correct the problem or offer some kind of compensation. I wanted to like this place, and would love to have a place like this to go to near my house, but I don't think I'll be back.

So overpriced + Bad service, 7/24/2008
Reviewer: Elyse H from Goleta
The organic aspect of Dish Cafe is enticing, but everything I've ordered has tasted just a step above mediocre. The other day I went to breakfast with 3 friends (1 vegetarian, 1 vegan, 1 regular). I was eating vegetarian that day (usually vegan). I ordered an omelet that cost probably about $10 and was supposed to come with toast and hash browns. They brought out my meal, but did not bring my english muffin, and instead of serving me hashbrowns, they put CHOPPED UP OLD FRENCH FRIES on my plate. They also put bacon on my vegetarian friend's plate. He told them he had not ordered that, and they took it back, but then brought out the exact same thing - with bacon. When I complained about not getting my english muffin and chopped up french fries instead of hashbrowns...they brought out MORE chopped up french fries and said that's all they had (it's not hard to cook up some hashbrowns?) The english muffin they brought was extremely thin and squashed. My friend asked for a refill on his coffee, even going up to the bar, but it took them about 10+ minutes to bring the coffee, even though they weren't busy and we were already wanting to leave.

Terrible customer service, 7/9/2008
Reviewer: Ann from Santa Barbara, CA
Every time I order food from Dish, there is a problem with the order. The most recent experience I had was no exception and has left me feeling no desire to ever return to Dish. I ordered a salad and specifically asked for the dressing on the side. I picked up the salad and returned home. When I discovered the salad had been drenched in dressing, I called to complain and ask that a new one be prepared while I was on route back to the restaurant. Upon my arrival, the salad was not ready. I waited another 15 minutes and finally requested that I just be refunded my money. I was informed that no one at the restaurant had been trained in how to void an order. I had to return the following day just to get a refund of 12 dollars. I will not order from Dish again.

A Great Spin On Healthy, 5/18/2008
Reviewer: Jeff from Goleta, CA
I have now eaten at Dish Cafe enough times to mention the dishes you must try. I love all their fish items. All the fish is fresh and amazing. The Halibut with Grilled Vegetables is amazing and satisfying. The Seared Ahi Wrap is awesome as well and is a great lunch item. The tri trip entrées are great if you are looking for some hormone free steak sandwiches and wraps. The service is always nothing but friendly and they always go out of their way to accommodate my needs. The menu is so large that it will probably take me a while to try everything. But so far everything is awesome.

Worst Place I have ever been to!!!, 5/10/2008
Reviewer: Greg from Santa Barbara
I went to dish cafe and I left very unpleased. The service was horrible and the food was nothing special and very overpriced. I ordered the Greek omelets and it took 45 minutes for me to get it. When I ordered, they gave me a number to put on my table but I don't think they actually used it. They were constantly going around the restaurant asking people if what they were holding was what they ordered. It was also very hot inside. I arrived comfortable and ready to eat. I left sweaty and unsatisfied.

Soggy to go Salads, 3/18/2008
Reviewer: Shelby Sim from Santa Barbara
Decided to give Dish a try. Ordered a Papaya Thai salad and a Gorgonzola Salad to go. I waited about 10 minutes with no other orders in front me. While the hostess was packing the Salads I asked if the dressings were on the side. She and another Hostess (maybe a manager) said yes. Then the 1st hostess corrected herself and said the Thai salad already had the dressing on it. Seemed weird to me and made me worry about whether the salad would survive the ride home. But figured they knew what they were doing. She said the Gorgonzola did not. The Manager(?) confirmed that the Gorgonzola dressing was on the side. The 1st Hostess had put the lids on the take out containers so she should know. Neither of the gals bothered to look in the containers to verify so I trusted them. I got my order and took off. Thanking and wishing them a nice evening. I drove the 20 minutes to my house. When I opened the containers I found that both salads already had plenty of dressing on them. No side containers within the main. And when my wife and I had our first bite we found the lettuce leafs to be limp and soggy. These salads are over 10 bucks a pop and they were barely eatable. We picked through them and ate everything but the lettuce. I don’t need to point out all the mistakes and terrible decisions made by staff. This is probably a good spot to eat at. But they ruined it for us. A terrible first impression.

Delicious healthy food prepared quickly and priced right! , 2/12/2008
Reviewer: Chris Hall from Goleta, Ca
The brown rice and sauteed veggies is so good it seems like some gourmet meal instead of the really healthy fresh meal it really is. What a refreshing change. Not a romantic place to go for dinner, but great for delicious (and different if that is what you want) food and friendly people. Food is served quickly.

A disappointment, 12/6/2007
Reviewer: Karla Anderson from Isla VIsta
I really liked the idea of fresh healthy food. I love that they serve cage free eggs and organic foods and was excited to try the breakfast after enjoying lunch very much. Unfortunately, the breakfast was a disappointment. I had the french toast which was supposed to come with seasonal fruit and mascarpone. There was no fresh fruit and the french toast was slightly burnt. My friend ordered an omelette with bacon added which we paid for but it was not included in the meal. My latte was also burned tasting and I couldn't drink it. Such a shame because it sounded so much nicer in the other reviews I read here!

Love it! , 9/15/2007
Reviewer: Robin Food from Goleta the Goodland
Love it. Prices. Quality. Consistency! Love it! I can't wait to try breakfast.
Your Little Sweet Potato Fry

Amazing!, 7/31/2007
Reviewer: Kristen from Goleta
I have been Eating at the dish for two years now and I love it. The level of service is variable but I love the food so much that I hardly notice. Ths falafel salad, plantain sandwiches and the halibut burger are great, but my favorite has to be the mediterranean quesadilla. Its a great place to go when you are bored with with your usual cuisine. I love being able to have something different and everything I've tried there is amazing.

Breakfast... not so good..., 7/14/2007
Reviewer: Mimi from Santa Barbara
We used to order take out for dinner a lot from dish cafe. The food was always extremely fresh and delicious. It has always been a good value for the money. Lately we have been eating at home a lot and kind of forgot about Dish. We decided to go out for breakfast this morning and remembered that Dish now serves breakfast on Saturday mornings. They tried serving breakfast before when they first opened and we remembered being impressed by the decadent egg dishes and the pancakes covered in fresh berries. For some reason they stopped offerring breakfast for a long time and then within the last few months started offering a saturday breakfast menu. We ordered some yummy sounding stuff this morning. I got the eggs florentine. The english muffins were good. I suspect they were either homemade or bakery fresh. The baby spinach was fresh and lightly sauteed. Unfortunately, the "hollandaise" sauce must have been some sort of healthy version of the real thing. It was a watery consistancy and tasted of soy mayonaisse. It was terrible and it covered the whole entree. The potatoes on the side were flavorless. My companion's veggie omelette was cooked hard and brown. They melted a slice of what looked like processed cheese on top. He ordered a chicken apple sausage and it was overcooked and flavorless. For a man who can eat, he left the table without finishing even half of his meal. I saw pancakes being served to other diners and they were plain whole wheat. Nothing special. Too bad. The last time they served breakfast it was really good and seemed to contain quality ingredients. I had to take a star off for the service. Service has never been great here (You walk up to make an order). Today the girl at the counter stood and stared at us like a deer caught in headlights, left us waiting until someone else came to help us.

menu online, 6/28/2007
Reviewer: lauren from santa barbara, ca
I and my company order all the time. we need an online menu guys. your food is amazing!

Health Food, Yes, but with Options, 5/7/2007
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Goleta
Let me just start off by saying that I generally don't like Health/Healthy food restaurants. I really don't want a salad of any type as an entree and I run away from most things labeled "vegetarian". No offense to anynoe who likes these things but they're just not what I'm looking for personally. Nonetheless, since my significant other Does, like healty eateries, here I was at Dish. Thats where it gets interesting. While I found most of the menu at dish to be many of those things I mentioned above a few things really stuck out for me. First was the buffalo burger. You can get it with sweet potato fries and I have to say its actually quite tasty. I don't know how much healtier this is that any other burger and fries but hey, it was good and it was on the menu so I was happy. Another thing I really liked was the thai chicken pizza, a great peanut sauce and not smothered with vegggies, but rather some macadamia nuts a few tomatoes and a great honey wheat crust. Its tough to guage service here since you order at a counter and have to serve yourself drinks and re-fills so if the service sucks, well, who do you have to blame. My only complaint there was that my burger came right away while it took about 20 min to bake the pizza, that can be awkward and I feel they should have waited to serve both meals at the same time. Otherwise though, this place is actually pretty good. T

french toast, 4/12/2007
Reviewer: paige moore from goleta ca
French toast stuffed with mascarpone cheese with real maple syrup, i've been having this for years at Eladio's in Santa Barbara, as well as sweet potato fries. The french toast at Eladio's comes with blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, and balckberries, not just strawberries. Dish cafe has alot of original food on it's menu, maybe they should have spent more time on a original breakfast menu then copying Eladio's breakfast menu. I prefer breakfast at Eladio's, same price but with a much better view

Yummy salad!, 4/11/2007
Reviewer: Krista from Goleta, CA
Ate here last night with two girlfriends, and we shared the Thai papaya salad with chicken...WOW! It had so many wonderful taste sensations simultaneously....crisp, crunchy, cool, sweet, tangy, and just the right amount of spicy. Very delicious! The plantain sandwich we also shared was good, but a bit on the bland side, perhaps due to the very flavorful salad. The sweet potatoe fries were quite tasty too. Can't wait to go back and try some other things on the menu. A much more creative alternative to the Natural Cafe!

Great food, and great place for Goleta! , 4/5/2007
Reviewer: Summer from Goleta, CA
We are lucky in this town to have so many dining options, however to find a place that uses organic or fiar trade items is sometimes hard, especially in Goleta. I am so glad Dish cafe is here! And now they offer breakfast. I ordered two items to go, the stuffed french toast and the Gaucho Omlet with apple sausage. The stuffed french toast is truely gomet, real sryup, marscapone cheese and strawberries, YUM! My husband says the omlet was great, HUGE and the sausage was good, although a little on the dry/crispy side. Either way a great breakfast! You must try!

Menu, 3/26/2007
Reviewer: Eric James from Goleta, CA
Put a menu on your web page for take out orders.

my one bad dish :(, 3/16/2007
Reviewer: chee from sb, ca
I've been to Dish Cafe a number of times, and usually the food is superb. The other day, however, I ordered the seared ahi tuna salad, and the taste was subpar. The tuna wasn't ruby red (as most sashimi-grade tunas are), and it had a distinctly non-fresh aftertaste. I was sooo bummed out. My friend's bbq chicken pizza, on the other hand, was delicious. Next time I'll stick with the turkey burger.

love food, 3/5/2007
Reviewer: SOFIA GOENA from Santa barbara , ca
i really love your food alot. i love coming here with my mom. your mango chicken quesadilla the best i have ever tasted.

AMAZING FOOD great service-i'm not going to lie, 2/14/2007
Reviewer: Marisa R. from Santa Barbara, CA
upon first hearing about the "interesting cuisine" served at Dish I was a little skeptical, but once I dined there I was amazed at the delicious flavor of the food I got which was an asian stir fry. I am now a regular customer, and I have never been disappointed, the servers are great. I advise everyone to go to Dish and give it a try.

Hmmm....., 12/3/2006
Reviewer: Ellen from Goleta, CA
The food was delicious and the place has an amazingly calming atmosphere. Dispite its modern style it still feels very comfortable and homy. The food was excellent. If you like health food (like i do) this is deffinetly the place for you, with choices of salads, veggie dishes, but also meat entrees, sandwiches, and assortment of creative quesadillas and tacos etc.... but even if you are not a health food fan ( like my boyfriend) this is an amazing place to eat. He had the Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza (which comes with a giant side salad) and was amazed, and he couldn't even finish it all (he usually finishes everything) because the portion were large. Hope you check it out, it is truely wonderful.

Ok food...bad service, 10/22/2006
Reviewer: Ash from Santa Barbara, CA
My friend and I dined here for the first time for lunch. The food was good...nothing spectacular. I had the Ahi Tuna wrap and she had the Shrimp wrap. It was very overpriced for a take out place. The girls behind the counter are verrrrrry slow and really dont seem to be worried about the lunch rush. They def. take their sweet time. They really need another cash register going because it was very backed up and it took over a 1/2 hr to get two wraps. I will no go back here.

Something Missing, 9/4/2006
Reviewer: Justin from Goleta
It is so refreshing to have such a unique restaurant in Goleta. I have been consistently dining at Dish for almost a year now and have loved almost everything I have tried. The food is fabulous. The only negative comment i can say about the restaurant is that the customer service seems to have gone down hill. I was in a couple of days ago for lunch and the food preparation continues to be slow, but with the added detractor of a dull and seemingly inexperienced crew. It was so nice having a fun, energetic staff that knew you by name and certainly made my dining experience more enjoyable. The main problem, however, continues to be the wait--some days are acceptable and others are just ridiculous, elements that seem to fluctuate according to the cooks and servers moods. Ultimately, it is certainly the food and not the atmosphere that keeps me coming back.

yummo!, 8/17/2006
Reviewer: Chee from Santa Barbara, CA
really casual, yet trendy. the food was great...I highly recommend the turkey burger (better than natural cafe) and the falafel salad, both of which have cumin in them! I've been here 5ish times, and the food has been consistently good...bring your friends here for a casual dinner far from downtown.

good quick dinner, 7/18/2006
Reviewer: Robert Armstrong from Goleta, CA
Slow service is most likely limited to lunch. We ordered the Bison Burger and the Thai Chicken Plantain Sandwich w/ french fries and had it at our table at about 8PM and had our food in less than ten minutes. Everything was tasty and fresh.

Perfect new lunch place, 6/14/2006
Reviewer: Burte from Goleta
Food is very well prepared. It is a very nice environment, a high class cafe. There are a lot of options in the menu, shrimp quesadilla and plantain sandwiches are very very good especially with the sweet potato fries. And same for the drinks, fresh lemonade, blue skies and the frozen mocha. Also, there are negative comments on the service in this web site: last two times I've been there our food arrived in less than ten minutes and the staff were very friendly and extremely polite. I like this place a lot and I hope that they will always keep it up this way.

very fun, 6/3/2006
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara
The food is innovative and tasty. I especially enjoyed the chef in the back who was singing Norah Jones at the top of his lungs. The employees were friendly and laid backed and seemed to have the job down to a science. I would recomend coming to the restaurant around 5. I know it is a strange time to eat however the service is entirely better at night (probably because it is slower customer wise). I ate there during the day once and the staff seemed stressed and uninterested in the customers. My adice for people frustrated with their lunch service is to go back for dinner. You won't regret it.

good food, ridiculous wait, 5/21/2006
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
Mmmm....veggie tacos. Hummus in a taco? Sounds gross, but it works. The brown rice salad is great, too. If had enough money and TIME, I would eat lunch here every day, many other reviewers have said, their service is incredibly slow. At Natural Cafe, I have my food most days before I even find a seat. At Dish, I can never get there, park, eat, and get back to work in an hour. It's really sad, because until Dish can work that issue out, I don't see how it's going to succeed. I, too, hope the owner is reading this. The only hint I can offer is to call ahead (at least 20 minutes ahead!) and tell them you're going to eat in.

Food is good, service is not, 4/23/2006
Reviewer: Beth from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is pretty darn good. The veggie egg rolls are great. My only complaint is the service. It take way too long to get your food.

I want to like this place, but it's still lacking, 4/23/2006
Reviewer: Joe from Goleta
Living near Dish I have given it a few chances as the concept is really good, but it truly lacks in the follow through. The menu is a step up from places like natural cafe, but overall it's just not that tasty considering the price, not to mention the service. As earlier reviews noted the staff seems to have many problems and the wait is unreasonable. It seems the small space is really not suited for the counter type of service they provide; a long crowded line often awaits customers as they stand right on top of people who paid 8-12 each for a meal thats really not that exciting. I have also returned at off hours where the crowds are down to see if it's any better, however I was still disapointed. All of the items we ordered lacked in the flavors they presented on their menu and I would have been better off whipping up something quick in my kitchen instead of spending too much on food with a good concept that lakced in the product they deliver.

good food, wait is too long., 4/21/2006
Reviewer: Cristi from Santa Barbara
The food is great, but if you plan to go make sure you have at least 1 1/2 hr. I'm not sure why dont they open a second register during rush hours, they are around a working community most people only have 60 min for lunch . If you add the slow service with the fairview intersection it's almost a 2 hr lunch. I hope the owners read these reviews and get hint.

Pretty good healthy food with no service, 4/15/2006
Reviewer: Natalie from Santa Barbara, CA
We definitely like the idea of having a healthy place to eat out but I have never seen such poor service. I have worked in restaurants for 15 years, and have never been part of a staff that has no work ethic at ALL. The staff completely ignores you, and offers no suggestions on how or where to order. On a recent trip, we ordered chips and they were stale. When we approached the owner or manager, he tasted a chip and said they were made that day and he didn't think that they were stale. No apologie was offered. He did however, bring us a new basket that had just been refried. Really, how much does it cost to make a new batch? If it wasn't a place to get different and healthy food, we would never look back. Good luck!

improvements approved, 4/11/2006
Reviewer: Linda Smith from goleta california
I have eaten at Dish cafe last year(2005)several times and felt in love with their food , although the service was not good , my food took a long time to come out and staff was not very friendly but fortunaly I `ve being back there this year (2006) and things seems to have changed , there are several new employees who are willing to go the extra mile for the customers always with a smile , good job with the new improvements , I`ll be going back there for lunch whenever I can and bring family and friends too .

Great Place!, 4/9/2006
Reviewer: Monica from Goleta, CA
I am really impressed by the food--it's just so darn slow! But i's worth the wait...,.

mmm.... so delish, 3/18/2006
Reviewer: sarv! from goleta
my girlfriends and I LOVE this place. I've been there about 5-6 times in the last month, and each time I fall more in love! If you like a good vegetarian meal, specifically if you like a good veggie burger (as I oh so do!), you should try this place out. The mango malt is also wonderful! And from what I've seen, the plantain sandwiches are quite delicious as well. Try it for yourself, I think you'll enjoy!

Better than Natural Cafe, Great value if you have the $$, 3/1/2006
Reviewer: Robert from Goleta
I had lunch here with my wife on March 1st, 2006 and I have to say that the place is great. In my opinion Dish Cafe is at the top of list with Fresco at the five points center. Our entire bill came under 20 dollars for two people and I believe that the quality is outstanding for what you get. I ordered the "mexicana" smoothie for $3.75 and it was 16oz and I enjoyed it as a precursor to my main entree. My main entree was the enchiladas filled with black beans including a mixed organic green chopped salad for 7.50. My wife had the soup of the day and remarked that it too was fantastic. I finished it up with some sweet potato fries and a Hibiscus sparkler. The decor is nice. Also noted that the service is good but only when there is no heavy traffic. We made the mistake of going at rush hour 12-1PM and paid dearly for it. Mostly everything on the menu is 97% organic. I will be going back because they seem to be the only establishment that carries puerto rican sandwiches and top of the line falaffel. If you like cuisine that is epitomizes Santa Barbara lifestyle and hanging out with a bunch of health conscious vegan types then this is your place!!!! Just prepare to plunk down some cash because its not exactly really cheap.

Diverse menu, yummy food!, 2/28/2006
Reviewer: Erin from Goleta, CA
What I like best about Dish is their creative menu. They offer such foods as wild boar, and even serve it on a sandwich with their deliciously decadent plantain bread. Every time I go, I try something new and I'm always satisfied. I'm not a huge fan of pastrami, but their pastrami sandwich is awesome, and their quesedillas are out of this world delicious! I'm so glad Goleta has this little gem of a place--it's about time I don't have to trek to Santa Barbara for creative, delicious food!

Everything about this place is enjoyable, 2/25/2006
Reviewer: Kelsey from Goleta
The couple times I have been here I've really liked my food. The sandwiches are really good and the smoothies as-well. All of the staff are very kind and even though it's a little small it's a very plesant environment. There are lots of other things on the menu I'm looking forward to trying.

Finally, 2/10/2006
Reviewer: Jeremy from Santa Barbara, CA
There's finally some good food in Goleta. I hate the natural cafe everything there is sooo bland and repetitive. At Dish there are so many options, and their Halibut burger is something I crave. The service is great, and I think that they have worked out all the kinks, which is refreshing. Their new night manager, a cute little blonde, is always so kind, helpful, and wears a smile. I like that when I go in there they remember my name, its nice. The organic food is always fresh and tasty.

Good food, but sometime the service needs help, 1/7/2006
Reviewer: Al from Santa Barbara, CA
We go to dish cafe quite a bit because the food is excellent. Everything is extremely flavorful. Its also located right in the heart of the business district in goleta. The only drawback is that sometimes the service is not the fastest. It really depends on the mood of the servers it seems.

A true vegetarian & organic restaurant., 1/5/2006
Reviewer: Comoer Verduras from Santa Barbara, CA
Best veggie restaurant in SB, hands down. Let me spoil a secret for you... Natural Cafe is anything but natural. Dish buys exclusively from local organic farmers. THAT is natural. The menu is creative (sandwiches on plantain "bread"). The proprieter is extremely friendly and energetic and anxious to please. If it was a bit closer to town I'd never eat at Natural again, and probably only hit Sojourner for table service and yummy vegan cookies!

nothing bad to say, 12/15/2005
Reviewer: The Happy Vegan from Goleta
Ok, so i waited in line for a few minutes and then sat at my table for about ten minutes waiting for my salad, but big deal, Its not Mcdonalds. The food at dish is great. The menu is unique, the food is healthy and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun. I've always experienced pretty great customer service at dish and it does get really busy in there but they always do their best to get the food out quickly. I really don't have anything bad to say about the place.

A REAL Review after Dish has gotten into the swing of things, 12/15/2005
Reviewer: The Happy Vegan from Goleta
Here's the thing, I can understand to a certain point what everyone's said about Dish Cafe. I eat there regularly. But they just opened in July, and it's no surprise that it takes a new establishment a little while to get everything to run smoothly. They've made a lot of improvements in customer service in the past month. They've never been rude to me, so I don't get where these other customers are coming from. The food's great and the employees are really sweet, I definatly recommend going.

so-so, 11/21/2005
Reviewer: not important from Nevada city, CA
good concept, much need around here, rad menu, but blah food. needs more spices! And I agree about having more vegan options...not that hard guys! Or at least offer to make some of the other dishes vegan. And if anyone is wondering why the service is so slow, maybe its because the employees get treated badly. The managment probably wasn't prepared for such instant success, but yelling at employees and not communicating well with them, not even TRAINING them, and barely paying them will deifinitly bring down the morale of a workplace. (I worked here and after I left, its been 2 months and still no final paycheck OR tips..hmmmmm...)

really more like 2.5, 11/17/2005
Reviewer: Meredith from Goleta
I really want to like Dish. It's near my house, it's open late and they have what reads like interesting food. However, their food is pretty bland. I keep on trying new things, hoping that I'll find something I like, but I haven't yet. I have tried various salads, breakfasts, sandwiches and tempeh cakes but nothing I'd want to have again. As other people mentioned, their service is really spotty too. Either people are super-attentive, almost overly so, or really slow and spacey. Last time I was there, they forgot to place my order and I was waiting half an hour before we figured out what was going on. They apologized and were really nice about it, but it's a pretty good representation of the service we're recieved there so far. Also, I appreciate that they're trying to be environmentally responsible and use some organic ingredients, free-range meat, eggs and non-farmed fish, but for Pete's sake, could you please not put every single condiment in a disposable plastic cup? Unless you're washing and re-using each one, it's so, so wasteful. Yet, I'm still willing to go back because I really want to support a local business that offers a wide variety of vegetarian food. I wish that they would give me a better reason to go back than that though, it's becoming a little thin.

5 star food, with a shaky 2 for service, 11/16/2005
Reviewer: MJ from Goleta, CA
A colleague mentioned this restaurant to me a month ago. Since then, I don't think there has been a week that I have not eaten there at least once. The food is marvelous! Scrumptious! The owner is very nice. The servers, however, are a different story. They are lackluster to say the least; all save one girl are listless, slow and generally disinterested in the customer. I find that a huge turn off, but I keep punishing myself for the food. If Bill, the owner, ever reads this I would recommend that he find some staff with a some pizzaz, personality and a bit more willingness to make customers feel good. Generally, they are like way more like into gosipping like with eachother like and ignoring the people who like pay their wages like...(and the one kid with a lip piercing seriously needs a haircut - the volume of hair hanging on his face makes ME feel unsanitary).

Food is great- service not so great, 11/12/2005
Reviewer: Jay from Goleta, CA
Dish cafe has great food, and we were really excited to see a Natural Cafe- style place open on Calle Real. However, the lack of a menu board, or even a stack of menus at the door, seems ridiculous- it slows the line down terribly, since you can't decide what to order until you get to the register. Also, cash register training needs huge improvement. On the positive side, the owner are super friendly and outgoing, and again, the food is great. This place has alot of potential, once they iron out the kinks-

Terrible Service! , 11/10/2005
Reviewer: Dissatisfied with reason from Goleta, CA
Since I work near dish and love healthy food I frequent the restaurant often. However, they are now on my blacklist for having terrible service, I will not eat there unless it is during off peak times or one of my co-workers is picking up the food. Here is a list of nightmares I have experienced: 1. waiting 45 minutes to get food - ordered in house 2. waiting 20 minutes to get food I pre-ordered and this was after waiting 15 minutes to arrive 3. witnessed the staff fighting with eachother over lack of good communication - how bout good customer service guys? 4. was asked to hold for 2 minutes when trying to place an order for pickup. i called at 11:28 and the person who answered said, we don't open until 11:30 can you hold for 2 minutes? The management of this restaurant need to get their people in gear! This is ridiculous to have to put up with in order to get a healthy meal.

Some vegetarian and vegan options, 10/28/2005
Reviewer: vegsantabarbara from Santa Barbara
Dish Cafe has a variety of vegetarian options- from tempeh (soy) tacos and enchiladas to plaintain sandwiches and hearty salads. Though only one menu item, other than a smoothie, is labeled as being vegan - the soy cheese quesadilla - many vegetarian items can easily be made vegan, and tofu can be added on to most dishes. Seems like the Dish is always busy, though there's plenty of seating, both indoors and out, and the food is consistently good.

Fabulous Food!, 10/19/2005
Reviewer: Steve from Buellton, CA
I can't believe food that is healthy can taste this good! The service staff is knowledgeable on the menu and the food is simply out of this world. Very much enjoyed the whole dining experience.

innovative dishes! , 9/16/2005
Reviewer: angie from santa barbara, ca
I have eaten here twice and both times I have thoroughly enjoyed my food. The first time I had a plantain sandwich, and it was amazing. The sweet potato fries are also delicious. The second time I had the tempeh enchiladas, and I was blown away by the flavors! The sauce they used was both sweet and spicy, not like any other enchilada sauce I have had. And the texture of the tempeh was perfect. The tahini dressing on my salad was not that great, but I was willing to overlook it. They had lots of other dressings so I will try a different one next time. Overall, the food at dish is something I would expect at a much more expensive restaurant. You get high quality food at a reasonable price, and the presentation is great, too. As a vegetarian, I usually don't have many exciting choices when I eat at restaurants. At dish, I can never decide what to have because everything sounds great! I plan to go back again and again and try everything on the menu.

They are trying-needs time for success, 9/13/2005
Reviewer: G from Santa Barbara
It almost seems as if they are not ready. Definitely a cafe style place. Nothing too exciting and decor is boring. Seems like a practice ground for something that could be good. THree stars for trying and 2 stars for implementation. Congrats for bringing some organic into the mix-needs more-and the menu is a bit cumbersome-needs to be simplified-all and all it was good but you can tell that a chef prepared the menu and is not working in the kitchen-both dishes ordered were not made per the menu and even lacked flavor-sauces? Going to have to step up higher than minimum wage in the kitchen for this diversified menu to work. Raise the prices and step up the implementation and this place could be a winner. People not willing to pay for such a menu should eat somewhere else. A much better choice than the Natural Cafe and it has potential but definitely needs work. I recommend waiting 6 months before going to this place and then maybe they will get it all together.

you must eat here, 9/12/2005
Reviewer: romi from santa barbara, ca
as a 'dirty hippie', aka vegitarian to my carnivorous friends, dish cafe has more options than i have been able to explore. plantain sandwiches, any salad they offer (falafel=yummy), the amazing sweet potato fries... the quality/taste/freshness is superb and the service, while sometimes slow (hey, they are new, and suddenly WAY popular), is so friendly, they make it easy to forgive their pokey ways. everyone is smiling and they all seem so eager to feed you... i know that the quality of the food will keep this place going until the waitstaff has become as speedy and proficiant as the s.b. audience desires/requires. dish cafe is FABULOUS, and anyone would be seriously missing out if they did not try it very soon. yummy yum.

Creative dishes, unlike the SB norm!, 9/9/2005
Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the plantain sandwiches! It nice to finally find a place in the Santa Barbara area that puts some creativity into their menus! The service can be a bit hit and miss. I've noticed that the staff gets a little relaxed when the owner isn't around. But, then again it is Santa Barbara, it isn't like restaurants actually have to compete with each other to stay in business here! Overall, I've been very happy with Dish Cafe, I've eaten there several times, and it seems on par with the quality you might expect from a restaurant in San Francisco, or Chicago.

Food was great - service was not, 9/2/2005
Reviewer: Ana from Santa Barbara, CA
This was my first time at Dish after having received a recommendation from a friend. The food was wonderful, and the selection of smoothies was impressive. However, the wait staff seemed unorganized and unfriendly and the line was super slow. I was with a party of 6 and our food arrived at very different times. Half the group had their food for 10 minutes before the rest of the group was served. From the time I got there to when I had my food was about 40 minutes. Obviously unacceptable, but can be forgiven since the food is unique and fresh.

Great new restaurant in Goleta!, 8/31/2005
Reviewer: Spinelli from Santa Barbara
From the first time I came in to Dish Cafe, the food has been excellent. I've tried many different menu itmes: The macadamia halibut burger is great, tomato basil soup is one of the best I've ever had. Great sweet potato fries and the tacos were awesome! This place is really unique and seems to be doing very well. My only concern is the wait time. Sometimes I dont have the time to wait, but this is resataurant quality food, so it takes time. Definately try it out and the varied menu will surely have something for everybody!

Great!!!, 8/28/2005
Reviewer: Sarah from Goleta
I LOVE DISH CAFE! Just thought I would clear that up. Anyways, I have only been there twice with my fiancee, but we have loved it both times. We were actually on our way to rudy's for a quick bite when we stopped in front of Dish and decided to go in and check it out. We looked at a menu and one of the guys that works there offered us some sweet potato fries to try out and we were sold! I had a plantain sandwich with a salad and it was amazing! My fiancee loved the chicken and mango quesadilla! Brown rice salad is super good as well. Great addition to Goleta!!!

Great, 8/12/2005
Reviewer: S from Santa Barbara
Dish is a wonderful change, and a much needed boost in Goleta. The food is flavorful, interesting, and the service is great. It's a stand-out restaurant, Thanks Dish!

Worth the trip, 8/10/2005
Reviewer: Susan Berman from Palmdale CAlifornia
I found DISH while teaching a "history of S.B." to a group of teachers. I took my son, who attends UCSB there and got a huge "thumbs-up" from him. My husband and I have driven up three times this summer from the Antelope Valley, and look forward to our next superb meal at DISH. The food and service has been exceptional; making DISH a place we can depend upon for unique dining.

Very Cool Stuff, 8/8/2005
Reviewer: B.G. from Santa Barbara, CA
This place was/is great. The food is amazing and has alot of items that are vegetarian and vegan as well as all of the meat being free range. Prices are decent (especially considering where we are located) and the staff were very friendly although some of them seemed a bit overwhelmed. (I went during lunch hour on a weekday.)

Almost perfect!, 8/6/2005
Reviewer: Mitch and Amy from Santa Barbara, CA
My girlfriend and I ate here today for lunch and although we enjoyed the food, they do have some areas to work on. We were told the chips were made fresh daily and might have been a little undercooked, but the guacamole more than made up for it, delicious! We had the smoked turkey sandwich and the spinach salad. Both items were very tasty and the portions were generous. We suggested that they serve salads in bowls as the plates were piled high and overflowing. We will definitely be back soon to try something else (the enchiladas looked GREAT).

Great Addition to Goleta, 8/4/2005
Reviewer: Dot from Santa Barbara, CA
I ate at the Dish Cafe for the first time the other week and it was delicious! I had the smoked turkey sandwich. Excellent flavor and all ingredients were fresh. The side salad that came with the sandwich was also very good. I got the tahini dressing - very, very good but a little on the thick side. I will definitely eat here again.

The food I would rate a 5, but the service was not. , 7/29/2005
Reviewer: Val from Santa Barbara, CA
When I first walked in Dish Cafe, I saw the large menu boards and I was surprised to see that all the items listed on the three boards were smoothies and other drinks. Since it was my first time, my first thought was that the only items served were on the board. I asked one of the customers next to me, if there was a menu. She had to sneak around a customer to grab a couple menus. I was glad to see there were a wide selection of items including vegetarian options. I ordered the enchiladas. And the enchiladas were delicious, the freshly made tortilla chips was a nice surprise along with the salad and tahini, my favorite type of dressing. Although, the service was slow and the staff not very friendly and I hope this is because the cafe just opened, I can't wait to go again so I can try one of the Plantain Sandwiches.

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