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Starbucks - Fairview Shopping Center
173 N. Fairview Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 681-1088

Reviews by the General Public

It's been better
Reviewer: Jackie Derrick from Santa Barbara, CA
I have not tried the food here. The service use to be unbelievably wonderful. I got along with everyone there and my drink was always perfect, no matter what I ordered. As that staff has been leaving, on to bigger and better things, and they are getting a new staff in here...I do not come in nearly as often. In the month of November 2012, I have gone in three times and I have had an issue every single time. This has doubled my problems at any Starbucks ever in ten years. The first time, I was rang up and the order was repeated back to me correctly (one regular venti mocha and one peppermint venti mocha) and I received two peppermint venti mochas. The second one, my friend ended up throwing away since I had brought it to them and it was not checked in store. If you do not like peppermint, you are not going to like a peppermint drink. The next time I went time, I had two regular venti mochas and the order was rang up correctly and repeated back correctly. I then received two granda mochas. I very nicely asked the guy working to make just one venti one, seeing as he gave us the two granda ones for free. I thought the problem would be fixed at that. Well, he repeated the order correctly but then made one the worst one's I have ever tasted. It was correct but very poorly done. I will be going in sometime in the next week or so to give a formal compliant about this new staff in hopes they learn how to work here correctly. It is understandable to make a mistake now and again but you should be happy to fix it, especially if it is not busy. A mocha is not half foam and "regular mocha" does not mean "peppermint mocha" just because it is the holidays. Also, when you charge me for a venti and tell me you heard me correctly when I say venti, you should not expect me to be happy with a granda. I miss the days when I could walk in and be greeted and then served exactly what I ordered. I will not be going to Starbucks to receive a drink anytime soon. I regret tipping them both times and I always tip everywhere I go.

Need coffee AND a side of customer service? - keep looking.
Reviewer: Marley from Santa Barbara, CA
Never again. In the recent past, I ordered travelers and they were not ready. I had to wait 15-minutes extra with zero apology from the staff or the manager. Yes, we all make mistakes, but you can be polite with your customers, when you inconvenience them. Because of this, I asked for a discount on my order. I shouldn't have to ask for a discount, they should have offered it. This morning at 9am I picked up three travelers in preparation for a business meeting. The travelers were ready on time, which was appreciated; however the young lady assisting me was neither friendly nor helpful. I had three travelers; therefore I asked if I could please get assistance to my car. She reluctantly assisted me. We got to my car, as I was putting the two travelers in my trunk, she could not be bothered to wait the few seconds until I was ready for the third traveler and the sleeve of cups. Instead of waiting and handing them to me or putting them in the trunk, she set the coffee and the cups on the cement ground next to my car and walked away. She did say "Thank You" as she left. I did call and speak to the manager to voice my concerns. Next time, I will go to the coffee house around the corner on Calle Real.

Awesome staff!
Reviewer: Craig from Santa Barbara, CA
The best staff I've ever encountered at a Starbucks. Hep says "Hi Hi"!

Slow Down and Pay Attention!
Reviewer: TM from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the 3rd (Yes Third) time I have called in the night before- only to have my coffee carrier given away to another customer (this particular time 4/18 at 4:30p I spoke with Isaiah) to order coffee carriers for our meeting. As I entered the store, I saw a woman leaving with a coffee carrier... I PRAYED it was a coincidence.... I was on a tight time frame (hence the reason I called the night before!!) only to stand in line for 11 minutes and get to the front to find out (the girl behind the counter gasped) "we accidentally gave it to someone else." WHAT!??? I left my name (not a common name) and followed up in the am with a phone call to ensure it would be ready! I used to work at Starbucks- and I would NEVER be in such a hurry that I gave away someone's order to another person who just wandered in and asked for a carrier to go... Say what!??? If this was the first time, I would understand... but this is the THIRD time! Why? How? I didn't even get an apology... Just a "well- I can brew another one, but it will be awhile".... I am so frustrated and saddened that customer service is lacking so heavily at this location....

awesome employee
Reviewer: Karen Moore from Santa Barbara, CA
They have one cashier that is very polite and is super awesome! A unique individual with a unique name. Starbucks is Lucky to have him. Blaz always puts a smile on my face when I walk in! Fairview Starbucks rocks (:

i left my heart at starbucks fairview
Reviewer: jenny from Santa Barbara, CA
BEST STARBUCKS EVER! -Jenny S. aka prior S-Beezie barista at fairview ps our baristas are the best :)

Again bad cocoa but good treats
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Just does not do it for me for the cocoa. Same as Camino Real. I had asked for whip cream and did not get it and this with a long wait. They only had one coffee maker. Please tell me the sandwiches don't come with any condiments on them before I leave the store! The pluses are the breads and treats which seem to be always good. So far Jack's Bagels on upper state makes the best cocoa for me. Starbuck's is too bitter, I don't want a coffee drink I want something sweet. Curious, there is a Starbucks in the Vons 50 feet away? Servers are nice though. Camino one has better sitdown ambiance, cars come by too close to the tables.

Starbucks rocks, service disappoints
Reviewer: Lily from Goleta, Ca
I love Starbucks, I mean, all starbucks are all the same, but the service... Let's say the one at Camino is 10 times better than here. Takes them 3 minutes for a frap there but 10 minutes at Fairview.

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