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Starbucks - Isla Vista
888 Embarcadero Del Norte, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 968-1192

Reviews by the General Public

Afro man is good!!
Reviewer: Betsy from Santa Barbara, CA
That afro puff kid has some mad coffee skills. He knows every drink and they are always delicious!! The store is always clean and busy. How do they do that? Keep being friendly IV.

Convenient and Delicious
Reviewer: Heather from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the Starbucks in Isla Vista! It's close to campus, right in the middle of the IV business area AND their nutrition facts are readily available, which is an important factor for me. The drinks are consistently good. The service is great. And the atmosphere is a perfect place for some people to study. I go here whenever I can splurge on coffee, because it isn't the cheapest coffee place in town.

Convenient Coffee Shop
Reviewer: Larisa from Santa Barbara, CA
Starbucks in Isla Vista is not the nicest, cleanest, or most delicious Starbucks I've been to but it certainly is the most convenient. All the other coffee shops either don't have bathrooms, are always full, have private internet, not enough seating, don't offer plugs for my laptop or are too expensive. I, personally, don't go to Starbucks for coffee, I go for the quiet atmosphere, the accessible bathroom, free internet, and plug for my laptop. I think they create the best environment for cheap students, such as myself.

ya rly
Reviewer: Student from Santa Barbara, CA
"But, how can these students, who are supposed to be such "hippies" support a f***G starbucks!?... Pleas explain...." Stand outside Starbucks for 15 minutes and count how many backsides walk in with "Pink" written across them. There is a hippy element in Santa Barbara to be sure, but it is not a dominant culture by any means. The Techno-hour that starts Thursday afternoon in Isla Vista, subsisting through the weekend, can attest to that. Personally I stumble into Starbucks for convenient hours and consistent flavor of the coffee. One of the local coffee houses, that will go nameless here, recently offered me a cup of coffee that must have been blended with sawdust and then peed on before brewing. Another local coffee house is pretty good but needs some longer hours. On occasion I walk by and discover it closed, but Starbucks open.

Reviewer: Fish from Santa Barbara, CA
I am shocked this place remains open in Isla Vista when there are two GREAT coffee places nearby, locally owned, who dont produce carbonized coffee. Coffee Collaborative [old Java Jones] does a GREAT job, and Cafe Caje holds their own [even though I hate the mural and they have no bathroom]. But, how can these students, who are supposed to be such "hippies" support a f***G starbucks!? The coffee stinks,and all the espresso drinks are made by a push button machine. There is NO REAL REASON to come WHY does it get any support by students!? Pleas explain....

Caffeine Fix
Reviewer: Hannah from Santa Barbara, CA
I go here a lot, often between classes at UCSB or when I study in the evenings. It's almost always packed, but it's a good place to study if you enjoy the white noise of the coffee grinders like I do. Service is FAST. I just wish the place was a little bigger.

Well... I think I'm in love
Reviewer: Mark Robinson from Santa Barbara, CA
I loved the server. She was so cute, and her personality made me simply fall in love. When I looked into her eyes, the atmosphere of the place became one of romance. I will return here many times just so I can talk to her

Same stuff, clueless order taker
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
After asking for a latte I got a regular tea. I think the girl was a little scatter brained. Maybe best to go to one of these away from campus. Sandwich/dessert Ok.

Great baristas...but a little too NOISY
Reviewer: Kelly from Isla Vista, CA
The kids that work there are GREAT. I have yet to meet one of their employees that was not super friendly and polite. The only thing I would complain about would be the LOUD giggly sorority that sit there and put books out so as to seem like they're studying while they yell across tables and holla' like monkeys. oooh oooh ooh ah ah ahhh!

good starbucks
Reviewer: Kiera M from Isla Vista, CA
This place is tiny, is in an older building, and is always pretty crowded. The coffee is always really good though, and I've never had a drink get messed up, which seems to happen alot downtown.

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