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Starbucks - Five Points Center
3957 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 964-8501

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: john from Santa Barbara, CA
I will return again & again !!

SBUX number One
Reviewer: john from Santa Barbara, CA
Starbucks Coffee is the best way to start your day, I've been their customer for many years and still will be their customer for more many years for they have the most satisfying coffee, relaxing venue and kind crews to give service to you that will change your mood into GREAT.. Well see you at SBUX. SBUX still number 1!

The best
Reviewer: shannon from Santa Barbara, CA
This Starbucks, of all the Starbucks in Santa Barbara and surrounding area (I go everyday to one store or the other) is the BEST: in efficiency, in interpersonal outreach, in teamwork behind the counter, in consistent drink perfection. They make a concerted effort to know every costumer's name and drink so that often as I'm walking in, they call hello and have the drink started before I'm even at the counter. By far the best costumer service I've ever had. I've often been standing in line at other stores wondering if anyone's working the counter as the minutes tick on, but this store is amazing at turning out great drinks in minutes. It's the coffee equivalent of CHEERS!

Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't know why, but every other coffee place in town can make a latte that tastes good to me. This Starbucks has a habit of putting a lot of milk in them. So much so that a Cappuccino ordered here is like a latte most anywhere else. I mean they put a lot of milk, and no foam in a latte.

Wow!! Absolutely fantastic....
Reviewer: JR Gilmore from Santa Barbara, CA
I often frequent the Starbucks at five points because the staff is by no strech Amazing. I will return again & again !!

Maybe the best Starbucks in the area?
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Really good Starbucks. Really nice people, they must train them to talk to the customers. I thought the La Cumbre one was good but this one tops it by having more inside seating than the La Cumbre Plaza one. Hard to find parking though so if getting it to go try the La Cumbre one that has more parking.

USED TO BE my favorite Starbucks. . .
Reviewer: Lynn from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to this Starbucks many, many times. I've always considered it my favorite. But I guess along with the economy it's going downhill, too. If not for the 4th time in a row, then for the 4th time recently, when I went in for a house decaf it needed to be brewed. Many times I'm in a hurry. One time I had to leave without coffee. In the past this Starbucks, and actually lots of Starbucks, will either give you the coffee you wait for for free or give a coupon for a free cup later. This always, always helps my frustration and resorts goodwill. The last time I went in (at 9:00am this morning) I had to ask for the coupon and today, when once again I was asked to wait and they rang up the coffee and then didn't offer a coupon, I asked and was told that that has NOT been their policy. Huh? Maybe in this econony holding back on the freebies is a way to save money, but when you lose customers over it, where's the advantage? I used to go out of my way to go to this Starbucks, but I will now avoid it. What's the advantage?

Absolutely Fabulous
Reviewer: Daniel from Santa Barbara, CA
I visit often & find this store to be the Best in the area. Its all about the crew, they are fast yet friendly. They have created a great place to sit & enjoy a tasty beverage, relax or complete a bit of work. No matter the time you visit you are getting first class service. I'm impressed!!

The BEST Baristas!
Reviewer: Heather from Goleta, CA
In my opinion, Five Points Starbucks is the pinnacle of a Starbucks locale. First of all, the employees are BY FAR, the most friendly, fun and efficient of any coffee store I've ever been to. Secondly, every morning seems to run so smoothly considering the amount of traffic the store receives. I can say that my drink is made to perfection nearly every time...Nights are quiet, yet, the employees are still filled with energy to liven-up the store. If it is at all possible, may I suggest frequenting this store more often than other stores in the area?

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