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Starbucks - Montecito
1046A Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 565-1935

  • Category: Coffee
  • Hours: Mon-Thu 4:30am-10pm, Fri 4:30am-10:30pm, Sat 5am-10:30pm, Sun 5am-10:30pm
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Reviews by the General Public

One of the Best Starbucks!
Reviewer: Shara from Mt Kisco, NY
The atmosphere was joyous and friendly! I have a Starbucks in my town that is dull, dreary could use a perk up! This one is spotless, the staff is happy and they look fresh! The assistant manager (at the time), Jesse was energetic and knew all of his customers by name! People asked for him! It was a totally different experience for me.

Starbucks Montecito Does it again!
Reviewer: Bart Rapozo from Santa Barbara, CA
Needed a delivery picked up and delivered to Cottage Hospital, Starbucks in Santa Barbara stores, both gave major issues with taking an order over the phone and paying with credit card. Kevin and his staff at Starbucks Montecito, CA. never ever give us a problem, wonder why other Starbuck stores in Santa Barbara don't want our money, it's worth the extra drive just to get Outstanding service at Starbucks!

Best Customer Service!
Reviewer: Bart Rapozo from Santa Barbara, CA
I setup Starbuck run's all over the country, when we have a team member or family member that is in the hospital, our company like's to send coffee and pastries to the nurse's that are taking care of our team member or family member in the hospital, I normally get resistance in placing an order over the phone and pre-paying with credit card. Montecito, CA. Starbucks staff were absolutely FANTASTIC! First day Kevin assisted and in the evening the next day Shawn assisted. Both gave excellent customer service! Thank you! Thank you! I will always recommend this store to everyone! Good service goes along way in my book!

Made my day
Reviewer: Bethany from Santa Barbara, CA
The manager here is excellent.Always smiling-giving his employees encouragement and making them laugh and enjoy work. I hadn't been here in for a while and he came up to me asked if everything was o.k ....Wow I thought-pleasantly shocked. Really-Man you rock!!!!!Thanks for making my day.

The best $tarbuck$ in California
Reviewer: Michael Ditmore from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been coming in almost daily since it opened, and it just keeps getting better. It's my office and a second home. Kevin runs a fabulous ship!

Hugs & Coffee, Who could ask for more?
Reviewer: Tia Walker from Santa Barbara, CA
I received AWESOME service from the staff at this location! I'm sure they come across many people who haven't had their morning cup of Joe and aren't in the best mood but they were pleasant with eveyone. Happen to go on a rare stormy day in SB and everyone was upbeat and made the best of dealing with dripping umbrellas and wet tracks to the counter. BIG Thanks to Kevin,Josh, Marcus,Roy & Erika for doing our job with joy. PS: If you're lucky, you might be able to order a hug if you need one - they were free today :)

Starting My Day With Starbucks
Reviewer: Patricia Selbert from Santa Barbara, CA
The best way to start my day is with a cup of coffee from Starbucks in Montecito. The team that Kevin has assembled is friendly efficient and fun. They start preparing my Soy Latte with Extra Foam as soon as I walk in the door. I always walk out with a smile and a great cup of coffee. I wanted to extend a warm thanks from my heart to the entire staff at Starbucks Montecito. Thanks for bring joy to my life and jump starting my day!

I liked it here
Reviewer: lisa sawchuk from Salt Lake City, UT
Because of the locale this Starbucks is a touch more upscale and I loved it. The Starbucks pastries were standard Starbucks pastries - never quite fresh but still ok. They had a large selection of fruit and cheese plates that were quite good. Service was great. They had a recycling bin which I wish more Starbucks had!

best starbucks
Reviewer: S. Dominguez from Colorado Springs, CO
I've been in Starbucks all over the country. This one has the nicest atmosphere, the cleanest seating area, and the most efficient and friendly staff I've ever seen. It is obvious that their manager works hard to make this a homey, yet customer-oriented store. I visit Montecito quite often and I always make it a point to visit this Starbucks. The only problem is that this one is SO nice that it spoils me for the one at home. I was there during the Tea Fire and this Starbuck's brought in extra people from all over just to serve coffee for free to the firefighters. It was the hub for information on the fire and the staff were gracious and friendly despite the crazily busy days. Good job, staff, Good job, Kevin.

Good Latte, Ok food
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Food was a bit lacking(muffin crumbly), Latte was good, they need a better variety of sandwiches as I am finding the same few choices at different Starbucks I am visiting and they don't knock my socks off. Service was good(as it is at most every Starbucks). Nice ambience/seating in/out.

Starbucks Weekly Traveler
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
I would like to state that I recently re-located to Montecito and have been frustrated at this Starbucks. I must call in my order?? I purchase a Starbucks Traveler(96 oz. coffee pack) once-twice Weekly.I have been to many other Starbucks & have never been told that I have to call it in. As a matter of fact....the Ventura Seaward location sings out the order and prepares it in 10 minutes, Montecito has you wait 20-25 minutes and if asked why...the staff has a poor attitude about it (too busy?). So call in your Traveler order or wait as long as they want you to.

Room for Improvement
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
When I worked in Montecito, I would visit Starbucks sometimes, and get the same thing I get at any Starbucks: a double blended frappucino light. I don't think they got my drink right once. Either it was not made using the light mix, or I got a cup full of ice chunks and some liquid at the bottom. Whenever I'd ask them to re-blend or remake my drink, they sighed and gave me an attitude, and often the new drink had little improvement. I guess I will have to go somewhere else for a quality blended coffee drink.

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