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Denny's - Goleta
No longer in business
Opened: 2005-07 Closed: 2015-03

5677 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 683-3594

Reviews by the General Public

horrible , 12/25/2014
Reviewer: MRae from Santa Barbara, CA
I was sat in a booth with a broken piece to the booth. I ordered a sandwich with chibata bread, my food came back with greasy sourdough and no option to change my order. Goleta Denny's is horrible.

Worst Denny's I've ever been to, 1/23/2014
Reviewer: Shawna from Santa Barbara, CA
I never write reviews but I feel so mad about this place that I STRONGLY recommend NOT going here. I gave them a chance 2 days in a row with my 2.5 yr old son (who was wearing a mask due to low immune system from chemo therapy) Both times there were only about 5 tables and 1 or 2 servers. Waited about 10 minutes and neither time did anyone acknowledge me so i ended up leaving. Maybe they were afraid of my mask wearing son. The servers were moving so slow it was ridiculous. One time a lady knew I was waiting to be seated and instead went around refilling coffee instead of seating me. It's a good thing she didn't seat me because I probably would have only left her a shiny penny for a tip. I thought it was management not staffing enough but these idiots didn't even know the basics!! Glad I didn't stay to eat there...probably would've taken all day to get some breakfast.

Lovely Staff, 10/24/2013
Reviewer: Mandy from Santa Barbara, CA
If you are looking for a place to study, read the paper in leisure, just hang out and enjoy your meal or coffee, this is a great location. Some of the people writing the reviews below are acting as if they should be treated the same way they would be treated if they were at The Savoy in London! You're at Denny's...which is not a bad thing, but let's keep things in perspective. They are kindly catering to both UCSB students and those who enjoy the diner-style atmosphere. This is not a place to go if you are in a rush and this is not a fine dining experience. That is just not the intended vibe. However if you want a place to throw your books down, log into wifi, kick your feet up and enjoy some classic breakfast food or maybe a good burger and fries, then this is a great place!! The staff has been as kind as can be and the food is so affordable!! I think this Denny's is fabulous and I thank them for being open 24 hours a day, for providing wifi and for being excited when they hear you are going to spend your late night evening studying with them. :) They welcome all students, all families and the more the merrier! :)

Everyone Makes Mistakes, 8/21/2013
Reviewer: Jessica from Santa Barbara, CA
I had come in this morning around 10 or 1030 and saw a server I believe Kelli?? and her manager at the front host station....the poor girl and manger were getting screamed at for a table not getting eggs they had ordered...future reference to that MEAN lady....Most of the time the mistake is in the kitchen...Don't take it out on the server or management!!

In desperate need of training, including the cooks!, 2/9/2013
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
The chili I order tasted like they just put a bunch of flour in it to make it appear thick,& its way too thick!with no flavor, it was the worst I'd ever had! you can mess up chili is beyond me...onions rings are over fried & taste like the fish...change your oil! staff is lame & very unprofessional...they seem to think that once they bring the food they never have to see you again...hard to get a refill or just be asked if you need anything else....which usually you do since they are so inefficient..someone train these ppl please!! on how to speak and treat customers...& to stop talking so loud behind the wall to each other, & thinking that no one can hear you, the way they talk to each other which is disgraceful but explains a lot!

A has been restaurant with no future , 12/19/2012
Reviewer: WHC from Goleta
Plenty of parking, few costumers. 20 min to order another hour to get served. Expensive & small. Sausage was half putrefied and potato O’Brien’s was smothered with mushrooms. Paid $12.00 and had to find someplace to eat as soon as I got up from the table.

Different than I expected- in a great way!, 6/1/2012
Reviewer: Martha from Goleta
Have been to this restaurant a few times. I must say that some older posts scared me a bit, but I was in need of some food and stopped on in. I'm not sure if management or the servers have changed since some of the bad reviews are from older times, but my first experience was great and made me keep coming back. I had a blonde waitress (sorry I don't remember her name!) and I thought she was great. I like to read the paper when I am eating breakfast and she never made me feel rushed. In fact, when she gave me the bill she told me that I could stay and read the paper for as long as I wanted. and she meant it! I never had to ask for a coffee refill. She kept coming back. Also, when I was leaving and paying at the cash register I heard her thank the cooks just for making the food. The little things like that count!!! The next time I went I had a server named Ed or edward or something like that. He was also extremely friendly and had a big smile on his face. Never rushed me and appreciated my business. A+ for this place

Great place!! Great service, great managment!!, 1/30/2012
Reviewer: lisa kerry from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place. Staff are real friendly. Managers always out on the floor and helping.

Terrible Service: can't deliver what we ordered!, 9/30/2011
Reviewer: Don from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered a cheeseburger -- came with no cheese. Waiter laughed. Additionally, no one came by when it was obvious we were done eating to ask if we needed anything (like a to go box). Finally we went to the cashier and asked for one. Our waiter NEVER returned after he delivered the wrong item. To top it all off, food was mediocre at best.

Not enough wait staff they can't provide service, 10/8/2010
Reviewer: Issac from Santa Barbara, CA
It is convienent but doesn't have the staff to wait on the people. It doesn't match the food quality of the other Denny's we've been to in our travels.

Service is very horrible and slow, 9/6/2010
Reviewer: Patrick from Santa Barbara, CA
Tried to call multiple times on different days to get a pick up via phone order and never did anyone ever pick up once. The phone keeps ringing and it doesnt even goto a voice mail. Very frustrating if your a customer on the go and your trying to get something to eat. They need to do something about this because they advertise how if you are in a rush they have breakfast on the go. Well, doesn't really help if no one ever answers the phone!

Bad Service.!, 1/12/2010
Reviewer: ana from carpinteria,ca
I dont think im gonna go there anytime soon, the last time i went was with my parents, we went there sat there so it started good, but then once we were seated, we were ready to order our food they took a while to come to our table and take our drink it was okey...then 10 minutes passed we waited to order our food.! No one came! We saw the waiter and the manager talking and messing around!! ...Bad Service we left without paying drinks! Never coming back to this place do not reconmend.!!...I hope they changed manangment....

Surprisingly quick and friendly - and not crowded, 7/9/2009
Reviewer: Chris from Goleta
The menu is limited for me because while there is a lot on the menu, only a few things are worth considering. I've had different types of fish though for dinner and it was cooked about like I would cook it at home. Hey it's not Sardis, not even Cody's, but the people who work there put up with a lot, and still manage to smile. Don't expect anything more than what you are paying for and you will do fine. Don't pay a lot either, choose the simpler selections and you will be fine. Fabulous senior menu - reasonable sized and priced entrees!!!! Makes me glad I'm over 55!!!! Wish I could afford to eat out more often, I'd go here once in a while.

Breakfast?, 5/27/2009
Reviewer: Jonny from Santa Barbara, CA
I have said the only time I would go to Mc Donald’s is when I had forgotten about the last time I ate there. Well add Denny’s to that list. The “Slam” breakfast is awful and expensive. The service is marginally better than the food and the booth we sat at was sticky and the salt and pepper shakers were untouchable. Take your time and you will find a better meal else ware and probably save some money.

Decent Food and Service but more expensive than I thought, 1/14/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Ok food and service, the only issue was the price seemed higher than I expected and you do have to leave a tip obviously if you eat there. They do have to go food available though. Pretty nice atmosphere and a lot of seating. Of course its a Denny's so don't expect anything too fancy. Nice host/waiter.

RUDE!, 10/2/2008
Reviewer: Lydia from Santa Barbara, CA
I called this morning simply to ask a question and the man I spoke to was very rude! They need to learn how to speak to customers on the phone! I don't even speak as rudely with people I know, much less a stranger from whom I hope to gain business.

Wonderful for late nights, 7/12/2008
Reviewer: Jennifer Lam from Goleta
I love to come here after a heavy night out or during exams. Great desserts, and I love their unlimited refilled cappucino as well.

formally a carrows, 6/29/2007
Reviewer: Dylan from hanford CA
when I first notice when I been to this location & it seemed to look like a carrows the food was great & services but when it was a carrow it was nasty man

Really nice people in this place.., 6/8/2007
Reviewer: Robert Willsons from Goleta
Really nice people work there. I never see someone with that smille at 6a.m. my wife and me are a regular customers and this lady just to see us in the entrence she already knows what we wants to eat and drink, always with her big smille, we talk about weather, news, are family and her family. She is pretty good, if you like a great service like home this is the place.

Never got our food, 9/22/2006
Reviewer: Karen from Goleta
My husband and I stopped in after 9:00 one night recently for dessert. The manager took our order promptly and brought our lukewarm tea shortly after....we waited and waited and waited for them to put our dessert on a plate and bring it to us. I eventually stopped the lone waitress and asked her to please bring our order, but no such luck. We waited a while more (we must've been in the place for 20-30 minutes!) before we put a few bills down for the tea and left.

Horrible Service, 4/23/2006
Reviewer: Mary from San Luis Opisbo, CA.
I have never been treated so badly in my life. Apparently the hostess didn't like us from the time we walked through the door. Although I was friendly with her, she was rolling her eyes, didn't say two words to us and it took 20 minutes just to get some coffee. Then the waitress ignored us the whole time. Meanwhile, another family sitting at the table next to us got the golden treatment. We waited 20 minutes to get our check and we finally had to ask for it from another waiter. The food wasn't bad and the staff without a chip on their shoulder was helpful.

Comically bad service, painfully bad service., 3/31/2006
Reviewer: Brian from Goleta, CA
When they closed down Carrows it seems they fired all the waiters and waitresses that had worked there for so long and chose not to rehire them, or at least semi-experienced people. Instead the place is run by a bunch of kids, even the manager is a kid who doesn't seem to care much about customer service. Kids are cheaper to pay than somewhat experienced workers right? Well, I'm not picky at all... but when you have to wait 15 minutes in a half-empty place for someone to get you a table, or take your order, or give you silverware (_after_ your food is served, so you're sitting there watching your food get cold while your watier is chatting with his buddies back in the kitchen for several minutes before he decides to get you the fork you asked for) then it's fair to say that it sucks. I thought it was an ananomaly, but I've eaten there more than once and I'm right... it sure does suck. But what do you expect when you hire kids to run a place in order to save some pennies?

Better than the one on State, 8/6/2005
Reviewer: Robert from Isla Vista, CA
After paintining the town red, it is always good to sit down at a place where you can eat for cheap. The Dennys in Goleta is just that place. The employees were very curteous and propt, and the food was great. The Dennys downtown has a rude staff and even ruder management. If you live in SB or IV it is better to drive up the 101 a bit and hit this new one up. The restaurant design is nice too.

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