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Rusty's Pizza - Kmart Center
270 Storke Rd, Goleta
Phone: (805) 564-1111

Reviews by the General Public

Worse customer service Ever
Reviewer: Magui from Santa Barbara, CA
I place an order on my way to the restaurant (about 15 minutes before getting to the restaurant) I didn't wanted to wait long to be served since my girls were hungry and tired from karate practice. I got to the restaurant and toll the cashier that I had place and order over the phone and he asks me for my name. He repeated what I had order witch it was fine but they forgot the extra cheese. He called the manager and the manager asks us "are you sure you order the extra cheese?" To what I answer yes we did. He told us he needed to call the call center to make sure we did. I told him if the pizza is ready we'll take it us it is. He said it would only take a minute to verify if I had order cheese. We waited for about 15 minutes and he was still on the phone. I toll the cashier how long more we need it to wait because my kids were hungry. The manager finally got off the phone and came to me asking for my order name. I told him if he was kidding because after waiting for 15 minutes he did even knew the orders name. He yell at me toll me that I was giving him attitude, to what I was surprise. He was tell me I was giving him attitude when he was the one making me lose my time and my kids were just desperate to eat and I was the one who disrespected him. I don't think so. I ask him in a good way if he was going to serve us or not. He said No lady go with your attitude some were else I am not going to serve you. From now on everybody I know specially my family would know the kind of management this place has. He has loose me as a client as well as my family. He has disrespect me and my family and my kids were to there to presence such a humiliation. I love Rusty's but this manager is an embarrassment to the company

Best Pizza in Goleta and Santa barbara
Reviewer: Michelle Zavala from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place, my family and i always get pizza here and so do all my friends. The service is always great. Pizza is sooo good we always get thin with my sister and cousin but pan with my parents. They love it too. This is goleta and santa barbaras best pizza way better than dominos.

2 Hour+ for late night delivery....never okay!!!
Reviewer: Carmen from Santa Barbara, CA
We ordered A pizza and didn't get anything for over 2 hours....I understand busy times but to say they couldn't do anything about it...what kind of customer service is that!!! At the very least let one know when the order is placed....I would have walked and made it there in less than the 2 hours it took to deliver. I would suggest a small comensation would be good to offer customers

Interesting atmosphere, great lunch combo
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara, ca
This is a decent place to come to for a lunch in Goleta. They have a lunch special of a 1 topping single pizza, with option of a standard or thin crush, and one trip to the salad bar for about $6.50. Order and pay at the counter, and the food is almost ready for pickup by the time you're done loading up your salad bowl. For my recent lunch, I had pineapple on thin crust, and a big bowl of vegetables. For being in an area with Kmart, Jack in the Box, and big box megastores across the street, this Rusty's has some personality. The restaurant is in a former bank, so you can sit underneath the former teller area, or you can book the banquet room that's in the former bank vault! Yes, the bank vault is still there. What a hoot.

Good food, good atmosphere
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton, Ca
They have good food, I usually get the subs but everything else is good. Nice big seating area with a tv and video games. A step or two above Domino's

Great pizza
Reviewer: Brandon from Goleta
Just got my pizza; very fast delivery, and the pizza (thin crust Spicy combo) is great! Twenty times better than dominos, the crust is delicious and the toppings are well proportioned. Best pizza delivery in Goleta I've experienced so far. Super!

Can't rate the food - didn't get it
Reviewer: Chris from Goleta, CA
Ordered a medium pizza for delivery at 6:40. Paid with credit card and gave them the credit card number. I was told it would be here between 25-30mins. I called back after 1 hour after no delivery. I was told that they couldn't find my apartment, but for some reason they decided not to call and let me know. The employee told me it would be here in 20min(she put a rush on delivery). 45 minutes later the pizza arrived. The driver would not give me the pizza because he said his receipt was not made for a credit card. What a joke! 2 hours later and still no pizza. It is now 8:40. I called back and they offered to give me 10 dollars off of my next pizza. Keep the pizza your service sucks!

Santa Barbara's prefered pizza
Reviewer: Pizza Lover from Goleta
This place has delicious pan pizza. (I've not tasted the thin crust-- there was no going back after my first bite of PAN style pizza!) The location is OKAY, but the restaurant itself is nice, and large. Plenty of room for a party. But the main drive is the FOOD. Salad bar is pretty good... and the PIZZA is GREAT.

Best combination pizza EVER
Reviewer: Dominic from Santa B
That simple

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