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Rusty's Pizza - Upper State
3731 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-1111

Reviews by the General Public

Old time, still the best, 5/8/2018
Reviewer: chuck from Santa Barbara, CA
We are an old time native SB family and still feel this is the best in town. This is our regular stop.

Great value, but bring your ear plugs, 3/6/2018
Reviewer: Freduardo from Santa Barbara, CA
I know this place caters to families and it can get a little loud when there is a party in the comic-art party room or even in the main dining area. But when the staff announcing your pizza is ready doesn't know how to modulate their voice on a public address system that would give the Woodstock music festival a run for its money, it's time to speak up, literally! On a weekday with less than 20 patrons, you don't need to turn the volume up to 11 and give it your best Ethyl Merman. I've seen 2 different customer nicely ask if they could turn it down with no results. Indoor voices PLEASE.

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