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Rusty's Pizza - Cabrillo
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2014-01

15 E. Cabrillo Blvd, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-1111

Reviews by the General Public

Sorry to see this location Close & move!, 2/22/2014
Reviewer: Scott R. Rufer from Santa Barbara, CA
Great location. Hopefully next one will work out better for delivery, etc. Good luck to Rusty's Pizza!

The best pizza in town!!, 10/25/2012
Reviewer: Marie from Santa Barbara, CA
Im a local and Rustys is know for being the best pizza in town! I used to get chorizo and pineapple but know I usually get the garden special its so good! Thin crust is the bet way to go! The beach location is great family atmosphere, great for the kids because they have a couple game machines for them to play. Only thing is a large pizza averages $17-24

Re: Review of Scott's complaint!, 4/30/2012
Reviewer: Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
Nice try! Sticks & stones (none) from the reviewer who felt it necessary to try & put out a bad review of me. At least I have the decency to sign my name. Great meatballs sandwich at Rusty's, you should get some! By the way my concerns were from the Rusty's on Carrillo, not Cabrillo which was much better. Scott

Re: Scott Rufer complaint, 10/22/2011
Reviewer: Friend of Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
I know Scott and he whnes and complains about everything. He's a bottom-feeding p.o.s. and in no way should his review be a reflection on the company in question. You could hand this guy a free brick of gold and he'd sue you for causing a hernia lifting it.

Quality pizza in a lovely atmosphere. , 7/30/2011
Reviewer: Daniel Burkhalter from Santa Barbara, CA
While I do love this resturaunt, it is considerably pricy for a pizza for yourself (while splitting it would be fine). The guide page above displays prices from 10-20 but a normal pizza is nearly 30 bucks for something you want. Not too bad but still a little inaccurate to what they displayed on the page.

need more tablets, 7/28/2011
Reviewer: mai from lawrence, KS
Tried this place on sunday night, and there are not enough tablet for all the people in there. I tried one of their supreme pizza, and it was very good, a bit salty because all the meats in them, but never the less delicious.

Reviewer: Scott R. Rufer from Santa Barbara, CA
I called in an order and was told 25-30 min. for delivery, after 1 HOUR, I called and was told they "LOST" our order and was transfered back and forth between two people obviously blaming each other and was in the end told that they did not deliver to my neighborhood after dark, "SORRY" NO PIZZA FOR YOU". I CALLED THEIR OFFICE THE NEXT DAY, connected to their complaint ext. , left my name and number and waited for a call back, "NOT" to happen, it's been weeks and still nothing, Do you think I'm ever going back, "NOT"!!

Good place to eat though Rusty's can be pricey, 11/30/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
They usually don't have the 2 for 1 deals you will get through a Dominos but most would say its worth the price. The nautical decor was really neat and they have private rooms by request. All you can drink sodas to get some of your money back. Salad bar is pitiful but you go for the pizza!

Right before we came home! , 3/15/2009
Reviewer: Rob from Fullerton, CA
This restaurant is located on Cabrillo, right across from the beach, so any logical and reasoned individual can naturally assume some basic things. 1- Its going to be EXPENSIVE. 2- The weather is going to be "coastal". 3- Parking is going to SUCK. 4- Your server might (choose from one of the following) a. Have a limited English vocabulary, b. Be a starving UCSB student, or both a and b. OK, so now are we all on the same page and by the way, if you live in Los Angeles County or anywhere in the Valley, your reviews don't count anyway. My wife and I both ordered the lunch special (a small pizza with salad and a drink) The pizza was good, but not INSANE! We sat outside and enjoyed the fact that we are fortunate enough to be living in California and that we also took the train here and avoided the 101 on a Sunday afternoon! Oh yeah, we went to the Surf Museum and very, very cool...

Average., 10/29/2008
Reviewer: Maria from Los Angeles, CA
Rusty's tastes like Pizza Hut, but Pizza Hut is better. It was just average pizza, nothing special. It wasn't totally bad, it was edible, but thats about it.

Some good points, 6/30/2008
Reviewer: Justine from SB, CA
I usually only turn to Rusty's for delivery in the late-night hours when I am craving their bbq chicken pizza (the cashews make it, and I have started now to add pineapple to the mix--it's great!) but yesterday I went to the waterfront Rusty's with a couple of friends. The pizza was okay--basic--but I was really impressed with the value of the beer. For $9.75 we got a BIG pitcher of Firestone (only .75 more than the Bud, etc.), which was enough for the 3 of us in moderate mode. I was surprised they had such a good-quality beer in the first place, and a nice added touch was real glass beer mugs, frosted even! So would I go back for the pizza? Maybe the bbq. But for the beer, definitely!

Used to be the best, 9/29/2007
Reviewer: mike from santa barbara
I used to eat here everyday. But quality has gone down with there food year by year. They always skimp on the cheese. I order extra cheese and PAY extra and they still skimp on it. There sauce taste bad too. Its taste like cheap generic canfood sauce you would by at the supermarket. They seemed to fix the problem with cooking there crust. But the food doesnt taste the same 7 years ago. Its a shame because they really did used to have the best pizza in town. They have lost my business.

BEST of the BEST in Santa Barbara, 5/30/2007
Reviewer: Joey from Los Angeles, CA
My family and I fell in love with your pizza. Every time we go to Santa Barbara, Rusty's Pizza is a must. The environment is excellent, and being right across from the beach makes it even better. Thanks!!!!!!!!!

SECC in Santa Barbara, 2/13/2006
Reviewer: Scott McNamara from Lompoc, Ca
We belong to the car club Scion Evolution and are part of the Central Coast Cali Chapter. We decided to meet one of our new members at this location. Very nice and friendly staff and the pizza was delicious! The view was great and the restraunt was very clean! Also a great atmosphere! We will surely be back for some more pitchers of the Firestone Double Barrel Ale! Ice Cold!

Good pizza! Great place!, 7/18/2004
Reviewer: Liset from Oxnard
I came here with my family last night after spending the day at the French festival and Solvang. I had always wanted to check out the little "lighthouse restaurant" near the pier. We thought Rusty´s special with all of the toppings on it was pretty good and had lots of cheese. We sat out in the patio across from the beach and the view was great. I don´t think it´s expensive, and neither does my spouse. Overall it was a good pick, and we would do it all over again.

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