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Coffee Bean - Upper State
3052 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 569-1809

Reviews by the General Public

Hate the coffee but the service &location are good
Reviewer: Marla from Santa Barbara, CA
I have never been a cbtl fan I prefer full roasted coffee and real cocoa (have you looked at all the junk in their coffee flavoring-coconut emulsifiers etc...) I like sb roasting and peets for coffee and vices & spices for atmosphere but that said I have found their staff nice -when I am forced to to there. Most coffee places reheat their millk which makes a terrible latte- try coffee geek . Com to get an education on milk steaming

Nice place, Limited Tea Lattes
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I like the Green Tea Latte options of Starbucks. I also like the sandwich options of Starbucks. This place has neither. Ok in a pinch but I'll take the Starbucks in La Cumbre Plaza. They have a fire pit outside which is a nice touch. The parking is overflowing and you probably have to park on State.

Agee with "going downhill"
Reviewer: Erin from Santa Barbara
I've been a customer of Coffee Bean for years, back when they had the pink cards you could get punched to earn a free drink. So they did away with that program. Bummer. But I have to agree with the previous reviewer that CBTL seems to be slipping in service. This particular location has never been a good experience for me. I usually come in early in the morning before work, and on more than two occassions I've been met by a particularly disheveled young man working the counter who will make eye contact, then walk away without taking customers orders! Instead, he yells for other workers to work the register and take orders, while he stands around and "shoots the breeze" about what he did last night or what time he woke up that morning. The specialty drinks lately taste more and more powdery than they used to. I've always been a CBTL fan over Starbucks, but given how the quality of the drinks have been over the past few months, I've been more than willing to go out of my way away from CBTL and to other venues---even Starbucks, something I never thought I'd say!

going downhill...?
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, Ca.
I see a trend...Starbucks has grown larger than its britches...Is the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf following suit...? Ive never really been a fan of the powdered mixes they use for their coffee drinks...When they are done right, they taste ok...When done wrong, they are undrinkable...This location seems to be losing its customer base...The employees have always been young and distracted...The tables and chairs are always dirty, crumbs and such wiped down into every nook and crack, gross...The trash cans are always overflowing...The food is shipped in, and tastes like it...You can buy similar product from the 7-11 down the street...Im thinking ill walk a few blocks further to Vices & Spices, unless the owners of this location decide that it is unacceptable for their business to slip to this level...Its been good before, will it be good again...?

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