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Coffee Bean - Goleta
5745 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 696-6845

Reviews by the General Public

I am Shivering, is it from the poor service or the A/C?
Reviewer: Louis from Goleta, CA
Thereís something amiss with Goletaís coffee bean and tea leaf, that I am not down with. Itís the way that I am sitting here freezing, when itís windy beyond belief outside. Why? There are so many empty chairs in here! all of these spaces could be filled. Even if people arenít buying anything, it gives the impression of a happening place, which any first time customer loves to see. Oh, and the cashier was loudly on a personal call when i walked in. She asked me to wait while she told her phone that she couldnít handle living with her current roommate. Not okay, for first time customers or long time customers. The Mini Bear Claw was tasteless. I should have returned it. And, I had asked for it heated up, yet i got it cold, and rather stale. Overall, it felt like no one working here was paying attention. Staff paying attention would have attended to the temperature of the place relative to outside, and would have heated up the pastry if the customer asked for it. A staff member should never take a personal call without removing herself to out of the earshot/vision of customers waiting to be helped (especially never speak so loudly it's the only thing audible in the whole store, especially when the conversation is so utterly unrelated to work and not otherwise urgent)

Good coffee, GREAT service
Reviewer: Barbara from Goleta, CA
Coffee and other drinks at Coffee Bean seem to be a bit more expensive than in other chains and also have more calories (same goes for pastries), and their quality is just fine as for such a place (if I want to drink a really good coffee, I just go to one of independent coffeehouses in town). What makes the Coffee Bean at Calle Real Shopping Center worth visiting and coming back is the staff: everyone is very friendly, easy-going and makes you feel comfortable. They once forgot about my drink and I got a refund: never happened before in any other place! The location is very convenient, next to Trader Joe's, Albertsons and other stores. It is nice to hang out somewhere else than Starbucks after doing groceries.

Coffie Bean and Tea Leaf in Goleta
Reviewer: Patty from Santa Barbara, CA
I Like the coffie Bean and Tea Leaf in Goleta the saff there are very nice .and friendly too.the teas are very good I lke the winter dream tea and the food the muffins are good .

Good Fluid, not a lot of extras
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Very Good Hot Cocoa I got(better than Star(give me your)Bucks). They have some pastries but not the kind of food offering that a Starbucks has. Good place to go if have not tried it.

Start of a great morning
Reviewer: LLR from Goleta, CA
I practically come to Coffee Bean every morning (unless I'm late!). I always order a soy latte and the people there knows it! I'm always greeted with a smile and Erika prepares my drink even before I order it. Just today, I went in, paid, and as soon as I get my credit card back, my name is called. Service like this is fantastic. Little things like that makes for a great start to the day. If you're looking for great service and a terrific drink, this is the place. Thanks!

Seattle Critic
Reviewer: Henry Moravec from Seattle, WA
I'm here on an extended basis and to fill the coffee-craving gap inherent in living in Seattle, I now regularly attend the early morning session at the Goleta Coffee Bean. As it turns out the coffee/expresso drinks are every bit as good as in the PNW and the Goleta service, smiles and preference memory are much better. I'm a Goleta nut, now. HM

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