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Pierre Lafond
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2007-12

11 W. De La Guerra St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-5290

Reviews by the General Public

When the cat is away...., 11/26/2006
Reviewer: Claudia from Los Angeles, CA
When the cat is away the mice do nothing. We were expecting a cute gourmet calif/french bistro. When we first walked in most of the tables and chairs were dirty. When the waitress spilled a cup of coffee, she looked at it stepped over it and never came back to clean it. The floors were filthy even without the coffee spillage. There were very few patrons. We came in for an afternoon snack. We order a cheese plate which we found ordinary. And glasses of La Fond which were house wine we found below par for SB wineries. We are not coming back. Pierre where are you?

Mostly good, 9/23/2006
Reviewer: Russell from LA area, CA
I've had mixed experiences here, though mostly good. They have some very interesting salads on the menu, but the last three times I've gone, they were out of lettuce. Isn't that strange? The "air fries" are pretty good and are definitely less greasy than conventional fries. The paseo nuevo location, moreso than the others, has an impressive array of gourmet desserts, with american and european items that you won't find many other places. Most that I've tried have been very good. Even something as simple as the cookies are interesting, as they combine traditional cookies into one, such as "peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip," which is truly unique. Service is always a tad apathetic, but not problematically so.

Great food, DIRRTY place, 8/5/2006
Reviewer: Christina from SB
Great food, but staff really needs to clean the windows, floors, etc.

All good, 6/30/2006
Reviewer: Deborah from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to go to Pierre Lafond for a long time but now they have new staff, it's getting a really charming place! Service getting fast and food still that good!

Incredible Air-Fries, 5/11/2006
Reviewer: Santa Barbara Dianne from Santa Barbara, CA
Yesterday I ordered the veggie-wrap sandwich which was pretty good but a little too lettucey. Today I ordered the Air-Fries as a quick snack while out shopping and what a treat that was! I also appreciate that they have lots of delicious menu items that are very reasonably priced. The service is very attentive and friendly.

Great food, crapshoot service, 1/20/2006
Reviewer: Beverly from Santa Barbara
I used to work around Pierre, so I frequented it for lunch probably three times a week. The food is always excellent- I highly recommend any of the sandwiches or wraps. They have some really great desserts, too. It's a nice deli, but just beware that the service isn't the best. If you go there with that in mind, then you won't be disappointed.

Slow, 1/19/2006
Reviewer: Emily from SB, CA
I went there for some lunch with some friends and it took so long to (first of all) pay because they had one person running the whole show and they had to make a drink. So we waited in line for 15 minutes just to pay, and then another 20 minutes to get food. After a half hour had gone by (since ordering) I went and asked and the lady responded like I had asked her for a pint of her blood or something (like it was SO inconvenient for her to make my wrap). Anyway... the Pierre Lafond on State is much better. Some what faster and the people are MUCH nicer

bland! and...grumpy service, 1/17/2006
Reviewer: Ali from SB, CA
I went here with a friend a couple of months ago and had a truly bad, bland sandwich. We both agreed we probably wouldn't eat here again. Also, I ordered a latte and the guy working the counter (who, by the way, barely spoke English) rolled his eyes at me when I asked them to make me a new one since it was completely wrong (he argued with me and laughed about it with his co-worker when I told him he had gotten the order wrong, which he obviously had). Very rude service, even in the past when I've ordered dessert to go. I won't be back!

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