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McDonald's - Milpas
29 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-7875

Reviews by the General Public

very friendly
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
Typical McD's food. Very friendly order takers & management. The coffee is sometimes only warm and not hot. They need to not clean the bathrooms at noon (she knocks and walks right in, then goes out knocks again and comes right back in, there's only one way in and out of yhe bathroom???)

Food out quick...of course the quality is not there
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
You get what you pay for so I won't complain about the food except to say it takes slightly longer to get through your system than taco bell food does. There is no drive thru but walking in you get your food extremely quick. Probably not a place to go at night because of the neighborhood and getting out of your car. Jack in the Box has a drive thru close by.

Santa Barbara Milpas McDonalds
Reviewer: Bryan Hamilton from Biggs, Ca.
I worked here in 1973 for two years when I was 16. Herb Petersen owned the three restaurants. He invented the Egg Mcmuffin! This was a great place to work! I Had alot of fun!We had high expectaions for cleanleness and fast service. Those were the days when Big Macs were 70 cents. I remember 25 cents hamburger day! That was a real scene! Pheww!

Only in Santa Barbara ...
Reviewer: Ray from Santa Barbara, CA
There are McDonald's everywhere. Admittedly, I've been to a lot of them. At the Milpas McDonald's, the experience is much better than 99.9% of other McDonald's out there. They may make mistakes, but when comparing apples to apples, they do a great job.

what do you expect
Reviewer: N.D. from SB, Ca
What do you expect? Its McDonalds! You know exactly what your getting into when you pull into the parking lot. If the previous reviewer expected better service Id recomend going to a real resturant. The clown might give it away that your not in for a fine dining experience. And as for the attitude of the staff, they make minimum wage to take shit from people like you because the line cook misread an antiquated computer screen and inadvertantly put cheese on your 99 cent burger. Give em a break.

very unpleasing
Reviewer: Jill from santa barbara,ca
I know there are a lot of other burger places out there but this one is right down the street from my house so it makes it easier for me to go there. I've eaten there on many occasions, my order is almost always wrong. Either the person taking the order wrong or they just don't care how the customer wants their food prepared. A very simple thing like "no cheese" is very difficult for them to prepare. On many visits, my food has come with cheese or it is something completly different from what I ordered. When I speak with the person handing out orders, they have often sighed, turned away without saying a word, rolled their eyes, and basically didn't say anything to me and gave me the right food without any apology.

i love this mcdonald's
Reviewer: Lori from santa barbara, ca
I love this McDonald's, the servers are so sweet all the time, this is so amazing because it is always so busy.

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