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McDonald's - Fairview
146 S. Fairview Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-6313

  • Category: Burgers
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 5am-Midnight, Drivethru open 24 hours
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
Went with my sister, had mc chicken, fries, coffee, soda. Very clean, typical McD's. The only draw back, no ice-cream! But the food was got and fresh!

Night time service is usually good.
Reviewer: Barbara from Santa Barbara, CA
I come to this mickey D's often since I have a long communte and and often hungry when I get off of work at 10:30 pm. The team members are always friendly and try to get us thu as fast as possible. This is a rarity when it comes to nighttime service.

The worst mc Donald's in Santa Barbara / goleta
Reviewer: Casey from Santa Barbara, CA
The drive thru is horrible they always forget something.Tonight they forgot our drinks my girlfriend had to go back to get them she told them now our food is going to be cold all they said was sorry , the food was so cold, the fries were so cold I had to throw them away and that's the best part and threw away half our burgers I can't believe I payed for this very disappointed in this location does anyone know if I can get my money back ?

Great McDonald's! Horrible Internet!!!!
Reviewer: Cate from Santa Barbara, CA
Worst Internet of ANY McDonald's I've ever patronized. Business travelers, go elsewhere!

Can't complain about Good hospitality
Reviewer: Mirna Orihuela from Santa Barbara, CA
I was in here the other day with my two kids. They got happy meals and I got my usual southwest salad. After sitting down they gave my child pickles on his burger which I told the cashier not to put on. I went up to talk to the manager and even before I got within 5 feet of him, he said "something is wrong isn't there Sir" and I applied "yes, how you know?" the manager told me he was sorry and said he will make a fresh sandwich for my son. I told him that that he didn't have to, all I wanted was them to take the pickles off. I sat down back to my son and told him they are making a new one for him. About 30 secs later the manager comes back to us with the burger with no pickles and hands me a coupon to get a free cone. Even though these guys made a mistake they sure know how to keep my son happy. The service was fast, and the food was hot, and my son got a free cone. Overall this was good afternoon to spend at Mcdonalds.

Bad Food, Terrible Service
Reviewer: Lemme from Santa Barbara, CA
I have never been a fan of McDonalds, but I was with some friends who wanted to go there the other day so I ate with them. The cashier spoke limited English. I was having trouble understanding her, and she got extremely impatient at this. I ordered two Double Cheesburgers, for $1 each. The saying "You get what you pay for" was never more true. The "patties" were amazingly greasy. Even for McDonalds standards. I them back to the counter to complain. The manager wouldn't acknowledge that the burgers were greasy, and she refused to give me my money back. I couldn't care less about the $2. It was the principle of the matter. Bad food with terrible service are the reasons I'm going to give my business to a local place with quality food and service.

Love this McD's
Reviewer: Beverly from Santa Barbara, CA
OK it's not fine dining - it's McDonalds! BUT I must say, the food is good. The relatively new Angus burgers, especially the mushroom/Swiss, are OUTSTANDING!!!!!! If you haven't ordered this burger yet, try it. The McFlurry's are very good. The drive-through service is always lightning fast. I have no complaints.

Good drive through...McDonalds food..
Reviewer: from
What do you expect its McDonalds but they have a good drive through, this is where the Egg McMuffin was invented apparently in 1972. Inside is nice with a TV etc but they favor the drive through for getting food out so I recommended the drive through, they do have secluded picnic tables in the very back if you look for them, definitely better than the Taco Bell next door! They are trying for better food items lately worth a try.

It's great for a McDonalds!
Reviewer: Connie Sanderson from Santa Barbara, CA
I have eaten here when I am traveling since in the 1980's and it fine. I have been here at different times of the day and it is about like all the other McDonald resturants, but and nice and clean. The food has always been great, fresh and hot. They have a large TV and built in couches with coffee tables. Perhaps the other person who was unhappy had a rare bad moment, because after twenty years I can say it is nice!

Reviewer: Jessica from Sacramento, CA
I really hated this McDonalds. Sometimes, I'm in the mood for something quick, but this wasn't fast at all! It was noisy and crowded, and it took twenty minutes for an order of fries, (small), and they were cold, unsalted, and moist. I will never be coming here again.

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