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Taco Bell - De La Vina
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2012-05

2912 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 687-3088

Reviews by the General Public

Crazy workers, 7/16/2009
Reviewer: Elyse from Santa Barbara, CA
OK, I usually don't go ranting about service, especially at fast food, but this place is nuts. The first time I ordered a chicken burrito. I took a bite at the table, and it was beef and beans. I went up to the counter and told them nicely that a mistake had been made. The girl at the counter, instead of apologizing, told me "next time don't take a bite if the order is wrong." I was flabbergasted, even thought she was kidding. But she wasn't. SHE was mad at ME, even when I asked her how I was supposed to know what was in the INSIDE of a burrito unless I took a bite. What's worse, were they going to sell the burrito to someone else, but couldn't because I took a bite? Well, I didn't write any reviews, but the second episode here months later was unreal. I ordered a fiesta burrito with chicken, to go. I get back to my office and it's a grilled stuffed burrito, which I can't eat because I cannot eat either (what they call) beef or beans. So I drive back to Taco Bell thinking that "stuffed" and "fiesta" both have "f's", so maybe they heard me wrong. I told them a mistake had been made. The idiot at the counter has the nerve, not to apologize, but to argue with me that that is what I ordered, so tough luck for me. The cook behind him told him to stop and started making me what I ordered, but this kid wouldn't give it up, still insisting that is what I ordered. I thought maybe I was on one of those hidden camera shows, but no, these people really have jobs!

Don't bother us, 3/12/2009
Reviewer: Ginger from Santa Barbara, CA
I went in. I was polite. I gave my to-go order. I was then, seemingly the butt of some sort of conversation/joke/routine I was not supposed to be in on. I say this because, not knowing WHY this would happen, I turned and looked at the female (hispanic) and the male (hispanic) when they spoke. The looks on their faces said that they didn't expect this. The female kept repeating my order and having some conversation under her breath and even walked close enough to me to slightly bump me. There was just the three of us in the place as I recall. Weirdest experience EVER. If I had thought there was a possibility of getting from these idiots the name and number of their supervisor/owner, I would have done that. Message to me from these folks: Don't bother us. I have eaten here MANY times before. These two, especially the nut job female, need to get their butts fired.

Pretty Bad, 2/17/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Pretty Bad food, Taco shells fell apart, no flavor in sodas. The Taco Bell on Upper State seems a lot better with better prepared food and more seating, this place is pretty old with almost no seating. Food does come out quick though if you can stomach it. Chicken Ranch a better bet down the street a bit or El Pollo close on State.

great, 5/31/2007
Reviewer: ryan from santa barbara, CA
the food was great, their was nothing bad about taco bell. the service was great. i eat taco bell all the time but this is probally the best taco bell!!!!!!!!!

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