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Albertsons - University Plaza
7127 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 968-3558

Reviews by the General Public

Pretty good store, not the best but all there is out here
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Mostly good stuff, the Albert deli is limited and understaffed. The aisles on somes sections are too narrow. There is an Einstein Brothers Bagels(chain) within the store though that has tasty sandwiches that is worth trying(Noah's Bagels/Boston Market affliated).

Amazing decor!
Reviewer: Patrick from Goleta
Maybe it might be the bright neon lights clouding my judgement, but everything from the stark white walls to the generic food they sell (ever try peanut butter and jelly mixed together in a jar before?) seems like it was inspired by some famous European architect. I love buying the mutant sized heads of lettuce which I must use at least 3 times a day before it goes bad or the 6 dollar box of bland-tasting Cheeroes. Forget the relaxing environemnt of the Fairview Vons with its quick and efficient check out lines and the fully stocked flower stand, I'm sticking with a store that prides itself on checkers who barely give you the time of the day after taking all your time to check you out.

If you like to wait....
Reviewer: Chris from Goleta
I didn't realize just how long I used to wait in line at this Albertsons until I switched where I shop. It takes forever to check out. The checkers are nice but there is never enough of them. I now shop at Vons on Fairview and the check out is so much faster, I am never going back to Albertsons.

Reviewer: Jonathan from Goleta, CA
The Ellwood Albertsons is probably the hottest social scene in Goleta. Walking up and down the aisles is kinda like DP on a rockin Saturday night. Sometimes I get all dressed up and go there just to hang out. The beer at Rite Aid next door is way cheaper, but I figure the extra few bucks at Albertsons is pretty much like a cover charge to the coolest club in town.

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