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Vons - Carpinteria
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2015-06

850 Linden Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-1640

Reviews by the General Public

Closed, 8/16/2015
Reviewer: Closed from Santa Barbara, CA

The worst. , 11/21/2011
Reviewer: Jessica from Carpinteria, CA
Often, as in 1 out of 2 times I buy here, I get WAY expired food. Cereal that expired a month ago, sour cream that expired a week ago, the list goes on. I've heard some of the employees complaining about pushing the carts outside, loudly. And, yes, there are price discrepancies. There's basically no competition (Albertson's) so the quality control just isn't there. I really dislike shopping here. So much so that I usually drive out of the way to the Trader Joe's in Santa Barbara.

Disappointed , 10/26/2010
Reviewer: Robert Olson from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a resident of Carp. I found the friendliness of the staff intrusive, but this is probably my writer's objectivity. The cheap prices on some items is great. Which is why I used to shop there. I stopped when for the tenth time the computer over charged me and I had to go mano a mano with various clerks including the manager. It just got to be too much. So, I now walk down the beach to Albertson's. I got my revenge by walking Von's aisles with my flip filming prices and the checkout, which really incensed the staff. They deserved it. I got sick of being ripped off by the computer. Duh, why isn't it on the computer? This happened so often they just drove me away disgusted with the friendliness accompanied by the computer/sales prices discrepancies at check out. Thank god there was another supermarket just down the street. Also, the last time I bought fried chicken at the deli it was quite overdone and almost burned, dry and rock hard. I don't miss Von's and they don't miss me. Good riddance.

Better Than LA, 6/8/2007
Reviewer: dan from LA
I work at a Vons in LA and I tell you this loaction is way better! I come up to Carp to visit my brother and when we come here I'm always impressed with how neat and clean it is. The produce section (my section) is really good. Everything is fresh. The sandwich station is alright, I mean, they don't sometimes seem to know what they're doing but in the end they get it done...mostly right. Other than that, no complaints!

the best, simply the best, 3/15/2007
Reviewer: tom from new york,new york
well, i'll tell ya, my ex-fiance,ran me ragged going back and forth to your store, but i grew to love it..i bought a lot of roses there for her, some nice wines, the food was always fresh (free samples at the deli!!!), the people were the friendliest,especially at the checkouts;they laughed at all of my jokes.....i have great memories of your store and beautiful carpinteria; it's too bad the engagement didn't work out..oh, well..onward and upward...hope to be back soon...

One of the Few Spots for a decent sandwich in Carp, 1/17/2007
Reviewer: JB from Santa Barbara
For some reason Carp seems to be completely devoid of a good locally owned deli. Vons and the Pacific Coast Cafe are just about the only options. Thankfully the Von's deli does turn out tasty reasonably priced sandwiches. The meat and topping seem to be a bit higher quality that other supermarket/chain delis. The portions are generous and for $6 you can walk away with a filling sandwich, large drink, and chips. The service is hit or miss, but if you are very specific and watch closely as your sandwich is being made it ends up being quite tasty. Seems like a high quality deli/sandwich/panini type place on Linden would do great, maybe someday.

Average sandwiches, bad service, 8/10/2006
Reviewer: Anne from Santa Barbara, CA
The sandwiches are average. I have tried the tuna sandwich on a few occasions and it's OK. I've noticed the tuna is more gray than usual. The service is also consistently slow and despite ordering simple sandwiches, the deli counter folks are in a constant state of confusion.

this is the place, 4/25/2006
Reviewer: Alexander from Forstinning, Germany
I lived in Carp for 5 months and I always loved going there to get stuff I could cook...and VONS Deli was always a great help!-) Can't wait to come back.

Employees are nice!, 4/13/2006
Reviewer: Gaby from Carpinteria
The people that work there are very nice and can speak spanish & english!

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