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Ralphs Bakery - De La Vina
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2016-11

2840 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 682-6894

Reviews by the General Public

bought a cake from their display!! It was rotten cake!! Eww , 3/3/2015
Reviewer: theresa from Santa Barbara, CA
I went by last saturday evening to get a cake which i usually get them on the one by carrilo but was by here so decided to go to this one! Got a cake! From the display that looked good with chocolate strawberries on top Came home and got a ate some yuks!! The strawberries were rotten with mold on it which u couldnt tell with the chocolate! Then the cake since it had milk(3 leches) the cake was sour defenitly past due! I dont understand if its a food service they sell rotten stuff!' And have those on display It was first time here! And not a. Really good experience :/

Handling of food in the Deli department, 8/23/2010
Reviewer: Elisabeth Smith from Santa Barbara, CA
On two occasions I have found the employer handling the deli meat for slicing without any gloves. The last time I pointed out to the person that 1) the meat slicer was dirty, 2) that no form of paper was placed on the side where the cut meat were (right on top of pieces from other cuttings, 3) the person took the meat with bare hands and then placed it on paper to weigh it. This is not acceptable and could be another form of passing bacteria from hands to meat. I will not buy my meat there again, unless I see the staff properly trained!!! I also asked staff at the counter whether the contaminated eggs mentioned in the news had been taken off their shelves - nobody knew. Smith

friendly store, 2/19/2010
Reviewer: Jesus Sanchez from Santa Barbara, CA
Good prices in meat and produce , friendly store

Not the best Ralphs , 10/10/2008
Reviewer: Marla from Santa Barbara, CA
THis has been one of the dirties Ralphs anywhere. improvements They have a recent new manager and he is trying to make some. I have seen some slight changes but he is bucking a bad curve. But I have seen staff pick up tomatoes and strawberries from the floor and put them back up in the bins for sale. I have found pieces of straw and dirt in the salad bins and it makes me wonder what is baked into the cakes. Of course you are dealing with grocery store baked goods and they are filled with margarine and shortening corn syrup,and and even though they may say no trans fat or non fat, they are filled with so many chemicals that the word natural could never be used. Better to kill us with real butter and real sugar. In general I buy cleaning products only at this store and only then when It is an emergency.

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