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Sam's To U
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2016-06

5979 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 681-7071

Reviews by the General Public

Hands Down Best , 10/14/2013
Reviewer: Mazzi from Santa Barbara, CA
where to start the service was awesome, the owner of the store makes his bread fresh an you can taste it. me an a friend both had the BBQ Beef. omg it was the business!! I go in once a week..

What happened? , 9/23/2013
Reviewer: s. from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been eating here for years even after the change in ownership. I ordered today a large sandwich in hopes of sharing it with a co-worker. Bread is just falling apart, all tomatoes are the ends, 2 very thin tasteless pieces of turkey. Only thing I got a decent amount of was the mayonnaise. I had enough parts of the sandwich to make a small one. Service as always very good.

Hungry tummies all happy!, 9/13/2012
Reviewer: Tim from Goleta, CA
My son just started going to school at Goleta Valley Junior High and Sams is on one of our routes home. It caught my eye the other day (the name had changed and a new sign was up) and rather than the 'fast food' across the street, I offered up Sams as an alternative to my son and his friends. I've seen pre-teens eat before, but the speed at which they devoured their meals was almost scarey. With them full of moans and noises of how yummy their sandwiches were, I felt really good knowing that there was something healthy going into their bellies. Atmosphere was a bit cafeteria feeling, plenty of parking, only a couple of others inside. Had fun, and the bread was awesome!

Name has changed - Now Sam's To U, 9/13/2012
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
This place started as one of the Sam's To Go chain but this location has broken out as is now Sam's To U. Still the same type of sandwiches but also now Armenian (?) food? Great family ownership, awesome friendly service.

Mesa sucks, 11/27/2010
Reviewer: Negin from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't know what the other guy was talking about mesa is the worst one. This is a good sandwich place

Just another sandwich..., 7/22/2010
Reviewer: elle from goleta, ca
Had a craving for hot pastrami and decided to give STG a try. I've been to the IV and Goleta locations, so I knew the expectations. Unfortunately, I felt it was just another ordinary sandwich. The bread was delish as it is baked fresh daily, but the pastrami was nothing to write home about. Nice, quiet afternoon allowed my sandwich to be made in a jiffy. Would likely go again, but would skip on the pastrami.

Entirely different than other Locations, 10/27/2009
Reviewer: SHANNON from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a huge sandwich fan! And this old town Goleta location is amazing. I have never had such great service at a Deli. My sandwich was ready in literally less than 2 minutes!!! honestly its insane the dedication these people have to good service. I recommend them for catering as well. They came to my son's Birthday party to cater...They set up a beautiful appetizing table.NOT TO FORGET THEY MAKE THE BREAD FRESH EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! I KNOW I'M GOING OVERBOARD...BUT LETS GIVE CREDIT WHERE ITS DUE!!

Ok sandwich and service, 8/27/2008
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Sandwich Ok. In the Old Town Goleta area. Parking in the back. Never seen it very crowded. Similar in food and service to Storke location, have not tried Mesa one.

Not as good as Mesa, 8/24/2007
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara
OK here is your challenge. Go to this Sams and get any sandwich you want, then go to Sams on the mesa and order the same sandwich. The meat is more and of better quality, the bread is better and the toppings are more and of a better quality. I am a regular customer at Sams on the mesa and stopped here because I was in the area. Unbelievable difference!!!!I know that they are different owners but come on, its like comparing subway to ye old butcher shop.

Not as Good as other Locations, won't be back, 1/17/2007
Reviewer: JB from Santa Barbara, CA
I have always found the Sam's to Go to provide a decent sandwich and have dined at many of the ones scattered around SB. No matter what location they always seem to be a bit skimpy on the amount of meat and the quality of it is not the greatest, especially for the price (better tastier deals elsewhere), but overall I have had worse and always seem to be back occasionally. I have given the Hollister location a few tries and it's been a let down. The sandwiches are skimpier than other spots and the service is severely lacking. The girl working the last 3 times I went looks at you like you are asking her some insane task, such as saving the world, when you enter the store and ask for a sandwhich. I figured at first she was just having a bad day, but everytime I've returned it's been the same painful expereience even when I am as nice as possible. Oh well, gave it a shot, but I won't be back.

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