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Mama's Bakery
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2017-04

5342 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 692-1666

Reviews by the General Public

Fantastic Pho and substantial Bun Mei sandwiches, 1/20/2016
Reviewer: Issac from Goleta, Ca
My friend dragged me here and being a rainy day I ordered the Chicken Pho. My friend had the special of the day a Vietnamese chicken sandwich. I've had Pho a few times at some other Goleta places but I was blown away with this very hearty soup with lots of meat and noodle and surprised by a tiny boiled egg. I had a bite of the sandwich which I thought was incredible. Then we got a cookie and doughnut for desert and they were the freshest and best I can remember eating. I will be frequenting this place.

Bland sandwiches, 5/13/2015
Reviewer: Aaron from Santa Barbara, CA

Prices go up, quality goes down., 2/19/2015
Reviewer: Nicholle from Santa Barbara, CA
Sandwiches still tasted good, but there was very very little in them. There was, I kid you not, one thin slice of turkey in my turkey sandwich. The breads are still fantastic. A bit disappointing to pay $22 for two waify sandwiches, though. I didn't rate the service bc my husband picked up the sammies to go.

Now serving Pho and Banh Mi sandwiches daily! , 11/5/2014
Reviewer: Hugh from Goleta
Still my favorite sandwich place they have added Vietnamese sandwiches and beef or chicken Pho. The sandwiches are excellent, they bake their own rolls and sell them to several restaurants too. I'm also a big fan of their chicken salad but today I had the pastrami special which was delicious. There is always a line during the lunch hour so try to come early or later. Other recent additions are potato salad which is ok, the pasta salad is a bit bland but they have a good selection of potato chips. I hear the breakfast burrito is great too but I have to say they have the best macaroons and brownies in town. All the baked goods are great but these new sandwiches are excellent with more filling than the cheap ones and I can even handle the slight bit of jalapenos which add an excellent kick. The secret here is to order the half sandwich which is easily 2/3 of a whole. Add extra meat if you are really hungry. Always service with a smile and now some new things to try. 5 stars all the way by all reviewers.

Best Sandwiches in Town, 7/9/2013
Reviewer: Kylie Laraway from Santa Barbara, CA
Mama's Bakery has amazing food. Everything is so delicious and you can tell thry use fresh products. They hands down have the best sandwiches in town! I go there everyday for lunch and the service is amazing, if you're a regular the staff will remember your name. Best place in town!

Love this place, 3/22/2013
Reviewer: Lacey from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to work across the street and I would get lunch from Mama's at least once a week. Their sandwiches are amazing, and there were also really delicious daily specials, like meatball sandwiches, steamed pastrami, steak tortas, I can't remember what else there is but those are the ones I've tried and they were delicious. My favorite is the chicken posole!!! Now that I work downtown I don't get to go one a week anymore and I actually crave their food. Also the staff is really nice and will remember your name if you're a regular. They also recently started serving pho on certain days of the week and as someone who is ALWAYS searching for quality pho in Santa Barbara, I'm pretty excited about it. I tried the beef and it wasn't the best I've had but it was good for Santa Barbara. And they give you a huge portion for a reasonable price. Overall, love this place.

Great service. Good food. Locals type of place!, 2/17/2011
Reviewer: Kevin from Santa Barbara, CA
Great place for a breakfast burrito or good sandwich. The standard sandwiches are good particularly because of their fresh bread, but their daily specials are amazing! Homemade meatballs on Mondays, Steak tortas on Tues, Hot pastrami on Wed, and I can't ever remember the rest. I got a steak torta the other day and it had more than 1/2 lb of great tasting steak! Pasta salad and drink selection are good too!

Breakfast Burritos!, 11/9/2010
Reviewer: Jerry Hernandez from Santa Barbara, CA
One of my favorite places to get a fast, but really good breakfast burrito. Mama and her girls are the sweetest most caring people and it show in the food they prepare. I love this place!

Great Food & Service, 9/29/2010
Reviewer: Renee from Santa Barbara, CA
I work across the street from Mama's and go at least once a week. They have awsome breakfast burritos which are big and filling. The pastries are always fresh and taste delicious plus their lunches are pretty good as well. The staff is always friendly and will greet you by name if they know it. I've never had a bad experience!

The Best!!!!, 6/30/2010
Reviewer: Katie from Santa Barbara, CA
Mama's has the best chocolate chip cookies in town. Nice and Fresh everyday. The breakfast burritos are great aswell. I have never been disappointed

Awsome magic sandwiches!, 10/1/2009
Reviewer: Hugh Mandeson from Santa Barbara, CA
The best sandwiches in the area! It must be the fresh baked bread and you can see they sell a lot of the bread to other restaurants. There is something about them that exceeds the individual ingredients. the chicken salad is my favorite. A large will fill you to pain. Great drink and chip selection. They know me there and the service is always great. I also have to mention the baked goods; absolutely the most incredible macaroons ever!! They don't last long or the brownies too. Really a treat and you can see why they survive nearly next door to So Co Deli which has a far longer wait, grumpy employees and out of chicken salad every time I have gone there for years and years. Go say Hi to Mama!!!

Mama's is magnificent!, 4/30/2009
Reviewer: Bob Moran from Goleta, CA
I love Mama's Bakery! The baked goods and food are superb! I especially like their Chili Bowl! All the people that work there are really friendly! The service is excellent! I go there often with friends.

Reviewer: Meghan from Santa Barbara, CA
I stop by here almost 3 times a week before work and pick up pastries and or cookies. Everything I have tried is soooo good and fresh!! Everyone who works here is so friendly too! Love it!!

Fantastic service and great food!, 3/5/2009
Reviewer: Anthony from Brooklyn, NY
I am from the east coast and had traveled to SB on business. I was on my way to my meeting and had stopped at Mama's for lunch. Let me tell you that I received the best service and best pastrami sandwich ever. The oatmeal raisin cookie was great too!

Decent Food/Service, 1/30/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Food was Ok, the oatmeal raisin cookies were great! Other than that I would probably wait in the long line next door at South Coast Deli. Food was out fairly quickly for me.

Totally Agree: BEST Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, 7/14/2008
Reviewer: Elizabeth from SB
That's right we agree that these are the BEST oatmeal raisin cookies around. Blue ribbon indeed! Chocolate chip ones are pretty good too. And yes, the breakfast burritos are nice. Thanks to previous reviewers for their input.

Best oatmeal raisen cookies in the world, 3/24/2008
Reviewer: Ron Buckley from Santa Barbara, CA
Their coffee service has gotten better. Lunch sandwitches are great. They have the best oatmeal raisen cookies in the world, and I've tried a lot. Crunchy on the outside, just the right blend of spices, and a soft chewy inside. They come with walnuts too.

TERRIBLE idea- don't go there if you value time!!!, 8/30/2007
Reviewer: E Peters from Santa Barbara, CA
Nice people but TERRIBLE service. I asked for a Cappuccino and it took then ten minutes to make ONE. I was the only person in the place and it took them 15 minutes to ring me up, give me change, and make my drink, making me very late for work. Not only that, but I didn't even get the Cappuccino I'd ordered... they gave me a bad Latte and then put chocolate syrup in it before I could tell them to stop. They need to improve their timing and their knowledge of coffee. I am native Italian and there is nothing Italian about this place. Reconsider going here if you want coffee and a pastry....

Calzone e panini?, 5/31/2007
Reviewer: Vito from Goleta, CA
I wonder if there is a store with the name Mexican Bakery attended by Italians and the most popular items the people talk about are calzoni e Panini :)(~ ~ music of the Twilight Zone ~ ~)

I disagree with the breakfast burrito, 1/12/2007
Reviewer: cynthia langlo from goleta ca
I have had their breakfast buritto and it was the best I had ever had and at the time the biggest ever!! the last two time i went they raised the price a bit and it got smaller!!! a lot smaller!!! I used to share it with my boyfriend and when we got it it was to small to share. I never went back because i feel that was a huge turn off.

Breakfast Burritos, 1/3/2007
Reviewer: Eliza from Goleta, CA
The breakfast burritos are amazing, fresh and huge! They cook them them just the way you like. Fast and friendly and you can call your order in, it's perfect!

good food, awesome price!, 9/28/2005
Reviewer: elle from goleta, ca
If you're a regular at the deli/bakery, they'll remember your name which is a nice touch! The sandwiches are huge for the price, and it's always up to par. AWESOME job, Goleta location!

YUM!, 8/17/2005
Reviewer: elle from goleta, ca
The sandwiches they offer are always fresh and delicious! Just had their special of the day--half a pastrami (looks like a full size sandwich in other places) for $3.75! This sandwich was packed with meat, and not too salty. On top of that, they offer fresh bread and pastries for sale. Yum!

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