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Panda Express - UCSB Ucen
At the UCen on the UCSB Campus
Phone: (805) 685-2185

Reviews by the General Public

Not enough food
Reviewer: Raphael from Santa Barbara, CA
I've always liked Panda Express, like the service and the food are just perfect, but lately they haven't been putting enough food in my plate and that makes it look like someone already ate half of my plate, that's how they little of food they've been putting. Smh

Reviewer: Sonia from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to the UCEN literally minutes before they were about to close, the man not only was super nice, he made a fresh batch when he really didn't need to. He could have easily said sorry we are closed pick something else. I will definitely return :)

Reviewer: osher from Santa Barbara, CA
the issue is that yesterday i wanted panda for dinner and checked at 4 when they closed and tHEY CLOSED AT 3. like please become a 24 hour facility. thanks I LOVE YOUR FUD

good food great service good value
Reviewer: Jim from Santa Barbara, CA
Good food and great service. Thank you and keep up your hard work

Poor Food and Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The food was not good and also tasted like the heatlamp food that it was. The service was bad, I could not understand the server and she was way inexperienced with no help. If really craving Panda Express I would go to the La Cumbre one, if craving Chinese at UCSB see other places under UCSB like Courtyard Cafe.

Its Tasty and fast
Reviewer: Robert from Santa Barbara, CA
The service here was average, and the food is almost always fresh. The line is sometimes pretty long but it always goes quickly. I don't think I've ever waited longer than 5 minutes for my food, even with 20ish people in front of me. I'd heard that they mark up the prices, but they are the same as any Panda Express I've ever been to. Its not fine dining but its a quick cheap meal.

cheap tricks to gain money
Reviewer: John Hancock from Isla Vista, CA
im sitting in the Ucen, eating the same panda express orange chicken i remember from home, but paying more because of it. Not only does this location not offer a student discount like the wendy's right next door, but they charge for water? what kind of company doesnt offer the same discount every other company does, and then charges for water in addition? its just too bad their food is good, and fast.

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