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Due Lune Cucina

No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2006

730 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-3808

Reviews by the General Public

ex employee, 3/19/2008
Reviewer: Chad from Scottsdale, AZ
use to work at the location on milpas, and i hated hot dogs and still do, but the doghouse was the only exception for hotdogs. AMAZING FOOD, can't wait til the new one opens

Lettuce B Frank, 5/2/2007
Reviewer: Marty from Redondo Beach
I've been told they will be opening in May on Lower State Street. Thank God, I've been waiting for ever for another VinnDog!

IM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!, 2/1/2007
Reviewer: Genevieve from SANTA BARBARA

Aussies Love the DogHouse, 1/29/2007
Reviewer: Sam Fisher from Sydney Australia
Whilst driving from San Francisco to LA on our holiday last May (we came to the States to get married in Vegas - was the best holiday ever) we stopped off at the DogHouse for lunch - we loved the Dogs and the Service was great - the guys were friendly and a good laugh - we love the DogHouse!

Terrific Variety and quality, 1/27/2007
Reviewer: Linda from Santa Barbara, CA
We too were saddened to hear about the closing on Milpas but just heard yesterday that they are DEFINITELY reopening on lower State Street where they will have more night time business. STAY TUNED FOR THE UPDATE!

Don't worry!!, 1/23/2007
Reviewer: Dan from Santa Barbara
Per the Santa Barbara New Press they have closed with plans to open on State St. as soon as they find a place. They plan to stay open until 3am at the State St. location. I do believe they are still catering in the meantime.

i LOVE the Dog House!!, 1/22/2007
Reviewer: kt cleary from santa barbara, ca
Vinny and Tony were awesome. the hot dogs were AMAZING!! i'm SO bummed that they went out of business. i'll miss that place. their NY-style dogs were great.

It can't be closed now!, 1/9/2007
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
Bad news, everyone. The phone number is "no longer in service". The Doghouse did have a sign up initially showing they were on vacation, but this might be a vacation where they won't come back! I almost cried last night when I stopped by there. What happened? Please come back!

What Happened?, 1/6/2007
Reviewer: Quinn from Santa Barbara, CA
Does anyone know what has happened to the Doghouse? The restaurant appears to be closed with everything still inside and no sign with an explanation. Their website is also down. I am so sad because they had the best dogs with a fantastic variety of flavors. The owners were super nice as well. I hope they will be back soon!

it's not the size that counts, it's what they do with it, 12/9/2006
Reviewer: katherine from santa barbara, ca
(hehe)But in all seriousness, this place is great. The hot dogs are in fact flavorful and creative. I enjoy the cali dog as well, with avocado and bacon, mmm. I'll agree that they arent the largest dogs on the block, but with fries and a drink their hot dogs make a fine meal. If size is your problem, why not try the new pounder? (...hehe)

Tony and crew - this is what makes eating fun, 12/1/2006
Reviewer: Robert from Montecito, CA
This place is fun, tasty, kid friendly and lots more. We have had great hotdogs of all varieties and really enjoy the service that we receive.

The Best Hotdog I've ever encountered, 10/31/2006
Reviewer: Patrick from Santa Barbara
Honestly, the facts betold below... My contractor decided to treat me to a DogHouse Dog. I believe I had a Cali Dog. Unbelievable. I immediately drove down and bought 3 more. I have to admit I'm a fan and will alway's...

Disappointed, 10/31/2006
Reviewer: Heather Smith from Santa Barbara, CA
After hearing so much about this place, I was disappointed by the size and quality of the hot dogs and sausages. The buns were small and mushy, not large, fresh and toasted. The hot dogs were tiny. If you want to be known for hot dogs, try visiting Chicago or NYC, heck, Seattle's Safeco field has amazing dogs. I made three attempts to enjoy this place and was repeatedly let down. The garlic fries were great however. I didnt try the vegetarian options but would consider it as I thought the options were extensive.

Best Hotdogs I have ever eaten!!!!, 10/19/2006
Reviewer: pete russo from santa barbara, ca
All I can say is I left very happy. The food was great. The service was great. The fries rule!!! I highly suggest you try this place.

The Legend Continues..., 10/12/2006
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara
The Doghouse has become such a revolution here in Santa Barbara that John Dickson had to create a separate category for Hot Dogs. Two years ago, hot dog cuisine was Costco and that's it, but today we not only have the DogHouse, but a downtown competitor in Mad Dog's. Kudos to the Doghouse for their continued great food and service! I especially like their corn-dogs. I hope they invent new "hot dog creations" down the road.

Great Hotdogs!, 9/12/2006
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara
It was my first time to eat at the DogHouse. Their hotdogs are great! I got the chili dog and loved it! Their service was great and very friendly! I will be back to try the other selections of hotdogs!

Pretty excellent..., 9/10/2006
Reviewer: Spinelli from Santa Barbara
I came to the DogHouse last night after a show at the Santa Barbara Bowl. It was my first time there and I was sufficiently impressed. I had "Vin's Dog" which had ham, swiss cheese and brown mustard as well as the dog. It was a realy good hot dog. My buddy and I also had the "corn pups" which are essentially mini corn dogs. There seemed to be a lot of options on the menu with a variety of special hot dog creations. I look forward to coming back soon... offering a BIGGER hot dog., 9/8/2006
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
Folks, for those of you who complained about the "wimpiness" of the DogHouse dog, help is on the way. Introducing... the POUNDER! A hot dog so big, it equals FOUR regular hot dogs. It's a hot dog that weighs a full pound! Seriously folks, if you thought the Costco dog was big, how about one twice the size? Plus, you can order it regular style or as one of Doghouse's signature gourmet dogs. The best part is, it shows that the customers had a complaint and the Doghouse listened, proving once and for all that the Doghouse is a restaurant *for* the people. If I had more than two thumbs, I'd put them all WAY UP.

Thumbs Down on the Dogs, 8/24/2006
Reviewer: Maggie from Santa Barbara
We stopped in for lunch looking forward to a great hot dog, but it was one of the most nondescript we've ever tasted. Skinny, wrinkled, flat in flavor, downright boring, and overpriced; we could've done better for a buck-fifty at Costco - and we wished we had.

i can cook one of these at home and not pay five bucks, 8/21/2006
Reviewer: brad from santa barbara
maybe i was expecting too much. but what i got was a little oscar mayer type dog, a handfull of greasy fries, and a vague feeling id been ripped off.

Sun Fries are the best!, 6/14/2006
Reviewer: karen from Goleta
I think I would drive clear across town just to get an order of the sun fries for an afternoon snack. YUM! And the dipping sauce - amazing.

Great Service...., 6/12/2006
Reviewer: Steve Reedy from pasadena , CA
old school building very cool. sabretts are the best, can't get enough.mia was very helpful, since it was our first time, mia came over to our table to see if we were satisfied. great customer service! we drove from pasadena it was worth it. we will be back for sure! Steve Reedy

Good service, food ok, 6/9/2006
Reviewer: Jo from santa barbara,ca
The first time I visited the doghouse, I was dissapointed. Like many others, I had hoped for a really good hot dog upon my first visit. I was wrong, the fries were cold and my hot dog was room temp. I was very dissapointed but I gave them another try. My second visit was a lot better. I ordered the gourmet fries, which are completly different from the stale, cold fries I had gotten before, they were very tasty and HOT!! I also had the artichoke dippers and once again very good. The cali dog is one of my favorite dogs they have. Needless to say, my second visit was a lot better than my first. Ever since then,I go back and the food gets better every time. I like the home town feel when I go there, and I also like supporting my local community since I live over there off milpas. The owners are really cool once you get to know them.

one of the best eats in SB, 6/5/2006
Reviewer: Alex from santa barbara, CA
I tried the "Juans Dog" and I immediatly found my new favorite meal. I definetly suggest this restaurant to any one looking for a great hot dog!

The DogHouse Rocks, 5/26/2006
Reviewer: Morgan Pinney from Santa Barbara, Ca
If you have had hotdogs in New York or Chicago then you know quality dogs. That is what the doghouse delivers. MMMMMMMMMMM...Hotdogs. Fries are excellent. As far as the price goes, it's in the ballpark of most fast foods. The guys running the Doghouse are New York Boys, so they are cool and know what they are doing. Now all they need is to add porkroll to the menu. Long Live The DogHouse!!!!!!!!!

Decent, but overpriced, 5/24/2006
Reviewer: Garrett from Santa Barbara, Ca
The hot dogs tasted all right, but they were SO small. Dont let the cost's fool you, your going to need to spend almost $10 here to get full. When I get a hotdog (even at the little push cart's in LA) I expect a nicely sized hot dog, not one of those little things you can buy at the grocery. Also, for 5 bucks you can get a salad which is about a midget's handful of lettuce and a little cup of storebought dressing. I won't go back.

wow, the choices, 5/15/2006
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara
Of course Costco is going to have cheaper hot dogs, because it's Costco. Variation of those dogs comes by way of extruder machines churning out onions or relish. But at the Doghouse there are so very many choices, ranging from regional specialties to creative combinations and that's worth paying the extra dollar. Then there's the atmosphere, with nice outdoor seating, and the honest, enthusiastic service. My first time there I tried the NY Deli and the Chicago. I really like the former, and it turns out I didn't care for the Chicago. But the point is that I had the option to try these varieties, where else in Santa Barbara are chicago style dogs offered? I look forward to trying out other varieties the next time I go.

Better than I'd even hoped for!, 4/20/2006
Reviewer: Stacey from Santa Barbara
I've been wanting to try this place out since it opened. Judging from the past reviews, I think I'm glad I waited a few months till they got their new-restaurant issues worked out. Boy, do they ever! This was probably one of the best lunches I've had in town - it was worth the wait! I had the Pushcart dog and the Gourmet Fries. Both tasted terrific - the dog was almost as good as the ones I used to buy from a pushcart outside a nightclub at 2am back in my wild, misspent youth, and the fries were perfect. By perfect, I mean they were exactly the fries I've been trying to make for myself but have failed over and over at - crispy, unique flavor (garlic and lemon! yum!), good portion size (definitely enough for 2 to share), and surprisingly not greasy. The service was great too- everyone was very friendly and they actually brought my order out to the patio where I was sitting. I think the only downside to this place is the location - it's hard to find parking on Milpas, and they're a bit away from the city core, so I had to drive from my downtown office. But it certainly won't keep me from coming back, with friends, as often as I can!

Authentic Sabretts!, 3/31/2006
Reviewer: Debbie Jacobs from Santa Barbara, Ca
I was excited to hear someone local was actually selling Sabretts! I'm from the east and a good hotdog is hard to find! They were as crunchy and delicious as I remember the last time I visited N.Y.! A little skimpy on the fries, but other than that, I enjoyed my hotdog combo! Hope you guys stick around! Debbie Jacobs

Dog House a haven for real NY dog-lovers, 3/11/2006
Reviewer: Marla S Wilson from Santa Barbara
THis place is fantastic. If you are a New yorker you know your dogs, this place is as good as any umbrella by the park. I have brought Californians here and they are shocked at how wonderful hot dogs can be. Even the health nuts love em. Soft steamed bun and the dogs just resist ever so slightly to your bite. Yum!! I am working my way through the menu but the ny deli is still my favorite, Even their avacado salad is good. The sweet potato fries and the gourmet fries are great too but after two dogs who has room? This is not junk food. Great addition to the Santa Barbara Restaurant scene.

Don't believe the hype, 2/24/2006
Reviewer: Suzanna Jacobs from Santa Barbara
I love chili dogs and was excited to have one in Santa Barbara. Unfortunately the expectations did not live up to reality. The hot dog was average and it took about 15 minutes to get it. Chili didn't taste homemade as the staff/owner indicated. Fries were soggy which may be the style they are going for. I have had some good hot dogs and these didn't cut the mustard. I like the atmosphere though, it seemed like a fun place.

Great!, 2/16/2006
Reviewer: Dacia from Goleta
Fantastic! I'm not much for hot dogs but these were awesome AND my one year old loved the meatball sandwich!

Disappointing for the Price, 2/12/2006
Reviewer: Dario from Santa Barbara
Like some other reviewers here, I was excited about the concept of the DogHouse. I love a good hotdog, and Costco doesn't (forgive me) cut the mustard. So I was really looking forward to trying this and had high hopes. Sadly, I've been disappointed. I've eaten here three times and tried three different dogs. None of them were great. I thought the dogs they use were tasty, but too small for the large buns they come in. One time the bun was even soggy. And each time, the bun hadn't been warmed or toasted. My first time, I tried the Hot Diggity Dog, with grilled onions, mustard and swiss. But the cheese wasn't melted, and the small dog was overcome by the bun and toppings--was that white sauce some kind of mayonaise mix? Overkill on the sauce. The chili on the chilidog was underseasoned, more like hamburger with a little spicing. The fries are ok, but haven't been fresh 2 out of 3 times. The prices aren't that cheap. Their "Student Lunch Special" combo came to almost $7 for a small chili dog, a handful of fries and a soda. Not a great value. For that price, I expect better quality, or you'll find me eating the $1 Costco dogs. Sometimes I need a good dog, so I'll probably go back for another try. I sure hope it gets better....

Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese, 2/8/2006
Reviewer: kevin from Santa Barbara, CA
The buffalo chicken sandwich is phenomenal. Everyone should try one. Grilled is alright but fried is phenomenal.

Watermelon Lemonade- mmmmm good!, 2/2/2006
Reviewer: Lesley from Santa Barbara, CA
My sister and I grabbed a quick dinner here and enjoyed our food and the super watermelon lemonade. The avocado salad is great if you are a vegetarian or want a healthy option. I also liked the artichoke popppers- very unique. They've got GREAT t-shirts too! Overall, a fun new place on Milpas that is much needed!

chilli, 1/30/2006
Reviewer: paul from sb CA
I really thought the chilli could be a lot better the cheese was not even melted on my dog either....i think the doghouse could definetly improve its quality they need to check out what the chilli dog from The Habitt down the street looks like

disappointed, 1/24/2006
Reviewer: diane hall from santa barbara,ca
Admittedly, we went within a few months after the opening and hopefully they've worked out the kinks. But.... our experience (a parent and three kids) was not good. The cashier overcharged us twice, we had to point out the prices of the items, then they got our order wrong. For the price, we felt the food was mediocre. One of my kids did not like the hot dog, said it had a weird taste. (spicy?) Anyway, my kids liked the concept but didn't want to go back. I will give it another try on my own.

I wanted it to be much more, 1/23/2006
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA via Long Beach, CA
I commend them for taking an idea I've had for a while--which was to open a true hot dog stand in Santa Barbara (Costco should not be the #1 place to get a hot dog--as it has been proclaimed in readers' poll, no matter how great a value they are). However, with the menu and the aspiration that they seem to have I expected it to be much like Pink's of Hollywood (which is still by favorite hot dog stand despite the 40 min wait). However, what I found was that the execution of the food was not as good as I hoped. This place definitely has potential and maybe I ran into them on a bad night, since my hot dog and fries were a bit cold and the hot dog was lacking a distinct taste that sets apart great places from the good. I'll give them one more shot and see how it goes from there. Still, congrats on the effort.

This is it!, 1/21/2006
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara,CA
I am addicted to hot dogs.Very often I would rather have a good dog to a steak,but...... it must be the real thing. I grew up in NYC and about the best dog you can get is the original push cart Hot Dog. The Doghouse uses the Sabrett natural casing dog; this is it! It is the same dog served by the carts with the blue and yellow umbrellas in NYC. The first one I can remember having was 15 cents. My only criticism concerns the red onion sauce. The original is a tomato based sauce of exceptional flavor. The Doghouse version has more of a beef broth taste and is sometimes over spiced. If you must have the real thing, you can order jars of the Sabrett sauce online and bring it with you.I go to the Doghouse at least three times a week.

2nd best Dog House ever, 1/18/2006
Reviewer: Nick from SB
This Dog House is good, but the best one ever can be found just blocks from Chico State. Seriously, if you have the chance make it a point to go there. Take some notes and bring some of the flavor back to SB.

SO GOOD!, 1/15/2006
Reviewer: fabulous from honolulu, HI
As a vegetarian, I was skeptical about eating at a place known for their hot dogs, however I was pleasantly surprised. Their veggie dog is ridiculously good. It's not fake meat, it's actually flavorful roasted vegetables topped with a tomato relish in a hot dog bun. Their fries are damn good too. So fresh, you can really taste it. I'm definitely heading back.

stick to the dogs, 1/14/2006
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Judging from the lines and reviews, the dogs must be great. And the concept is clever and holds promise. However, we tried the "family recipe" meatball sandwich on our first visit and were very disappointed with that product. Granted, they were busy, bordering on manic, so perhaps the service was clumsy and abrupt because of the confusion. (Watched as one kid got a free ice cream after his pal bought one with their entire net worth, so the operators do look like good guys.) The flavor was OK, but the preparation was sorely lacking. Nice sauce, puck-like meatballs - sitting around too long because everybody orders the dogs? Two chunks of mozarella plopped on top, unmelted - lifted them off as finger food. An utterly ordinary hot dog bun, meatballs sized to fit. Mamma's recipe deserves more care and respect, especially at $4.45, near the top of their price structure. Fries are commendably fresh cut rather than frozen, but proved greasy and limp when we tried them. More a matter of taste than quality, and well-suited for a cholesterol drenching in-basket with cheese or chili. DogHouse had fairly loud background music playing, plus Milpas traffic noise, and apparently nobody had figured out how to announce orders over the PA so they can be heard easily on the patio outside. Just a shout out the window or a yell inside. Much of the chaos would resolve with a better "order's up" notification system.

hottest new restaurant in town, 1/13/2006
Reviewer: Max from Santa Barbara, CA
If only they had this place at a baseball stadium, gosh that would be a perfect match....

Delicious dogs, and a cold beer!, 1/11/2006
Reviewer: Sally from Santa Barbara
This is the best thing to happen to culinary Santa Barbara in a long time! I went for the first time the week they opened...and have been back on a regular basis ever since. The hotdogs are positively addicting. After downing one, the only thing you can think about is which one you'll try next. Every time I drive past, I have to fight the urge to pull over and get "just one." I've sampled almost every dog, and they are all very tasty, from simple New York street-vendor style (the "Pushcart" with brown mustard and saurkraut) to things like "Juan's Dog" with nearly everything imaginable. The only reason they get 4.5 stars instead of 5 is that sometimes all the toppings can make the edges of the bun a little soggy. I guess that can't really be helped when you're piling loads of roasted red peppers or pineapple on, though. Definitely go for the gourmet fries: thinly sliced red potatoes with loads of garlic. They also have a good (though somewhat variable) selection of beer. What's more, the place is fun (check out the pac-man machine inside). The guys who work there all seem like they're having a blast, and are very friendly. There's no better way to spend a sunny afternoon that sitting on the patio drinking a cold beer and munching on delicious hot dogs.

Finally, Hot Dog Paradise comes to SB!, 1/11/2006
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
It's about time this restaurant popped up on John's Site here. I found the Dog House on a sickly day about a month and a half ago. I parked right next to it without even knowing. I said, "DogHouse, I wonder what this is." So I went up to the window and ordered an original dog. I loved it! The dog was smaller than I expected, but it was excellent: fresh, steamed bun, and a gourmet beef frank. The staff couldn't be nicer. This is what I've been looking for ever since I moved here. I couldn't believe Santa Barbara didn't have a decent hot dog stand in all the years going back who knows when. But now it's finally arrived, and right at Milpas! That first week, I remember only three people taking an order. One month later, the place is PACKED, and every day I see a huge line. In fact, I told my friend about the doghouse and he said "is that the place with the long line?". The Doghouse has exploded. We could have another Habit success story on our hands!

Unique menu, 1/9/2006
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
I just tried the "Cali Dog" (avocado, bacon, sour cream, diced tomato) and "Hot Diggity Dog" (brown mustard, horseradish sauce, grilled onions, melted swiss cheese) - both great. I have never seen such a big collection of different ways to serve a hot dog!

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