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Smokin Jacks Kansas City BBQ
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2008-07

3807 Santa Claus Ln, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 566-6602

Reviews by the General Public

An amazing place ruined under new ownership..., 1/24/2010
Reviewer: So Sad from Ventura, CA
When my husband and I first started going to the resteraunt we were in love. The food was outstanding...the best bbq i've ever had. It was a create menu and a good value. We met the owners and made friends with the staff. We'd regularly drive up from Ventura to eat there. Then came the problems for the owners that led to them selling the resteraunt. The new owners changed the menu, the quality of the food declined and the service became terrible. Eventually the new owners changed the name of the resteraunt and changed it from a bbq joint to a pasta place. Thankfully the new business failed and the resteraunt closed. The location has since reopened as another bbq place but it doesn't begin to compare to Smokin Jack's. It has truly been a loss to the area.

Not my Favorite,Not worth the drive, 8/7/2009
Reviewer: Keith from Santa Barbara, CA
My sister and I spent the day in Santa Barbara and when it came time for dinner I had seen Smokin' Jacks BBQ a week early and thought it would be a good place to take her to. Boy was I wrong. We sat out side on the Patio cause it was a nice evening and you would think we were sitting miles from the the restaurant as the waitress was hard to find the whole time we were there. I even once had to go in and ask to send her out. When she took out order she praised the mac and cheese but that turned out to be the worst I've tasted. So bad I sent it back in exchange I got a salad with very little dressing. In fact both me and my sister agreed it was one of the worst meals and dinning experiences we have ever had.Not worth the drive. I now wish I could get my money back........and will never return!!!!

Why do they still have a website saying they're open?, 10/12/2008
Reviewer: Barry from Ventura, CA
The rating is based on the last time we ate there, a couple of years ago. We wanted to go back very recently, and found nothing on the website to indicate it was closed. We were actually ready to place a takeout order on their listed phone number, when we of course heard that the number was no longer in service. I understand they have several other locations, but why wouldn't they at least indicate somewhere on their own website that the Carpinteria location is no longer in business? Thankfully, we get the information here.

Bad night at Smokin Jacks Kansas City BBQ, 7/27/2008
Reviewer: Nadia from La Crescenta, CA
The rating I have given was for the last time we ate at Smokin Jacks in Carpinteria; it used to be very good. I'm not surpised that Smokin Jacks is closed. I thought they were in trouble when we ate there a year ago. We used to eat there every time we were in the area and our family enjoyed celebrating with them at their 2nd anniversary party. On August 17, 2007 11 members of our family went there for dinner. The restaurant was out of several items that we ordered; they were even out of the fizz for the sodas. My grandson ordered fish and chips but he couldn't eat them because they were mushy and slimy and very fishy tasting. When I told the server he laughed when I said they were fishy tasting. There was no offer to replace them. Another member of our family ordered the barbeque chicken and said not only was it kind of weird, but the chicken seemed to disintegrate in his mouth. None of the food was up to it's former standards. They never served bread unless you asked for it but that night we asked because some couldn't eat the food and were still hungry. We specifically attended on a night when the blues band would be there. At 8:30 the band took a break but when the break was over they came out and packed up their instruments and left. The server said that it was not very busy so the band was leaving early. Another disappointment. I asked if they were going out of business because everything was going down hill but received no response. Our food was not very good, and there were only a few blues songs before the band left and an expensive evening long anticipated, was a disappointment to all. I wrote a letter to Jack Krauss explaining what our evening was like but I received no response from him. That is really bad business, even a form letter is better than nothing. I suspect that because he opened a restaurant in Burbank he lost interest in the one in Carpinteria. What a shame because they were so happy when they opened it.

Restaurant CLOSED for Remodeling - no OPEN date set, 7/10/2008
Reviewer: Robert Shroll from Montecito, CA
John Went to SMOKIN JACKS last night... CLOSED FOR REMODELING posted on door NO SIGN OF REMODELING occuring Please update when possible

Reasons for why it's empty on a Sat night, 5/10/2008
Reviewer: Elena from Montecito, CA
I wanted to treat my friend to some good BBQ and was disappointed that I ended up taking her to Smokin' Jack's. The service was awful in that the waiter did not put in the correct order. He forgot to include a dish but told me it was "on its way." Well it turned out he didn't even put in the order for the dish and told me AFTER we were done eating that it was still being cooked. I told him to cancel the order but when I got the bill he clearly forgot the order. Also the beef ribs were dry - ribs are supposed to be tender and falling off the bone. These were dry as toast. The baby back ribs were okay (one star for that). The coleslaw for my friend came well after we were done with our meal. Too much money for bad service and mediocre food. Never again.

New Management, Not the Same Place, 3/20/2008
Reviewer: Randy from Oxnard, CA
We stop here after a day of golfing and it was always impeccable. We stopped this time and noone was there. The menu was different. Something was wrong... We ordered and 10 minutes later the waiter came back and said they were out of one of the appetizers. No Problem, that happens. 20 minutes later (30 minutes after we ordered, remember we are the ONLY ones in the place) they came out and said they were out of two of the entrees we ordered two. 30 minutes after we ordered, umm it took that long with your ONLY customers? The food came about 20 minutes later, and it wasn't bad but wasnt as good. We had to ask for sauces and ketchup, which before was always there before you knew it. Two Words: DONT GO.

Not the same, 2/10/2008
Reviewer: Alex from Santa Barbara
This was one of my favorite restaurants. The combo plates were awesome. The brisket was awesome. The tri-tip was awesome.

And now, it's all gone.

I'm actually upset after eating dinner there tonight. Don't get me wrong, it was alright, but it was so blatantly mediocre. And to top it off, at 7, they had run out of mashed potatoes. At seven! Coupled with the fact that there were all of fifteen people in the entire restaurant on a Saturday night!

Oh well. At least they still had the root beer in mason jars. That was nice.

I give the restaurant and new management a few months. At best.

Washed out on taste, 1/19/2008
Reviewer: Sandi from Carpinteria,CA
My family went to Smokin Jack's tonight and boy, were we dissapointed! The menu has been changed and the items that my family really enjoyed were no longer available. The room was cold the service was barely there. My hamberger had no flavor and my fries tasted as if they had been slightly warmed. The brisket's tasted like it was boiled and all the flavor was left behind in the water. I asked if the owner was available only to find that out that there is now a new owner. This answers a lot. Please take some advice from someone with creativity and bring back the flavor we so enjoyed!

fooling the public, 11/24/2007
Reviewer: pedro depakas from temecula, ca
fancy name---tasteless food, 11/24/2007 Reviewer: Pedro depakas from Temecula , Ca My family stopped there, having driven by so many times---were curious to find out about it. We found the food to be extremely overpriced and taste-less. The mash potatoes came out of a box and dry. The corn on the cob was waxy-old and too much butter, the chicken was pre-cooked and they only put it on the grill to disguised it and then smothered it with bar-b-q sauce. I was going to demand a refund, but a greater satisfaction would be it they go out of business.

great service not so good food, 4/29/2007
Reviewer: Patrick from Santa Barbara/CA
the service was excellent but the ribs were lacking. the ribs were definitly not fall off the bone. sauces were spicy, even the sweet sauce. BBQ is such a touchey subject though so im sure it will fit the taste of others. that meat was too pricey for what i got though

Great Food and Service, 1/26/2007
Reviewer: Rosalind Gilbert from Santa Barbara, CA
The food is tremendous and who would ever expect to find barbeque in Carpinteria. Once you realize how great the food is you turn around and are hit full blast with superb customer service. They are friendly, attentive and you feel like you are the Number 1 Customer. I actually believed I was someone famous in there. You can't leave out Blues night. My grandson, who is 12, loves to go on Friday night. It just is a wonderful evening of what I expect a good restaurant to give me. I can't say enough. If you enjoy good barbque with perfect portions and treated like they want you to come back - you will love Smokin Jack's.

Excellent Food; Great Service, 1/1/2007
Reviewer: Mitch from Montecito, CA
Beyond a doubt, Jack's is the place for BBQ! I work in Pasadena and commute every week to our home in SB. Without fail, I call Jack's when passing Oxnard and all is ready by time I tool into town. Their ribs are lean and flavorful; their chicken is moist and tasty. Don't forget those yummy beans!

My new favorite BBQ, 12/11/2006
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
Actually the title of this review is not entirely correct. I never had a favorite BBQ - until now! Our party of 3 came in on Sunday evening and I ordered the Babyback Ribs. They were amazing - highly recommended. Then, I tasted the tri-tip my friend Juli ordered and it was out of this world! Next time in I definitely will order a combo so I can get ribs and tri-tip! The hostess said that she believes the spareribs are even better than the babyback ribs. So perhaps that will be my next meal! We were there late on a Sunday and were the last people in the restaurant, but they were still friendly and did not rush us out the door.

None Better...anywhere!, 11/16/2006
Reviewer: Danny Bogart from Eastvale, CA
The entire meal was perfect! Even the Cole Slaw was great, and very few places make slaw the way that I like it. Definitely the best Spare Ribs I've ever had...big, juicy, not over or under smoked, just perfect! Move over, Kansas City...make mine Carpinteria BBQ!

Will be back again and again, 10/30/2006
Reviewer: Robert from Santa Barbara, CA
I think this was the best Brisket Iíve ever tasted. The lovely Hostess was attentive and charming, all while being entertained by a great Blues band!

get the porkchop, 10/4/2006
Reviewer: Bill Schill from Santa barbara
you have to get the porkchop. it's the size of a human head. it is so delicious.. especially with the spicy sauce. awesome!!

Good Food, 6/2/2006
Reviewer: Jordan Diamondstone from Jeannette Pa
Best bbq I ever ate. Very clean bathrooms. Very nice people. First visit...

oh so gooood, 3/31/2006
Reviewer: Jaclin Prior from Santa Barbara, CA
Absoluty amazing with friendly service. Great music and food comes fast and tasts just like true BBQ should.

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