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Chamomile Cafe
No longer in business
Opened: ? Closed: 2010-09

915 Linden Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 566-5954

Reviews by the General Public

"Aces in Their Places"...., 9/5/2010
Reviewer: cornerdude from Santa Barbara, CA
Deanna...thank you for the food that you made for us, it was incredible! But if I could give you a little advice... #1 Relax...your food is AWESOME...(they will come) #2 Your staff will treat your guests with respect, when you treat your staff with respect. #3 Your guests, staff, (and yes) EVEN YOU will make mistakes... deal with's what we restaurant people do. #4 Some days are horrible (again, it's going to with it.) I wish you nothing but the best for your new store in Santa Barbara. But please...seriously...take care of your staff and guests, without will fail (and your food is too INCREDIBLE to fail). GOOD LUCK IN YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS DEANNA!! I'm sure that you'll do awesome in SB!!! p.s. "Good Morning"...(for the first time in 6+ years).

"Here's your salad" *Thump*, 8/19/2010
Reviewer: Gina T. from Santa Barbara, CA
Service with a smile? Not at this place. I've been here three times and each time, the owner/chef/waitress has just been awful. My most recent "run in" (note, I didn't say visit) was a couple of months ago when I foolishly took a friend from out of town there for lunch. She scowled at us for no reason and virtually threw a salad at my friend, as if she were doing us a huge favor by just allowing us to eat there and we'd done something to offend her by just existing. Aside the rude (and incredibly slow service) there was something that was consistent...unfortunately, that's the very mediocre food. My advice would be that if you don't want to be running a restaurant, then either get into another line of business or improve your existing business by adjusting your attitude to the point where your customers feel WELCOME when they come to dine at your establishment.

A bit of Humboldt county, 7/5/2010
Reviewer: Rod from Santa Barbara, CA
It felt, smelt and tasted like a restaurant from Humboldt county in Northern California that I frequented many years ago. The breakfast was fantastic and the coffee was some of the best you'll find in Southern California. I had an Spinach Omelet, cornbread muffin and a potato pancake and applesauce. My wife had french toast sprinkled with granola and served with real maple syrup. The service was great and the owner friendly and available. CHAMOMILE CAFE ROCKS!! Stop in sometime and enjoy a taste of heaven. We did and absolutely loved it!!

Love it and hate it! , 3/25/2010
Reviewer: Lil from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the food here, tried three desserts, eight appetizers, and two entrees! I got a crummy waitress, and asked to get a refund for my late appetizer which never arrived; she was so rude! She said the manager was "busy, too busy for you". I was shocked and left, paying my bill.

Chamomile Café Exceeded My Expectations!!!, 1/23/2010
Reviewer: Debbie from Seaford, NY
You don't have to be a Vegan to enjoy delicious tasting, healthy food which is all made from scratch on the premises. I was visiting my son who moved to California recently and we were delighted that we chose to eat lunch at this lovely restaurant. The menu choices are varied for both vegetarian and non-vegan diets. The portions are very generous and you even get an organic side salad with most of the lunch choices. The waitress was very nice and the café atmosphere was warm and inviting. We had a chance to chat with the owner who is truly an amazing passionate businesswoman. I could tell that she views her cafe as a labor of love! Everything we ate was scrumptious...especially the potato pancakes with applesauce. My son commented that the chai latte he ordered was the best he ever had. We didn't have any room in our tummies for dessert so we took a box of bakery items to go. This restaurant is not to be missed!!! I look forward to returning someday soon.

Best food/service ever!!!, 11/5/2009
Reviewer: Braha Hirsch from Carpinteria, CA
Going for a bike ride with my sister and ending up at the Chamomile cafe with my dad, sister, and i was the perfect end to my day. The pastries/food/drinks ect. everything is absolutely amazing. Over all this cafe is The best place to go if you want great fresh tasting food. Not only is the food great Deanna (owner) is truly a sweetheart....come on if you were working 18 hours a day dealing with obnoxious people all day long you would to get sassy at points. Hands Down the best food i have had in a very long time! Thank you Deanna for making are special breakfasts perfect. We wish you the very best luck, Braha, Aviva, and Greg

The BEST home made FRESH natural food around!, 5/7/2009
Reviewer: Sharon from Santa Rosa CA
Every time we go to the Santa Barbara area we eat at the Chamomile Cafe. We've never once been disappointed. The food is so fresh and tastes so incredibly wonderful, you can't even find some of the dishes they make from scratch anywhere else. The knishes are incredible. The pastries are so amazing that it will take a while to decide what to have. They are all divine. And to know that the owner takes pride in using only the finest ingredients, is a relief to us. But by far, the best thing I can say is that natural good food, doesn't have to be bland and boring. And the Chamomile Cafe proves this. I savor every bite when I eat there.

Chamomile Cafe writes: You just completely re-energized me! Thanks, sweetie! We could never do all this work if it wasn't for people like you making us feel like it is worth it! Love ya!
Great Tuna Sandwich!, 4/25/2009
Reviewer: Bob Moran from Goleta, CA
I dined at Chamomile Cafe in Carpinteria today 4/24/09 with my girlfriend and we really enjoyed our tuna sandwich lunch. I have been to Chamomile's before and always enjoyed their "comfort food". The waitress told us that the tuna salad was the owners own recipe. A very pleasant atmosphere and very cordial waitress indeed!

Loved the food, and vibes, 4/21/2009
Reviewer: Bonnie from Santa Barbara, CA
I was lucky enough to have several meals at the Chamomile Cafe. A friend eats there often and took me as soon as i arrived from NYC. What a great place. I love the quaint vibe of the place, the staff is really friendly and the FOOD IS WONDERFUL. so great in fact that i stopped by on my way to the airport to bring an amazing vegetable wrap on the plane. I have eaten veg wraps all over the place but this was the best one I have ever had. I also had amazing Huevos Ranchos, mad the authentic way. I cannot wait for my next trip so I can start my way thru the entire menu.!!!

good healthy food, 4/20/2009
Reviewer: Michelle from Monrovia, CA
I liked the healthy food options.The food was great! The service was good! Atmosphere was too quiet and not kid friendly.It was my first time. I will always go there when I'm in town. They need to provide a bread basket or something to nosh on while waiting for the food. The portions are small but food is great. A little pricey.

awesome place for vegans who like good food., 3/20/2009
Reviewer: Rochelle from Santa Barbara, CA
i went about a month ago on and got the organic nachos with nut cheese as an appetizer with a friend, so good! then i got the piccatta as a main dish, which was delicious! i highly recommend it! my friend got the pasta al pesto which i tried a bite of and it was also very good. the service was very nice - waitress was attentive and courteous. for dessert we got a vegan gingerbread cookie to go. the only thing i didn't like was the lighting of the restaurant, it was a little bright and harsh, but other than that -- it was a pleasant experience.

Reviewer: Dorothy Ferrington from Santa Barbara, CA
On the way home from Solvang on a Sunday morning, we were very hungry and looking for something special to end our holiday. Taking the off-ramp, we looked at all the available restaurants and were disappointed by what appeared to be "greasy spoons". The name of one restaurant stood out as promising -- Chamomile Cafe. We were to soon rewarded by a breakfast that was fit for Kings and Queens -- Quiche for him and Eggs Benedict for me. What great food and great service we received.

It makes Carpinteria special, 2/7/2009
Reviewer: Felix from Carpinteria, CA
Chamomile Café exemplifies what is great about Carpinteria. While Santa Barbara is increasingly defined by chain stores, scripted service and restaurant owned by business tycoons, Carpinteria managed to preserve many owner-operated eateries (for now). The owner at Camomile Café seems to be always there (breakfast, lunch and dinner). That kind of crazy hard-work is clearly fueled by passion… and the food shows too. In an owner-operated restaurant, you deal with proud and passionate individuals who are the business. Not some “experience” concept cooked up in a corporate boardroom and tested on idiot focus groups. No busty hosts or slicked up waiters. For that, I love Chamomile Café, the Palms, Clementine, Uncle Chen and still miss the Fish Barrel. Dealing with real people is refreshing. Too many don’t get it and treat our owner-operators as common lackeys. Some will go as far as writing negative reviews because this endangered group of culinary artists didn’t crawl at their feet low enough, or ask to be paid a fair price. Before those brats ruin it for everyone, I’ll be patronizing the remaining owner-operators which make Carpinteria the last great coastal community.

DELICIOUS!!, 1/30/2009
Reviewer: Robin from Capistrano Beach, CA
My husband & I were in Carpenteria looking for a restaurant for lunch while traveling down the coast, and were quite excited to find Chamomile Café, being we are vegetarians. What a treat! The food was not only delicious and fresh but nicely presented as well. My Seitan vegan meatloaf was exceptional as was the Grilled Veggie Panino my husband ordered. After looking at the delicious homemade pies during lunch, I had to have one. The apple pie was soooo good, best I ever remember eating. Our service was great, even considering the waiter/ess was out sick that day and the owner was juggling it all. I can’t wait to travel up the coast again and eat at Chamomile Café. Highly recommended. Yummmmm.

What a treasure! , 1/28/2009
Reviewer: Herman from Santa Barbara, CA

great beginning, went down hill quickly, 1/22/2009
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
Had high hopes. This was my first time dining here. Ordered a salad with an addition of chicken, which on the menu says, "Add Chicken. $3.00". Got salad, found out the chicken was breaded-due to health issues can't have ANY bread. Owner came out VERY ANNOYED that I was sending the salad and the chicken back to get some that wasn't breaded. First she blamed the waitress, then she blamed me for not noticing the sentence on the bottom of menu that states 'if you have allergies some of the items are breaded...' (no asterisk appears next to the 'add chicken' sentence to make me think to look somewhere else for further info). Salad arrived, was delicious. Later, noticed I had been charged for 2 chicken additions instead of the original one. When questioned the owner stated that she charged me for the second one because I should have seen the sentence and that they had had to make me a second serving of chicken. She also stated that she was going to charge for 2nd salad that had to be made because the first one was now a waste and that I should have looked at the sentence that says, 'if you have allergies, etc some items are breaded...'. And, "if my allergies were that bad, I should have seen the sentence and asked for it not to be breaded". She ended up not charging me for the second salad. The owner could definitely improve on her people skills! It's a shame actually because the food was really good, the service was great and the wait staff were attentive, but I will not return to the restaurant after the rude treatment by the owner. All it would take would be to put an asterisk next to the items that may be breaded to eliminate the confusion or problems. It would be really helpful to people like myself.

No Wonder the Place is Empty!, 12/5/2008
Reviewer: Allison from Santa Barbara, CA
I've only tried a couple of desserts there and they were both good but the owner and waitress are so unfriendly that I left in a bad mood both times I was there. I'd like to support local business instead of the CB&T that is on the same block but that's where I'll be next time. Don't need the miserable attitude thanks!

Chamomile Cafe writes: I tend to be sassy, overtired, and stressed out, which is why when the comments are negative about me alone, I sigh deeply and tell myself to do better next time. But for at least the last year, I have had fabulous servers that I have never seen being anything but gracious and I stand behind them. If I had a crumby attitude, I humbly apologize. I work on it constantly.
My new favorite, 12/2/2008
Reviewer: Domingo from Oxnard, CA
We came to Chamomile Cafe having read all the reviews. I agreed completely about the food. The food here is fresh, amazing, one of a kind, hands-on artisan-style. The Chamomile Cafe owner, however, we found to be gracious and warm, albeit tired. She needs to settle for less than perfect. Being a business owner, I know its hard to let go when you put your heart and soul in to something. Considering the moderate prices, nobody is expecting perfect service. It was a privilege to eat this food!

Our destination in Carpinteria, 10/17/2008
Reviewer: Joe Barthelemy from Ojai CA
Last week my wife and I ventured from Ojai as we do on occasion to visit our favorite restaurant in the Santa Barbara area. The food is great, even if the service is at times a bit shaky. As fate would have it, there was another couple from Ojai with children who had also traveled to Carpinteria just to enjoy the natural, organic fare. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys good, healthy, organic, vegan food.

You've Got To Be Kidding!, 10/7/2008
Reviewer: Jeff Leader from Encinitas, California
On a Saturday evening two weeks ago, my girlfriend and I ventured into the Chamomile Cafe. Upon entering, we discovered that only two table were taken -- in other words, the place was totally empty. So, we decided to make ourselves comfortable by sitting in an empty booth. We were immediately informed by the waitress, that we'd have to move to a small two place table as the owner would be very upset if we sat there in the booth. After sitting down at a small table, I ventured up to the counter to question the owner. She told me that we'd have to sit off to the side just in case more customers showed up! I couldn't believe her. Seeing my shocked face, she then added that, "You probably won't enjoy yourselves here." Boy, was she right and I told her just that! Thankfully for us, we discovered great food down the street at a wonderful Thai Restruant. As for the Chamomile Cafe, we later drove by and saw that it was totally empty! There is little I can ad here except to say, AVOID THE CHAMOMILE CAFE! Their service is TERRIBLE and the food didn't look all that great either!

Unpleasant Owner, Inexperienced, Lazy Staff, 9/16/2008
Reviewer: baker from Santa Barbara, CA
Went here w/5 people on a weekday at 1pm for lunch. Restaurant wasn't busy and we were really hungry. One member of our party tried to buy a pastry at the counter as a snack before the meal, and pay for it at the counter, instead of waiting for a server to bring it around, since she knew that would take too long, but she had to argue with the staff to be able to do that. It took 15 minutes to get our orders placed, b/c the server didn't pay attention to us, then at least 25 minutes for the food to come out, I don't think we actually got to eat until close to 2. Also, one of the orders was done wrong and so it had to go back to the kitchen, which means we waited even longer to start eating. With so few people in the restaurant, you would think they could make an order right. The owner apologized for the bad service (she seems to recognize it's bad, but not want to do anything about it), and I said, at least the food was really good. Instead of saying "thank you" to me for paying her a completment, she said "i wouldn't make you wait that long for bad food" in a very grumpy, cold, and negative tone. She is a very unpleasant person and does not make you feel welcome in the restaurant

Great food. Bizarre service, 9/4/2008
Reviewer: Esthela from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to go there all the time. I dreamt about the chicken wraps... Yes, you had to wait a little bit; big deal, you don't expect precision service out of a highly creative chef on a shoestring. then one day, she kept ranting and raving about a waitress quitting, she kept bugging the kitchen help that were also trying to bus tables AND THEN with all these people waiting for their food, she started sweeping the place (while still ranting and raving!!!) It always takes forever to get your check. I don't know if I'll ever be ready to go back to this, my formerly favorite restaurant.

Delicious homemade vegetarian food!, 9/1/2008
Reviewer: Linda from Santa Barbara, CA
I loved the simple, peaceful, country atmosphere, gently decorated with items from the past. The openness and the gentle 60's folk music in the background were very inviting and calming. We stopped here on a Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. (starving) The owner said she could still serve us lunch if we came back in 1/2 hour, which was very kind. The homemade vegetarian food was indescribably delicious! . . . a vegetarian wrap, potato knish, very fresh salad & delicious dressing, vegan mini baked apple pie & coffee. I savored every moment here, and would love to eat here again. Our server was pleasant and friendly.

Guilt free cuisine that satisfies ..., 8/16/2008
Reviewer: Erm from Goleta, CA
This is a restaurant I'll return to again and again. The food is superb, and with the emphasis on organic and local, I can fully enjoy dining at Chamomile. You can tell the owner has a passion for good food by the inventiveness of the dishes.

Eat Here for Great Food and a Nice Atmosphere, 7/30/2008
Reviewer: Bill from Santa Monica
I loved this spot which my friend and I went to on a Sunday afternoon at 1pm. They were very busy and we had to be out of there by 2 pm, but the owner made an extra effort to see that we got served and were able to make our plane in LA.

Delicious Date Night, 7/30/2008
Reviewer: Rachael from Phoenix, AZ
My husband and I had the pleasure of eating at Chamomile on our Carpinteria vacation. We had the Mole, which was complex and complimented the vegetables/rice well. The meat loaf was tasty, and we appreciated that it wasn't trying to be meat. The service was fabulous; out server gave us great information about Carpineria and the surrounding area. The mood music was also particularly great!

Healthy hole in the wall, 7/23/2008
Reviewer: Kristen from Carpinteria, CA
One of my favorite restaurants in Carpinteria. The menu is full of creative, healthy meals. The Beef Brisket Sandwich is a favorite! It comes with a side salad and the peppercorn dressing is the best - they make all their dressings on site. If you don't want sit down service, there is a walk up counter where you can order meals and view the fresh bakery selections. The atmosphere is homey. I've never heard a negative comment about the cafe, but I do wish they were open everyday (they are closed Mon-Tues).

great vegan food. not so great service., 7/6/2008
Reviewer: elaine from carp. ca
First off, I love that this place offers quality baked goods, and gourmet vegan food. The atmosphere is cozy and makes you feel right at home. The only thing holding this restaurant back from really succeeding is the service. The owner is actually really sweet, I just don't think she has the patience to deal with people. She does so much work baking,and cooking that she just seems too burnt out to be in the front of the house. If she could trust someone to manage the dining room, and the servers i think her buisness would sky rocket. i would reccomend trying it, just try not to take it personally if the owner is alittle snappy.

Good Food but very slow service, 7/3/2008
Reviewer: MARQ taylor from santa barbara
Went to lunch today there with friend. The service was very slow to be only 11am the cafe was not even busy with perhaps 3 tables finishing up. We found out that they were short staff which explained the slow service. We also noticed a couple that walked out. The food is very good, just need better sevice and more wait staff.

Great vegan dinner! YUM!, 7/1/2008
Reviewer: Jen from Goleta, CA
My husband and I are both vegans and are happy as can be that we discovered the Chamomile Cafe and its delicious vegan dinners! Not only is the restaurant super cute (country chic), the service impeccable, and the owner so nice and friendly, but the food was superb. We'll be back again and again!

Worth the wait, 3/18/2008
Reviewer: Dora Lynn from Carpinteria, CA
I went in understanding that the specialty is everything made on premises. There was a little wait for the food, but the bakery looked amazing and included a lot of vegan baked goods, so we just picked some for the table while we waited. Our breakfast was incredible and the menu was so unique, although home fries or hash browns would be a good addition. We'll be back!

Best croissants this side of Paris, 3/4/2008
Reviewer: Leanne Saunders from San Francisco, CA
I've never eaten a meal here, but every time I go to Carpinteria, or through it on my way to somewhere else, I stop for a croissant. Actually my title is misleading. Chamomile's croissants are BETTER than the ones I've had in Paris.

tasty vegan food, 2/26/2008
Reviewer: johnny from carpinteria
great food with a nice variety of entrees and good service. wondefrully flavored vegetarian and vegan food with great meat substitutes. the vegan meatloaf with mash potatoes is very tasty and filling as the real thing. my favorite place to eat in carpinteria.

good eats, 2/2/2008
Reviewer: cindy adler from camarillo
This was my first time and the food was great! The service was very slow but the waitress was very sweet. I cant wait to go back and try the blueberry pancakes!

time to step it up!, 1/25/2008
Reviewer: Renee from carpinteria, ca
i have gone into chamomile cafe for a loaf or two of bread, and i will not be going back. not only was i treated poorly because i only wanted bread, but after paying $5.50 a loaf, it was handed to me in a nasty plastic shopping bag! how unappetizing. i would advise the owner to stay in the kitchen and have a welcoming face work in the front.

Don't even bother, 1/12/2008
Reviewer: Julie from Santa Barbara, CA
My girlfriends and I planned a long bike ride and run, and decided to reward ourselves with breakfast out. We were so looking forward to the Chamomile Cafe- situated right in the cute part of downtown Carp. What a disappointment. I couldn't believe how rude the owner was, practically rolling her eyes when I (went up to the counter) to ask for ketchup and salsa. There was practically no one in the restaurant, yet we needed to flag down our waitress for our bill. The food left much to be desired. Bland, boring. The eggs were dry, potato specialty cold- the only good thing was the organic coffee. I would recommend the cajun kitchen or jeaninnes in montecito

Tasty, pleasant, homey and recommended!, 12/8/2007
Reviewer: Jason from Carp, CA
My wife and I had breakfast here a few weeks back and it was quite good. The standard omelette or pancakes or french toast all had some sort of signature flair thrown in to spice up the ordinary. The food was fresh and tasty. It was very busy the time we went, with two HUGE parties taking up most of the space. You'd think this would dominate the servers and cook staff's time, however after a slight wait for a table, we were seated, waited upon and served very promptly. Kudos to the tired, yet still upbeat staff for pulling that off!

Great food!, 11/20/2007
Reviewer: Monica from Goleta, CA
The new VEGAN dinners are amazing. I am not even a vegan! I am crazy about the lentil and red bean loaf w/ mushroom gravy! It is fantastic. The service is just OK but the owner is so sweet you won't mind waiting around for her to bring the bread/ wine, etc.

yum, 7/29/2007
Reviewer: scott richard from santa barbara
this place has heart and soul and the food does, too. because it has a life of its own, it also has quirks, but if you roll with it, you get to see the best of food at its best! the potato knish is worth traveling for and this is easy dream-infiltration cuisine.

Worst Sevice Ever!, 6/24/2007
Reviewer: Chelsea from santa barbara, ca
I didn't eat the food because the service was so aweful. My friend and I walked into this restaurant and there was a big sign that said please wait to be seated so we waited finally a tall dark haired girl said "well you can seat yourself" so we did at an empty table. We seated at a dirty table that after about 5min someone slapped a piece of paper over the dirty table. We waited another 5 min finally I went in to get a menu and the same waitress brought us one after I had to ask. Then we ordered during which the waitress was rude and at the very end this young waitress made an intolerable remark to my friend and we left. She was rude from the moment we walked in the door. I wouldn't recommend this place until the staff had some training in how to be polite.

Great healthy food..., 3/7/2007
Reviewer: Janet from Carp
We have been to the restaurant many times. They have a great Sunday morning menu and everything is made fresh so you may have to wait a little longer, but it is worth it.

Wonderful food, 2/22/2007
Reviewer: Monique from Santa Barbara, CA
The food here is excellent!! The quiche is divine, the salad is always fresh. The potato knish is perfectly spiced, the bread is fresh and tasty. The tuna and the turkey sandwhiches are my favorite. The homemade salad dressings really make the salads. I can't say enough about how good the food is!!

Our favorite Breakfast, 10/31/2006
Reviewer: Jessica from Carpinteria, CA
My husband and i try and eat breakfast at Chamomile Cafe as often as possible. Everything about it is homemade- from the toast and jam to the potato knish. If you can be patient and wait for an amazing meal made from scratch, make it a point to eat here as soon as possible. I highly recommend the pumpkin pecan pancakes!

The food and service are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 7/24/2006
Reviewer: Anja from Netherlands
I adore Chamomile cafe the food is awesome. The home made bread, soups and salads are to die for. I really appriciated the pleasant and efficient service i received especially from Maureen the Dutch waitress she was the best and verry friendly. If you are traveling up the California coast and stop in Carpinteria/Summerland/Santa Barbara you must stop and eat here for breakfast,lunch,diner. definitely worth a visit and a return visit! We had a great time!!thanks Maureen!

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