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Cafe Luna
No longer in business
Opened: 2006-04 Closed: 2015-02

2354 Lillie Ave, Summerland
Phone: (805) 695-8780

Reviews by the General Public

Cafe Luna is closed, 2/9/2015
Reviewer: cj from Santa Barbara, CA
Walked by today and found a sign on the door thanking patrons for the last few years and stating that its doors are permanently closed. So sad. Many a lovely and leisurely meal was had. We will miss it!

Friendly staff, hit and miss food but very dirty, 4/6/2014
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is really in need of a good scrub down. I don't usually freak about a few crumbs or a run down looking restaurant, but when you walk into a place and it smells bad and the floor is dirty and the fabric on the cushions smell bad and look stained and dirty...well, you have to wonder what's going on behind the counter. Now, it may be that the kitchen/prep area is perfectly clean. But you'd never know it from the rest of the place. The staff is pretty friendly and helpful. The food is sometimes very good, sometimes mediocre. But I can't go back anymore because I just don't want to sit and dine in a place that smells bad and looks filthy.

It could be so much more, but it's still great!, 2/17/2014
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
I live in Summerland and frequent Cafe Luna a few times a week. I have dined there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you are looking for a relaxed place to have breakfast, this is the place. Don't go if you are rushed for time and just want to grab a quick coffee. Other reviewers have noted that the coffee is poor quality, but that is far from accurate. The coffee is Green Star brand which is a respectable local roaster. The various food items I recommend are: the poached egg bowl, the almond croissants (they are from Renaud's), the chicken dinner, and the potato pizza (it's really excellent). Ok, now as for my review of the physical location, this is a dump that could be so much more. My suggestions for the owners are: clear out the cob webs, paint the walls and floors, taken down the crappy pergola looking structure in the front of the building along with the dirty fabric thing that is entangled in the structure, AND THEN THIS PLACE WILL SPARKLE. If you really want to go the extra mile, make the coffee service honor code so people drop their $$ in a box and don't have to wait to pay for a cup of coffee.

Superb dinner at Cafe Luna in Summerland, 4/13/2012
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
We just had an exquisite dinner at Cafe Luna, which has recently started serving dinner. The meal was beautifully nuanced and presented in a warm atmosphere in an intimate dining room dominated by a large field stone fireplace. We learned that Chef David frequently changes his menu, which is California with an Italian flair. The seasonings were delicate and distinctive. We had a delicious very thin crust pizza and a light and delicious meatloaf with a side of mashed potatoes with truffle oil. I took the risk on the meatloaf, thinking the recommendations would prove to be unfounded. Instead, it was the best I've ever eaten. The dessert was a selection of mini-brownies covered with burnt marmalade sauce. The wine list featured local wines at reasonable prices, which was a refreshing change. The acoustics were fine, so we could talk without raising our voices. Our server was friendly and professional. You should check it out.

Mediterranean Jewel , 4/13/2012
Reviewer: Carlos from Santa Barbara, CA
On a sunny day it feels like being in the Italian Riviera; excellent food with a warm atmosphere and very friendly service. My friends from outer town insist in going there for dinner, again and again. This place should not be missed.

Excellent!, 10/26/2011
Reviewer: Irene C. from Santa Barbara, CA
After a day at the beach, drove by and saw the banner outside "Now Serving Pizza," and couldn't resist. Despite a wait to order food (counter service), everything was excellent. The wood-fired pizza is amazing (had the classic Margherita) and the staff very nice. Had a lovely lunch & couple of beers on the front patio. We had just missed the live music... will have to return another weekend for the entertainment. Fantastic, casual spot and pizza that rivals the best! Thanks!

It could be so much more, 8/25/2011
Reviewer: andrew from Summerland CA
First let me state, that I live in the neighborhood and could and would frequent often if they had good coffee. There needs to be a better brand such as "Blue Bottle" to draw a more discerning crowd, people want the best these days in drinks and coffee. I think they could make a way better use of this terrific space. Faster service with better wait staff that know exactly what to do in a short amount of time. Time and time again they have made my order wrong.

I LOVE Cafe Luna!, 8/25/2011
Reviewer: Haley from Summerland, CA
Their almond croissants are AMAZING, they have free wifi and I love the homey feel of it. Itís especially fun on Sundays when they play live music and serve mimosas! The owners are very friendly, as is the service, contrary to other reviews, I have never had a problem with my coffee taking too long, nor have I been served cold coffee.

entertainment fabulous!, 4/9/2011
Reviewer: Corinne from Santa Barbara, CA
Colin and Angel are the most amazing and gifted musicians - they transport one to another world! Thank you for offering first class entertainment.

They are trying, 1/3/2011
Reviewer: Jill from Santa Barbara, CA
They are trying hard. Getting better and fuller If they added Pizza to go in the afternoon it would add a lot to the community. A bit pricey but not bad. Coffee is pretty good better than starbux. There is one guy there nearly everyday trying to pick up women but other than that safe and quiet (he is a bit funny and pathetic). Having free Internet a few bigger tables would make it nicer! not bad for what it is!

Terrible service., 12/17/2010
Reviewer: Mc Neil from Santa Barbara, CA
Approached the counter for a drink, it appeared to be one of the employees was arguing with the owner very unprofessional. The only reason I didn't get up and go was cause I was running late to work. By the time the drink reached my hands it was cold. I've tried to become a loyal customer but, the service has become horrible. Unfriendly, unprofessional.

Great going, , 11/4/2010
Reviewer: Megan P. from Santa Barbara, CA
Waited 7 minutes for my drink, (STARBUCKS WILL HAVE YOUR DRINK IN 3 MINUTES) when I finally got my drink, the tall short haired girl gave me such attitude. The drink was cold when I approached her, I asked if she can heat it. I said it was kind of cold she said "oh wow I heated to 145" with such attitude. Not the first she has done that me and my husband. But, it was the last. The Vegetable Quiche I got was old, as if it sat in there cooler for days. The quality of service has drastically gone down. I will never step foot back into that dump of a place it has turned into. Matter of time before Cafe Luna vanishes... It once was a beautiful place to go sit and enjoy some coffee....

Reviewer: DARLENE VANDUIVENDYK from Wickenburg, Arizona

SLOW Service, 8/26/2010
Reviewer: Lou from Santa Barbara, CA
I try to stop by Cafe Luna fairly often as I try to support local business; and the coffee is good. However, I cannot frequent here as often as I would like because the service is painfully slow. The concept of multi-tasking needs to be seriously evaluated here. The people behind the counter are generally friendly, but that doesn't make up for the fact that I wait an average of 5 minutes for a latte to-go. Maybe they need more people working each shift. I want to be a Cafe Luna "regular" but until they speed it up a bit I will continue to pass it by.

Was a welcoming place!, 8/24/2010
Reviewer: Isabella C. from Carp
I'm usually very pleased with the service in the mornings. My drinks are always prepared by the time I approach the counter "big plus". Unfortunately I stopped by in the afternoon to pick up a cold drink, as I approached the counter the 2 females that were there were talking "I wasn't even acknowledged they were very in debt in there conversation. I stood in front of the pastry case for about 3 minutes as they finished there conversation. One of the girls simply walked away as if I wasn't there. At this point I was a little frustrated but, ignored it. When I finally got my drink, it wasn't what I ordered and when I asked one of the girls she replied, "That's what you ordered" and gave me attitude. I simply took my drink and business else where. Unfortunate, such a nice, cozy place.

For those of you that want to rant about Cafe Luna. , 4/15/2010
Reviewer: Niki from carpinteria, CA
I am a Carp resident. I drive about 3 times to SB a day. For those that went to Cafe Luna around summer time Yes, I will agree that the place was missing something. But it was not the help. Now, the new owners of Cafe Luna are so very sweet. They are involved with the customers and as we would say in Hawaii ďtalk story". For those that think there is something missing then please tell them. They are open to your comments, suggestions and anything else that may come your way. Not only do I stop for my coffee at Cafe Luna, but I also grab one for my husband and a pastry too. The owners have expanded on their pastry selection for US. There are many times when I'm in Cafe Luna and I see the owners sitting with customers and or helping with the staff. They are involved. So those of you, who think itís horrible, give it one more try. One last thing. These owners are very excited about this place. And they want this to be your place too Carp resident, Student, Business Owner.

Great Job !!!!!!!!! Cafe Luna, 4/8/2010
Reviewer: Alessandro from Santa Barbara, CA
Once again, we heard Cafe Luna has gone under new ownership. My wife and I decided to give that remarkable place 1 last chance. We were extremely pleased "Cafe Luna", You've out done yourselves, The food was delicious! Oh!, and the CAPPUCCINO was out of this world. The service was excellent, with a fabulous smile. Only one minor disappointment, there were only 2 people working on Wednesday during the lunch hour rush. Other then that our experience was remarkable. Keep up the good work Cafe Luna!!!

Missing the good ol' days., 3/11/2010
Reviewer: Jean from Santa Barbara, CA
I have seen this place go through 3 owners. It was best when it was the French Bulldog. GONE is the bright coziness, great coffee, hospitable hosts, great clientele and the great food. The staff seems aloof and not very friendly. The place has lost it's former liveliness and feels cold and empty. The food and pastries are not even near the same quality and lack variety. too much sugar and not enough healthy options. The brioche and croissants I've sampled were bland and not very tasty, with a prepackaged taste. I'm looking forward to owner #4 and hoping they will inject some life into the place.

The Return of Greatness, 2/18/2010
Reviewer: Johnny from Santa Barbara/CA
I recently returned to Santa Barbara from a dreadful hiatus in Los Angeles and after a rain-soaked hike with a friend, we stopped in at Cafe Luna in Summerland remembering the fireplace and figured it was a great place to stop to dry our soggy shoes and have a coffee. I discovered two things- it was under new ownership and they had brought back the ultra-delicious quesadilla! What better on a rainy day (or not) to be welcomed back warmly by the new husband and wife owners, enjoy the missed quesadilla and look forward to frequenting the spot to sample the rest of the menu! Well worth avoiding Santa Barbara and Montecito for this cozy little spot!

Love cafe Luna!, 1/19/2010
Reviewer: Cici from Santa Barbara, CA
The place is so sweet and cozy, and I love making it a stop on my way to Santa Barbara! The workers are friendly and the ambiance is great. Nothing beats their croissants(they are heavenly!) and they have an awesome tea selection(try the vanilla spice). I have also seen this place change many times and feel they are on the right path so far!

So ... this is better?, 7/26/2009
Reviewer: Tony from Summerland, CA
Being a long-time Summerland resident I have seen this location change ownership multiple times now. I stopped by this weekend to see if the dismal Cafe Luna has changed for the better only to be disappointed one more time... Peerless Coffee... terrible. I ordered a bagel with cream cheese and was served a stone cold "toasted", stale excuse for a bagel. Obviously Renaud has not made any positve changes as of yet. Where are these wonderful pasteries people are speaking of? The place is going through obvious physical changes. I only hope the quality of the food and coffee improves...quickly! This is a great space and Summerland desperately needs a new quality coffee/breakfast/lunch spot!

Cafe Luna has changed for the BEST!, 7/23/2009
Reviewer: claire snow from Santa Barbara, CA
if you are like me, you LOVE great coffee and thank goodness, Renaud's has taken over the Luna Cafe bringing the BEST coffee and ABSOLUTELY THE BEST pastries. Renaud and his wife own the patisserie next to Harry's, and they have filled a much needed spot in our city for freshly baked, totally fabulous French pastries and excellent coffee. And voila! Now they have brought their perfect bakery yummy everythings to the brand new Luna Cafe. The manager is knowledgeable about all facets of a coffeehouse. She is friendly, quick, and always polite and welcoming. The pastry case is full of the most wonderful scones, croissants, and more delicacies. This is my new favorite on my way south stop! Utterly THE BEST!!

Change Isn't Always Good, 7/18/2009
Reviewer: Michael G. from Santa Barbara, CA
For the last year I have enjoyed stopping most mornings at this place. Grab the Daily Sound and a quick cappucino. There is new ownership. The magazine racks are gone, taking away the local feel. But the service...the cashier was like a deer in the headlights. She kept taking orders, putting an empty cup with the printed order underneath it on the counter. No coffee being made. There was a guy walking around looking chefly but not helping. Another guy seemed to be there, concerned, but not helping. No one stops to get a 15 minute capp- that's the point of a well-run coffee shop. I won't go back for a while. Please, bring back the Daily Sound, M-Journal, Independent, Deep and get someone who knows how to run the counter of a busy coffee shop. Please.

Miss the Bulldog.., 12/16/2008
Reviewer: Becky from Santa Barbara, CA
Cafe Luna is an okay spot to stop if you're looking for a coffee joint in Summerland, but it seems so have gone downhill since it changed names and ownership. Whatever happened to the French Bulldog? Awesome drinks, food, service, and atmosphere. The manager, John, was always friendly and made cool foam designs. All the employees were great. I really miss the Bulldog.

wanting to visit , 6/10/2008
Reviewer: Tracy Weitz from Ahwatukee, Arizona
i am coning from arizona. have heard so much about this restaurant it has gotten great reviews. i love food yet and wanting to bring and meet some of my friends there....Trying to catch up with some old friends so I think this would be the place to come.

love it!, 12/27/2007
Reviewer: kenny from sb
I always make sure to stop here on my way south to grab a drink and some food to go. Everything I've had there is amazing! Especially their paninis with prosciutto. I love the cafe cute! and the outdoor patio is awesome!! Wish there was one in sb!

Our Peace of Mind, 9/29/2007
Reviewer: Lydia & Renee from Simi Valley, Ca
We come from Simi Valley for a Panni, we love the drive up there, and the scenery and food when we arrive is great, added bonus our small dog is allowed outside to enjoy. Although I wish the hours were a little more extended in the later afternoon, well worth the drive!

Surprisingly good, 4/15/2007
Reviewer: CC from Summerland Local
I wish they opened a tad earlier...say 6:30? I have to wait to get to work until they open. The Egg Bagel Sandwich is really good, I mean GREAT! (make sure to get tomato, avacado and onion on it)

Nice Summerland secret, 1/17/2007
Reviewer: Mark Garcia from Santa Barbara
If you have a chance to enter the Summerland area you MUST visit Cafe Luna. The coffee is excellent, a local variety of fresh pastries, and a wonderful staff. Only area of improvement would be more consistency with the "little cakes" which can be very habit forming!

Reviewer: Christina from Santa Barbara
I just love the atmosphere here! Although they have great coffee, I feel that the food is over priced.

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