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South Coast Deli - Goleta
185 S. Patterson Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 967-8226

Reviews by the General Public

This sandwich shop has really gone down hill
Reviewer: Mario from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been going to this sandwich shop for many years. They used to make some great sandwiches. Unfortunately in the last few years, the execution side of the business has fallen apart and the resulting sandwiches are poorly assembled. Specifically, South Coast is fond of soaking the entire sandwich in mayonnaise. It is disgusting. The obvious solution might be to order the sandwich with the mayonnaise on the side. Unfortunately when you call in an order and ask for mayonnaise on the side, one of three things happens: a) They ignore your request and put mayo on the sandwich anyway. b) They leave mayo off the sandwich but forget to give it you on the side. c) They make the sandwich to order. In my last 6 orders, scenario c) has happened exactly twice. Of course they will fix your order when you ask them to, but who has time for that? There are way better sandwich shops in goleta now (like three pickles so I would skip south coast.

Greek Salad ROCKS!
Reviewer: Leigh from Santa Barbara, CA
I love their salads and my favorite is the Greek. The dressing it comes with is great but I'm not too sure about the calorie/fat content which I think is probably high. I always get the dressing on the side and then instead of using the creamy garlic dressing (which is really yummy) I sprinkle balsamic vinegar all over it. YUM!!! HEALTHY!!!

Bland Bland Bland
Reviewer: Toby from Santa Barbara, CA
Way too much mayo in the chicken salad and absolutely no flavor what so ever. Go to Panino if you want chicken salad.

Good Food, Bad Service
Reviewer: Samantha from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been going to SCD for a while now and being that i work in a restaurant i know a thing or two about customer service. I agree completely with the other postings about the manager. i asked him why the cobb salad sammie has been taken off the menu bc its my favorite and he very rudely handed me the other sandwich i ordered, that took about 20 min longer than they said it would, and said some kind of contrived response that did not include an apology and walked away while i was still talking. He has no understanding of customer service or respect. i don't understand how the owners continue to let his actions go unpunished. its a big turn off. also most of the waitstaff have attitudes as well. except one girl with light brown hair is always so nice. another time i went there i called in a SC veggie, came in 20 min like they quoted and waited another 20 min to get my sandwich, i got in the car to find they had made me a SC turkey. thankfully i hadn't left so i went back in to confusion and dismay from the employees and waited another 15 min for my veggie sandwich. very little was done on the part of the employees to apologize or reconcile the error in a timely and respectful fashion.i really liked coming here, i was not a rude customer and always tipped, so i don't feel that i should have been treated like a bother or inconvenience especially when i am paying for a service! i have had multiple instances like this where the service is horrible and not worth the delicious sandwiches and will not return to south coast deli.

Disappointed Long-time Customer
Reviewer: SV from Santa Barbara, CA
I work near SCD, and as such I have been coming here for a number of years. In the past several months, something's changed. I had hoped it was a fluke, but after my most recent meal there I can only believe that it must be a trend. For example: SCD used to have the best bagel-with-smoked-salmon in town. Nice toasted bagel, lots of toppings, a great value. I'd order one for breakfast and not be hungry the rest of the day. Well, the past few I've ordered have been pale, thin imitations of their former selves: Transparent layers of cream cheese and a few wispy shreds of salmon, all carelessly slapped onto a bagel that's been quickly run through a toaster. No thanks. Sandwiches seem to have gone the same way. They aren't bad - they just aren't a good value, and they have no attention in them. Furthermore, the service is less friendly. I agree with the commenter below that the dark-haired manager ought to reconsider calling us "Miss"... I, too, am put off by it. It's his tone of voice more than the word itself. I'll be finding another breakfast/lunch spot.

Best Deli in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Rachel Hunter from Santa Barbara, CA
The service and food are perfect. Wide variety of sandwhich choices to choose from and the service is always very reliable and personable. Always a great lunch!

Experience much like Sarah's
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
Review below was similar to my experience and I wonder if the owners read the reviews or if they're too self-absorbed to be bothered. So many times my wait time is too long or the employees have "attitude". Recently I ordered a salad at the counter at lunchtime, and waited for 20 minutes. As I was about to go back to the counter to ask about it, the manager (the younger guy with curly dark hair who's always there) came out with a large full bag and called "Christine". I told him that wasn't my order, and told him about the salad. A lady overhead this and asked, "for ChristinA maybe?" and it turned out to be hers. He asked me if I called in the order, I said "no, at the counter" and pointed. The girl standing there, who had taken my order, actually shrugged. He asked for my receipt! But I'd declined the receipt at the counter when I paid, and told him so. He then walked away without saying anything more. 10 more minutes went by and I got up to ask, but no one offered to help so I stood around for another couple of minutes. He came back out with my salad, but I don't see the chicken on top like usual, and I asked about it. He then said, so condescendingly, "yes Miss, that's what you ordered." And walked away. No apologies EVER were given and most of my lunch hour was gone. I'm married in my mid-30s and I understand EXACTLY what you mean when you call me "Miss." See ya South Coast, I'm taking my business elsewhere. Not the first time you've screwed up or wasted my lunch break but that was the last.

Very frustrating experience
Reviewer: Sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
I love South Coast Deli and their sandwiches. The last few times I have been to the Goleta location have made me not want to go back. I called in my order one day and was told it would take 20 minutes. I showed up 20 minutes later and paid and began to wait. I waited 10 minutes, then noticed that all the people in line after me who ordered at the restaurant were leaving with their sandwiches. I waited a few more minutes then went and asked about my order and the guy at the front was pretty rude and told me it was coming as if I was being a nuisance. I was on my lunch break and didn't have all day to wait for my sandwish. Ten minutes later I asked about it again and was told the same thing. Then I finally got my sandwich and was treated like I was the one with the problem. No one thanked me for being patient or even said sorry. If they messed up, it's not the end of the world but it wouldn't hurt to apologize and do everything to make the situation better. I won't be back to the Goleta location for a while.

prefer Chapala location better...
Reviewer: elle from goleta, ca
I was at the Chapala location on Saturday, and decided to give the Goleta location a try since it's close to work. Tried an experiment--I ordered the same sandwich from Saturday (Robert Emmet). Conclusion: I prefer the Chapala location better. Though the flavors were there, the ham seemed to diminish at the end of the sandwich. A little disappointing because the Chapala location did a better job with the same sandwich.

Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Incredible Deli. Love their salads, especially the Greek with roasted chicken on it. Sandwiches are large and a real good meal. I lean to the tuna sandwich and they put a generous amount of tuna on the sandwich. If I have one complaint though, it is parking, it sucks. But, that is to be expected when everyone is trying to get in. Way to go SCDeli.

NOT so good ;- (( Little food, high prices
Reviewer: Allen from Santa Barbara, CA
We went here about a year ago and the food was average. However,we saw the place was selected to be good in Goleta this year! So, we decided to have lunch there yesterday. I ordered the basic turkey sandwich with salad and my girl friend got the the chicken salad. My sandwich had barely a slice of meat on it! ( I was Hungry !) I remember last year they gave us lots of veggies i.e. lettuce and sprouts to fill the sandwich. The salad was just iceberg lettuce no tomato, cucumber, ... My girl friend said her salad was ok but not filling. we didn't want to buy chips to just fill our stomachs! I don't mind paying a buck or two extra to have more meat on my sandwich. How about giving the customer the choice to super size!?

Delicious Sandwiches
Reviewer: Rachel from Santa Barbara, CA
The first time I went there I got a sky-high, which is a pastrami sandwich with coleslaw - I'd give it a B+. The second time I went, I got a chicken pesto panini - A+. So goood. The staff was polite, but the wait was about ten minutes, hence the 4/5 stars for service.

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