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Ca Dario

Yanni's at Mackenzie Market
3102 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 682-2051

Reviews by the General Public

Disappointed......, 8/30/2018
Reviewer: Hope from Santa Barbara, CA
I wanted to try the gyros based on the existing reviews but what a disappointment. The gyros contained more filler (sauce, tomatoes, onions) than meat. There was only 3 slices of meat in this, and the pita was not vey fresh. It broke apart before I ate half of the gyro. Not worth the money.

Great hospitality and food
Reviewer: Dennis from Santa Barbara, CA
The service is always gracious and welcoming. The food is always excellent and made with pride in the family tradition. My grandson loves the motorcycles and enjoys eating here with me. Always a winner!

Great Gyros!
Reviewer: Kathy from Santa Barbara, CA
Since the Italian/Greek Market on State st. closed I have been on the look out for another awesome Greek deli, which we found at Yanni's. I am happy I got my wish and I will be a regular customer from now on!

Reviewer: Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
Friendly service and delicious food...don't overpay somewhere else for bad food...try this place and get a meal that tastes like it was made by a loving grandmother...I have eaten here a few times...cannot believe I never knew about this hidden gem...

Reviewer: Rodger Dawson from Santa Barbara, CA
Often we go "out" to eat @a restaurant in order to find a change of atmosphere (as well as take a break from our own customary cooking), but going to "Ianni's" is like coming "in" to a place that feels like "home" - not because it looks like home, but because I get to enjoy the informality of home. For instance, sometimes when Ianni finishes preparing the dish (& there aren't several others waiting for theirs) he might sit down with me & chat! Some restaurants are of course more formal, & that may be preferable depending on the occasion, but for simply wonderful true Greek-style tasty food (that I don't have to make, & clean up afterward), Ianni's fits the "bill"!

Neglected, Dirty and Still Open?
Reviewer: Vic Tanny from Santa Barbara, CA
These reviews are obviously posted by friends and family. We tried their gyro to compare it with Metropulos. It was not very good, where as at Metropulos every bite was divine. Also the atmosphere, or lack there of was like eating in a filthy storage garage. Even the sign outside advertises an old business no longer there. Not sure how this place stays open.

Reviewer: Ariana from Santa Barbara, CA
This is hands down not only the BEST greek food here, and absolutely delicious for any town, it is the best restaurant in town especially if you value local, quaint places serving homemade food. The owners are really nice people, the food is fresh and delicious. They will even make some special Spanakopitas once in awhile that are wonderful and different! Highly recommend!

Great Food Great Hospitality
Reviewer: Anna from Santa Barbara, CA
After driving by the Market on a daily basis, I decided to stop after reading wonderful reviews of the food on this site. I ordered the tri-tip sandwich and my friend ordered the tri-tip gyro. The meat was tender, juicy with a hint of smoke not overpowering. They also have pork tri-tip & chicken salad which goes fast. The family is so hospitable and you feel like old friends when you have lunch here. I highly recommend stopping by to have a sandwich. You will not be disappointed.

Fantastic! (Actually 7 stars!!)
Reviewer: Chuck from Santa Barbara, CA
I had briefly forgotten how good Yanni's Gyros are; I decided to pick one up in addition to my usual tri-tip. Yanni does not disappoint (he manages the food at the Greek Festival). Truly awesome sandwiches; maybe the other reviewer is correct - it must have something to do with the cellophane wrapping.... Naah, it is Yanni's excellent deli skills and knowledge...

Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Hands down without a doubt the best tri-tip sandwich i've ever bought. No idea how i went this long without ever going there, but that's going to change, this is my go to place for lunch now. John (? the owner?) great guy, real humble and real skilled with the food.

Joe really
Reviewer: Penny from Santa Barbara, CA
Yannis has the best Greek food in town hands-down. Yannis tri tip is mouthwatering. Joe must've really had a bad day,maybe he has tastebuds somewhere other than his mouth.

Reviewer: rick from Solvang
We love the food. Amazing. Make sure to add the feta! I drive over from Solvang just to eat at Yannis!

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