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Country Meat Market
5925 Calle Real, Goleta
Phone: (805) 964-3811

Reviews by the General Public

Pastrami Sandwich is the Best
Reviewer: Sylvie from Santa Barbara, CA
The Pastrami sandwich is so delicious. I love the pastrami grilled and slightly crispy, and served on a roll with all the fixin's. Definately going back to savor the sandwiches at Country Meat Market.

Best cheeseburger
Reviewer: Chatlotte from Goleta
The catering is fabulous (they once again catered the BBQ chicken for our school event). The meat market itself is excellent, the sandwiches are great too but the cheeseburger (in house ground beef) is the best burger I've had in a long time. It was cooked to a perfect med. rare, very juicy and flavorful, ample melted cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato and onions, and a nice crispy bun...and it didn't cost $20 bucks!

Reviewer: Max from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered 5 sandwiches for coworkers and myself....EASILY the BEST sandwiches we've had in SB!!!! Staff is very friendly... great/clean atmosphere...We make the drive from SB to Goleta for these sandwiches....TRUST ME...THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!!!!

OMG amazing
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara, CA
Today was my first venture into the Country Meat Market, and it's definitely my new favorite sandwich spot in town. The service was friendly and efficient, the sandwich was packed with delicious ingredients, and the potato salad was probably the best I've ever had. 5 stars all around. If I had to give this place one negative remark it would be that there is no avocado on the menu to add to sandwiches(but then again I didn't ask).

Best Sandwich Ever
Reviewer: Gina from Lompoc, CA
WOW!!! The best turkey sandwich I have ever had. The worker that served me was the best; she knew exactly how to make a killer sandwich and was extremely friendly.

Woman taking phone orders not very customer service oriented
Reviewer: Jordan from Santa Barbara, CA
Has gotten my orders wrong a few times, and sometimes has a bit of an attitude.

Excellent Sandwich!!! AWESOME STAFF!!!
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
As a manager in the service industry, I am tremendously jealous of the staff that works here. At no time have I ever seen a staff that is continuously working to serve their guests. I suggest all SB area restaurant managers to visit this place and, after you place your order, just watch the staff. EFFICIENCY!!!! The owner/manager of this place has the best staff that I have seen in SB!! Congratulations, and THANK YOU!! p.s. "Pastrami...French Roll..."everything" on it...Swiss Cheese" trust sandwich in the SB area!!!!

Best burger!
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
Who makes the best burgers in town? Me! Thanks to the freshly ground premium hamburger patties and gorgeous Brioche buns they sell for a very good price! The staff is so friendly and helpful, as well. In the past I have hired them to cater for school fudraisers and again.....friendly,professional,incredible food and at a fair price! This place just gets better and better in my eyes! Country Is quite an asset to Goleta.....still!

Without a Doubt, Best Sandwich in Town
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm in SB for school, and this is basically the only sandwich shop I eat at. I never thought I'd find a deli like my favorite place back home, but CM has stepped up to the plate. Makes places like subway and Quizno's look like dog food (though they pretty much are). Staff is good people. I'd be down for them to close later but its a family joint so I understand. I'm always curious what the specialty and pre-made items are like?? Anybody every give anything a try?

How have I never heard of this place?
Reviewer: Alex from Santa Barbara, CA
I just discovered this place for lunch today. Amazing! I got the special which was a philly cheesesteak. The steak in the sandwich was so tender and cooked to perfection. I'll definitely be coming here more often.

I didn't get EXACTLY what I ordered, but...
Reviewer: Naomi from Santa Barbara, CA
But maybe they knew I'd LOVE it anyway? We ordered over the phone & were told it'd be ready in 10 mins, which it was...awesome. I asked for a hot pastrami on sourdough w/no mustard. I got it on a French roll (probably cuz my boyfriend asked for a roll for his sandwich?) & it had lite mustard (again, to mimic my boyfriend's order?). But it turned out just fine. The pastrami was heavenly and the Swiss & Jack cheeses were so melty and delicious. We asked for pasta & macaroni salads as our included sides, but I was disappointed w/the portion sz...only enough to accompany half a sandwich, but scrumptious anyway. Will b back very soon, and I may just order it the way they gave it to me this last time!

By far the best sandwiches in town!
Reviewer: Christel from Goleta, CA
Country Catering has become my favorite place to eat. I have never been disappointed. Especially now that they have breakfast on Sundays I'll be going there even more often. I had the best breakfast burrito of my life this weekend. For only 5 bucks they'll make it exactly the way you want it! Of course, you cant go wrong with the Tri-tip sandwich either. After reading other reviews I'm going to have to give the pastrami a try. The staff there is amazing, they make you feel like youre getting special treatment. Go to CC. You'll be happy you did.

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