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Pizza Guru
No longer in business
Opened: 2006-07 Closed: 2019-10

3534 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 563-3250

Reviews by the General Public

Want To Like This Place So Much More, 7/22/2016
Reviewer: Rob from Santa Barbara, CA
Pizza Guru is the little underdog neighborhood joint that kills you with their potential, but just hasn't gotten there. Love the fact that we can walk there, love the vegan/vegetarian options (wife is vegan she loves this place), but the execution of the pizza leaves me with that, "this could be better, but it's not terrible," feeling. To me, and this is just my opinion, the crust is like a frozen pizza (that's not good) and it's too much like cardboard. Salads are ok, good beer on tap, friendly service, let's improve the pizza crust and add some herbs to the sauce and see how it goes.

We're crossing this place off our list for pizza, 3/11/2016
Reviewer: michelle from Santa Barbara, CA
Their website shows a menu with prices that are extremely out of date. The pizza we ordered said $19 online but was $27.50 on the phone. This is very misleading. The topping was skimpy but fresh, but not worth ordering again at that price. I was still hungry after three slices and ended up eating half the pizza! I did not feel like my meal was worth almost $14.00. We will not be ordering from Pizza Guru again.

great,absolutely fabulous, 7/4/2015
Reviewer: sue from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is always great. The pizza is great, salads are big and fresh! THe pizza crust is great, good, flavorful. The staff will always change a few things if you want. 10/10 Service is prompt, friendly, helpful. It is my favorite pizza place, as the pizzas are big, with lots of ingredients. I would add some different beers. thanx it is always good.

The Menu is better than the Food, 2/22/2015
Reviewer: Andrew Baker from Santa Barbara, CA
Just ordered and ate a couple salads and a pizza from PIzza Guru. Picking up was a standard affair with zero thanks. No worries, don't care. Back home, the salads, Gorganzola and Sweet Tang, that sounded amazing on the menu, weren't, at all, amazing. Below average. All lettuce and cheese and dressing and no magic tastes whatsoever. The Big Cheese pizza, only Big to be found was the size. The pizza itself, eh. Sorry to rip on you guys, but honestly, this place was way below the promise of the menu.

Great Pizza-Bring back Sierra Nevada Ale, 4/30/2013
Reviewer: steve from Santa Barbara, CA
The Pizza would almost be the best in town if they would just tone down the garlic in the just take a minute and TASTE your sauce..way too much garlic, and the customer can't get rid of it,so just set it up that they can add it if they want it more garlicky---just keep garlic salt in a couple of your shakers along with the Parmesan shakers...think about it please. Pizza dough really tastes amazingly pure and good, and most ingredients excellent.Really good complex smelling and tasting cheeses on pizza...nice quality grated Parmesan in shakers at the table too. Music has been turned down some(good-)but is always rock....why not a little light blues of interesting light cooljazz stuff some? Just one BIG gripe...and the only reason food not a 5....they stopped having Sierra Nevada pale ale draft. Look on Beer Advocate...the draft beers you have currently mostly only get 70's or so ratings...and they do just taste Blah....but Sierra Nevada gets a pretty consistent 90/s Plus..all the time!!--Sierra Nevada is known as the most consistently delicious and fresh beer in US. Please, Please, Please, bring it back...would hate to have to go to other pizza places just to get Sierra Nevada. Will come once a week if you start having Sierra Nevada Draft again.-a serious promise. Thanks.

On time delivery, delicious One With Everything, but..., 6/10/2012
Reviewer: Liz from Santa Barbara, CA
The One With Everything Pizza and the Vegetarian Pizza with the regular crust were delicious: I rate them 5 stars *****. Fresh--you could taste the flavors of the various ingredients. That is the regular crust pizzas. I did not enjoy the flavor of the gluten free crust. Though those who regularly eat gluten free might be more likely to appreciate the flavor. Customer service: I was pleased with Josh who helped over the phone to plan for our group of 16 for the pizza (3 large regular crust, 3 medium gluten free) to be delivered to our downtown venue. The delivery arrived at 6PM as promised, and the pizza was hot. We ate every bit and everyone had enough to eat. I would definitely order the regular crust pizzas again--they really were super good, but I wouldn't want to eat the gluten free again.

Reviewer: Kevin from Santa Barbara, CA
I love pizza and eating out; exploring new restaurants. I was told about pizza guru and wanted to check it out. First time there the food was mediocre and the service was HORRIBLE! Manager was rude and not accommodating. After waiting 45 minutes i finally received my slice of pizza and sandwich. The sandwich was disgusting; bread was dry and stale while the pizza slice had burnt cheese and sloppily put together for a horrible presentation in which i lost my appetite before even eating. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

Awful. Overpriced. Rude staff., 1/30/2012
Reviewer: ES from Santa Barbara, CA
I gave this awful place two chances, and was disappointed both times. The wait staff is RUDE and both times staff were talking smack about the customers calling in to place their pizza orders. They charge $2 extra for the whole wheat crust even though it doesn't say it on the menu board inside the restaurant (apparently only on the printout menu). Too bad because I am in favor of eateries that use organic and healthier ingredients. Not worth the stress or price.

Finally, after 18 years, I can have "pepperoni" pizza again , 6/22/2011
Reviewer: Michelle from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been vegetarian for about 18 1/2 years and vegan for the last several months, so I've not have my old favorite pizza, pepperoni, in all that time. I recently discovered Pizza Guru and found they have vegan pizza, including a vegan pepperoni which is everything I could wish. After reading these very mixed reviews, I almost didn't try it, but I decided to judge for myself. I'm very glad I did! As is my teenage son who loves the cheeseburger pizza (real meat, not vegan). We've been twice now, so far, and the pizzas were very good both times. I did think the regular crust was better than the whole wheat crust which was just okay. We've not been displeased with the service either as have some of the other reviewers. Oh, and the lemonade is very good too. :)

Please don't mix assaultive music with Great Pizza, 5/27/2011
Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Addicted to the great crust, and memorable taste of yum ingredients. Last few times there, the music was not just loud, but like agonizing screaming rock and 60's agonizing, repetitive guitar riffs of acid rock nature. Management....can't there be a more thoughtful music that still fit with your name? How about mellow, interesting McCarthy/Lennon music from the same era? How about early James Taylor stuff? You know..."You've Got a Friend"....still cool and hip...but can serve all tastes.... "You'd" have more friends......people have to sit and wait...and then the disturbingly repetitive- angst labored continual rock...please....most of your customers that I see there are varied sorts....thanks if you could change to music everyone could your advertising says..."We are one with everything"...Please follow your motto. A while back, the music seemed to get a little better,-but now back to the "same ole"...the point being, perhaps,-that the STAFF seems to like the ROCK a lot...but that doesn't mean that ROCK is fair to be blasting at the customers while they wait or eat. And keep making your life changing pizza...we think about it all week long until we come back. -Service is sometimes a little slow and sometimes you are out of some things such as certain beers or drinks...but not that bad and is forgivable considering the superb results of the actual pizza. Thanks, Your Faithful Ones.

better service best pizza!!!!, 3/12/2011
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
i have been going to pizza guru for a while now and i love their pizza. i went in here yesterday and i was pleasently surpised they had changed alot of there staff. i think they are still a little new but everyone i incounterd were very nice. the pizza was amazing like always. and there large pizza and beer special to me cant be beat :)

Pizza good, service appalling..., 2/16/2011
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
Love eating here for a big pizza and a pitcher of beer; I agree that the crust is too doughy but the quality of ingredients and some of the special pizzas are enough to keep me coming back. The salads here are also really good - enough to tempt me away from pizza on occasion, and I am a sucker for warm goat cheese. HOWEVER, the service is just laughable. Dirty dishes are stacked up on the tables, tables aren't properly wiped and the service is very slow. I don't do take-out because I think they prioritize customers in the restaurant; I learned this the hard way when I watched my pizza sit out on the counter waiting to go into a box (next to a wet rag and a heap of food that had been pushed to one side) while other folks got table service. There are enough staff working at Pizza Guru, and so you are left with the feeling that none of them are interested in bussing tables or cleaning up. However, there is really no excuse for letting food sit around with dirty dishes and rags in a restaurant, and this needs to be fixed.

Hello Management!!! Hire some new people!, 2/13/2011
Reviewer: Shane from Santa Barbara, CA
What is it going to take for the owners of Piza Guru to get the hint?!?! Your staff is ruining your establishment! I love the food here, and that is the only thing that keeps me coming back. But without fail, everytime I go to Pizza Guru, the person behind the counter is rude, short, unfriendly, and aloof. Really, manners are basic skills. It seems strange that you seem to hire only people without them! It makes me cringe to spend money here. Honestly, I'd rather go somewhere with mediocre pizza but great customer service... what a shame.

Total disappointment, 2/12/2011
Reviewer: Kelly Kilfoyle from Santa Barbara, CA
First off, I want to say that I really appreciate the concept behind this pizza place. I support the "conscious" effort (pun intended) to provide local and organic ingredients. After all the great reviews I read and heard about this place maybe I set the bar too high. We arrived at 1:30pm and the place was totally dead. The service was fine but it took a whole 30 minutes for us to receive our 2 pizzas. The dough was chewy and everything tasted like it needed a hefty dose of salt. Bland is an understatement. All of this would have been nearly excusable, but when we asked for water we were handed 3 very dirty cups. I couldn't even drink my water because it looked like someone else's greasy hands were all over it. As if that wasn't a total turn off - my brother bit into his mediterranean pizza and chipped his tooth on something very hard. Either won't be finding us at Pizza Guru ever again.

Fast, cheap for what you get: out of control!, 12/13/2010
Reviewer: Adam K. from Santa Barbara, CA
Okay so I'll be the first to tell you that if you want the best pizza in Santa Barbara, Sal's on Milpas is where you want to go. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that there's decent food on middle State as well! The pizza is really very good here; not my absolute favorite (crust is a little chewier than I normally like) but still flavorful and filling enough to please most pizza curmudgeons. For the kinds of ingredients they use, you can't beat the price, and their specialty pizzas are just creative enough to pique your interest without turning you off. The service was a real highlight: the woman who took my order was pleasant and helpful, and the woman who delivered my pizza was very friendly—she even complimented my orchids! Definitely recommended.

Reviewer: liz from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place. my favorite pizza will always be the BBQ pulled pork one. O MY GOD SOOOOOOO GOOD. granted it is a little pricy but have you noticed everything is organic and local. cant say the same about other places in town. never had a problam with the staff but it does get busy on a friday saturday night.

Service??, 10/10/2010
Reviewer: Rosa from Santa Barbara, CA
I remember when this place used to have awesome people working here. The girls had great customer service,they were not rude and they knew their stuff. I went in to eat the other night and first of all, the music was so loud and heavy metal like. I could barely hear what anyone was saying. Secondly, the people working there have the WORST customer service. I asked a couple questions and was answered with "ummm I dont know." I asked a different question and the girl did not know again so she asked the other guy..."ummm I dont know either." Seriously? Maybe Pizza Guru should look into hiring some friendly, customer service oriented people. Maybe those who WANT to know what is going on in the restaurant too. Its a bummer because I do enjoy the food, but the service is poor enough to make me not want to come back.

Don't Bother, 9/30/2010
Reviewer: Peter Kein from Santa Barbara, CA
Don't bother eating here in the evening. They are very slow. I waited 40 minutes for my pizza. They should tell you, 'we are very busy now, please be prepared to wait" No appologies, no considerations. Our beer glasses were warm, and pizza under cooked. Forget this place, just go to Giovani's.

Great pizza but rude staff, 9/24/2010
Reviewer: Lexi from Santa Barbara, CA
I want to start by saying that I think the pizza at Pizza Guru is delicious... very fresh, good selection of toppings. And, the delivery is wonderful. However, I went to pick up an order there and the girl behind the counter was extremely unfriendly both when I called in the order and again when I picked it up. Taking an order by saying "What do you want?" is not exactly my kind of service. Then she told me that my 2 large pizzas cost $40. That seemed pretty outrageously expensive for pizza.

Delivery - 1st timers and we look forward to more, 9/18/2010
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara, CA
We got a personal size "Buff Chick" and a large "Big Cheese" and were blown away by the flavors and the crust. We didn't specify and didn't ask but I assume we got the "Signature" crust. We agreed that the flavors were great and different (from a traditional red sauce and mozz cheese) but a bit "too much" for more than a slice or two of each. We look forward to trying different specialty pizzas in the smaller size with other options, maybe salads. We were told 45 minutes for delivery and the guy was perfectly on time, but actually apologized for being late - he got lost! The gal on the phone was a little "short" and as first timers (I never told her such) I wish I'd had more conversation but it's just pizza after all. It was very tasty and we'll get more! Oh, the Big Cheese was even better the next day.

Rude employees, offensive music, 9/17/2010
Reviewer: Kate from Santa Barbara, CA
I go to Pizza Guru often. The past couple times I've gone I have had awful service. The first time though, the situation was quickly rectified by a different employee and I really appreciated that. The most recent time I went in it was around noon on a Sunday. The girl behind the counter didn’t greet us and wasn't friendly at all. We ordered our food and sat down. About 5 minutes later obscene music comes on. It was disgusting and I was extremely uncomfortable. At this point I was praying for my pizza to come out so we could get the hell out of there. When my personal cheese pizza came it was overcooked to the point that there was no cheese! It looked like plain pizza dough, but at this point I was so uncomfortable and eager to get out, I just ate it and left! Since this whole recent incident it has been hard to me to get my friends to go there. No one wants to spend money at this business. But I continue to urge people to go. Seeing as Pizza Guru doesn’t have the best reputation with the community wouldn’t you think they would do everything to please their customers? The staff needs a reality check and a lesson in manners. Be grateful that you have loyal patrons sticking with you guys!

Love Pizza Guru, 6/23/2010
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Pizza Guru, they have so many tasty and delicious options. I love that they are one of the restaurants that thinks about vegan and gluten free options. They really do have a pizza to make everyone happy as well as a lot of other great menu options.

Closed Temporarily?, 6/18/2010
Reviewer: Pete from Santa Barbara, CA
The owner and her husband were arrested this week for money laundering from their nearby marijuana club. As John ("The Restaurant Guy") wrote in his blog, this place "went up in smoke". Presumably the pun was intentional? Hopefully the charges won't stick and this place will re-open. I love their pizza.

Was Closed Yesterday with Sign to Check Back-What Gives, 6/17/2010
Reviewer: steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Great Pizza. Anybody know why they seem temporarially closed, or?... Hope this is just an anomally. Addicted to this Pizza.

Pulled Pork n Pineapple, 6/1/2010
Reviewer: Fadi McGee from Seal Beach, CA
First time eating at pizza guru and was very impressed! called for a pick up, got served right when walking in...was in n out in less than 5 mins. Have never had pulled pork on a pizza but was amazing with pineapple and bacon. ALso ordered the nirvana specialty which was fully covered in fresh tasty vegies. Will reurn/ recomend this place for sure!!!

Poor Service - Cold Food, 5/21/2010
Reviewer: Ryan McGinnis from Santa Barbara, CA
It is not with great pleasure that I write this review, as I am an advocate for healthy, natural food. However, Pizza Guru has been a terrible disappointment. Within the past 4 months I have requested delivery. Each time, my pizza arrived at room temp. In my opinion, there is nothing better than a hot pie. Room temperature pizza... not nearly as tasty. We decided to try P.G. one more time and called in an order for pick-up, figuring this would cure the issue. An employee told us 20 minutes max. We arrived after 15 and waited another 35 before approaching the counter. We learned that our pie had been ready and they never thought to call our name. Once the pizza was located we learned the salad we ordered had not been made either, so we had another 5 minute wait. No apology was given. After this experience we e-mailed twice and left a phone message for a manager. Management never followed up. This place is disorganized which really ruins a good thing. I will find alternatives in the future and do not recommend Pizza Guru.

Fantastic Gluten Free Pizza!, 4/21/2010
Reviewer: Terry ;Mish from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been to Pizza Guru several times and the best thing about the choice of gluten free pizza!!! It is consistantly wonderful. The wait time for it to cook is long but very worth it. A friend of mine tried my pizza and the next time she ordered a gluten free one. I love this pizza

apparently they don't want our business, 4/13/2010
Reviewer: karen from Santa Barbara, CA
Hi, We live in the neighborhood and came in on Saturday for lunch. We waited at the counter for 10 minutes and the 2 people working there never came over and took our order. They just kept making their pizzas and talking on the phone... We wanted to like this place, but after this we won't be back.

2nd Visit Just As Good As 1st, 3/28/2010
Reviewer: Brennan from Santa Barbara, CA
I tried this place out with friends a few weeks ago and loved the "Buff Chic" pizza (basically buffalo wings taste on pizza... great idea and highly recommended). Ate here again this weekend with a group of friends who all ordered different pizzas and all had good things to say. They have a nice sized patio and the seating inside has been updated (the yellow tables in the picture are outdated). Service was pleasant this time and excellent the first time. I'd highly recommend it!

Like the food, but uneven service experiences, 3/25/2010
Reviewer: Justine from Santa Barbara, CA
I have ordered delivery twice from Pizza Guru and like some things a lot (goat cheese salad, bbq chicken pizza) and other things not so much (mac & cheese). The attitude of the servers who've taken my phone orders have been top-notch: very friendly and helpful. But the first time when they told me it would be 30 min for delivery, it was nearly twice that long. And the second time, I was brought a pizza missing some key ingredients (lettuce/tomato/dressing on the cheeseburger pizza). When I called the delivery person to let him know this, he had just left and was very nice about coming back right away to pick it up from me. Then he brought it back with the addition of the missing ingredients, but by this time, the rest of it was cold. I would have preferred for them to make a new one, or even just bring me the lettuce/tomato mixture to put on myself Btw, it would have been tastier had the dressing been tossed with the greens rather than drizzled on top, the way CPK does it... I have to say, I like CPK's cheeseburger pizza much better. So, I am apt to order from Pizza Guru again, but will take their delivery time estimate with a grain of salt and be more assertive about how I ask them to fix mistakes. They do have a good card discount--buy one pizza, get one free!

So many options! For Vegans too!!, 3/12/2010
Reviewer: Ceccie from Santa Barbara, CA
Pizza Guru is hands down the best place to have pizza in SB when the craving strucks. Not only do they have so many delicious regular toppings, they also offer fresh, vegan/gluten-free substitutions too! Recently they have spiced up their specials menu with new soups and desserts... the cinnamon twist is seriously to die for! I feel that the new owners are trying really hard at providing tasty food that is also holistic in nutrition - and that's what hooked me and all my friends.

But a person CAN throw stones in THEIR own house, 3/9/2010
Reviewer: Vera from Santa Barbara, CA
This is to offset the "People who live in glass houses..." ummmm "review"(?) The REAL reviewer of 3/7/10 (Josh) had a perfect right to give a bad review based on his experience. The "glass houses" writer, while she may have a right to compliment Pizza Guru on a recent ACTUAL dining experience she may have enjoyed, clearly was not doing so in her comment. Instead, she chose to belittle the review/reaction to the real dining experience that Josh had by relating about how she noticed there have been (non-time specific) improvements to Pizza Guru and how her restaurant background seemingly gives her the right to dismiss Josh's concern about strangers "smelling" the pizza. I guess her stint in the restaurant trade has made her immune to the everyday germs that may be carried in one's breath/close contact. (There is that other saying about covering one's mouth when coughing, etc.) I, for one, agree with Josh's decision to pass on that pizza and his disappointment with the staffer who declined to make a new one.

, 3/9/2010
Reviewer: Christie from Santa Barbara, CA
I think that last review was kind of ridiculous. I've been eating at pizza guru since it's been under new ownership and all that I have noticed are improvements. Yes, there have been times when things haven't been perfect but so it goes with all new businesses trying to work out the snags. To swear off a place because one teenage employee "insulted" you by not wanting to make an entirely new pizza when there was no harm done to the first is just silly. I'm sorry for anyone who is so repulsed by strangers smelling their food that they find it inedible...your life must be hard. I'm not usually one to write reviews but after many years working in restaurants I have a very low tolerance for people writing authoritative reviews in anger because of one bad experience. This place has good pizza and, for the most part, decent enough employees. Personally, I just care about the pizza. Some people just need to get over themselves. P.S. Try the euphoria pizza, it's awesome!

Refused the Pizza after it was given to someone else. , 3/7/2010
Reviewer: Josh from Santa Barbara, CA
I am shocked at the behavior at the counter of Pizza Guru yesterday at 4:30pm. I called in an order to go. As I was waiting to pick up the Pizza, I saw a group of guys that took the pizza to their table, opened it and all hovered over it. They realized it wasn't theirs and took it back. I then gave her my name and she said that this was my Pizza. I told her this group took it to their table, opened it, I saw them all take a look at it closely as a few guys with long hair got real close to look at it, breathing on it etc etc. It was a Soy Cheese with Vegas toppings so it probably looked different to them. I told the girl that I wanted a different Pizza made, I didn't want one where they all were passing it around to look at it and breathing/hovering over it. She argued with me about not making me another one. She told me that all they did was open the box, that was not the case, she couldn't of saw what they did because she was doing another task. I couldn't believe another Pizza was not made for me. I was not about to eat a Pizza that had been passed around, breathed on and hovered all over by a group of 6 people. I walked out without buying a pizza and will not be back. This was one of my favorite places to eat but what happened is not ok. I know a lot of people that eat at Pizza Guru and I will be telling them my story. Customer Service was an insult last night.

Biggest Let Down, 2/6/2010
Reviewer: Krista from Santa Barbara, CA
I was very excited to try this Pizza Guru after the recent rave reviews and the fact that they use organic ingredients. We were the only ones in there and it took forever to receive 2 pizzas. Did the dough have to rise a half hour? Is it that homemade? One cook, one pizza at a time...SLOW. For the price I was expecting a gourmet pizza with all the ingredients listed in the description. However, ingredients were sliced so thinly they lost all flavor, while some ingredients (eggplant) were cut so thinly I could barely even find any. Since the pizza had no flavor & ingredients were cut so small, I could barely detect if it had all the ingredients. It certainly didn't taste like the Nirvana described. The crust was not great - fine if you're on a health kick, but again no flavor and little crunch, not thin, but not thick. The sauce was almost tomato paste, but hardly any. The cheese was thin and took on a burned appearance. So we will not be eating here again. It felt like a rip off with the prices being charged for a pizza with very little topping, no flavor and leaving hungry (and I REALLY don't have a big appetite, just used to a hearty pizza.) 4 people could eat a large pizza, each having 2 thin slices and 1 person getting an extra, and still be hungry afterward. Because of the stinginess with all the ingredients: sauce, cheese and toppings, I won't eat here again.

Wow-Don't have to go to Europe for great pizza, 1/22/2010
Reviewer: steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Newer ownership has even made this place better. We've stopped asking how their crust can be so perfect because they just smile. -We've tried for decades to make perfect Euro pizza at home, -ordered the special Italian flour, perfect pans, perfect expensive hot ovens, stones....sorry...ours is pretty good, but not like this. Wonderful upbeat new decoration, by the slice for 3. bucks or our favorite...$15 happy hour special...they let you have the upscale beers in a BIG pitcher and one yummy LARGE pizza...gimme a break...we love this place. Saves us not so many expensive European Plane Tickets.(pepperoni unusually tasty and clean)Ask them to hold the garlic if you don't care for much...we don't like it so just ask when ordering...or ask for a little less sauce====perfection.

Best pizza in town!, 1/20/2010
Reviewer: Katie from Goleta, CA
This is hands down the best pizza in town. If you haven't tried it since the ownership has changed, I definitely recommend it! It is a completely new menu and AMAZING. My favorites would be the "Buff Chick" (buffalo chicken pizza), the "Euphoria" (steak and potato pizza), the "White House" (chicken, white sauce, artichoke, etc..). All of the specialty pizzas are to die for. They also have vegan and gluten-free, and whole wheat options. I can't say enough about this restaurant!

Good Food & Good Service, 12/9/2009
Reviewer: Pradip from Goleta, CA
We go to Pizza guru since many years now and meanwhile three owners changed. Lately, after this new owner, pizza taste is better and service is good too. We visit them once a week. We used to go to Giovanies in isla Vista for more than ten years then we switched to Gina's in Goleta and now we like Pizza guru

Delicious, 11/30/2009
Reviewer: Lisa from Santa Barbara, CA
The pizza here is absolutely delish. Better than Giovanni's maybe? Well, different. The sauce is so tasty and the crust is just right. You have to try it since it's under new management, it is a cute place inside and they have a very varied menu.

Nothing to write home about..., 10/23/2009
Reviewer: Pizza Eater from Santa Barbara, CA
We picked up our pizza, so we are not able to comment on the "atmosphere" of the Guru. However, while we were there, we had to wait in line for what seemed to be 7 minutes or longer. Friendy people, just slow people. We excitedly drove home with the enticing aroma of the "Guru Special" filling our car and teasing our tastebuds, and were let down only when we actually took a bite. The food is not "bad" but for the price, it's not great. And it does not even compare to other restaurants in the area such as Gino's (on Figueroa) or Pasaenos(?) on San Andres St. For these reasons, we will not be going back to Guru. And now we don't know what to do with our left-overs.

Delicious Pizza and Gluten free stuff is TASTY!!, 10/5/2009
Reviewer: MG from Santa Barbara, CA
Love the Gluten free options. Like the options for toppings and sauces. Service is good and friendly, maybe a little young to be experienced in customer service, but some at the counter really try and are very nice.

Gluten Free Pizza is Great, 9/10/2009
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm so happy that there is finally a place offering gluten free pizza. The texture and flavor of the crust was great. Also noticed that they had gluten free mac and cheese, I'll be sure to try it next time.

it would have been nice if we LEFT with a pizza?, 8/27/2009
Reviewer: cielo from Santa Barbara, CA
I will preface this by saying I was VERY excited to try Pizza Guru out after learning they have a gluten free crust for people who can't eat wheat (like me!)... I went there last night to try the gluten free pizza 20 minutes after ordering it for take out. The girl working was pretty busy when we got there and when she was able to get to the register and checked on our pizza saw that the chef hadn't even started our order and it looked like he was behind on about 3 other pizzas... so she told us it would take an hour to make a gluten free one. Sad. We went someplace else.

much more than pizza!, 8/25/2009
Reviewer: jennifer foster from Santa Barbara, CA
I had the pleasure of dining in Pizza Guru for the first time last week- we have ordered delivery in the past, but with new owners we decided to check out the restaurant in person- don't let the pictures above fool you- the inside has been re done and is super cute and quaint inside, with nice oversize wood furniture and a big screen TV- great first impression. The menu is amazing- so many delicious sounding choices- we ordered a pizza, a salad, and a pitcher of beer- pizza was really good but missing the main ingredient (which was steak)..salad was excellent, so fresh tasting, with bits of goat cheese, apple and candied walnuts, really good dressing too. We heard another couple saying that their pizza was missing the steak too, so I don't know if the cook was not familiar with the menu yet or what, but they were really nice about it and sent us home with some lovely tiramisu for the mistake. Service was very nice, even though they were so busy with delivery orders. One suggestion- please make your menu available online- I'm sure you would get much more business if people could see all the wonderful items you offer (other than the typical pepperoni pizza!) :-)

Pizza Guru Enlightens Upper State st., 8/24/2009
Reviewer: Dro from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is conveniently located by my work on upper State. I've tried their pizzas, sandwiches, calzones,lasagna, chicken wings and beer. All were great. Everything is fresh, healthy and for the most part organic. Eating healthy is important to me and so is saving money. That's why I go to the Guru for lunch. You cant beat their slice and a beer combo for happy hour.

Finally GLUTEN FREE Pizza in Santa Barbara!!, 8/11/2009
Reviewer: Paul S. from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been eating at Pizza Guru for about three years now. There have definitely been some ups and downs in the past, but I believe they are under new ownership, which probably explains why I've been finding myself there more and more lately. The crust on their pizza is by far the best in town, and you can tell that they use quality ingredients in their pie. Most importantly they offer gluten free pizza and beer here, which I haven't found anywhere else in Santa Barbara. My girlfriend loves their salads (she likes to say they are "better than Fresco"), and I've been trying more of their paninis lately. They've made a lot of changes in the decor and it has a really nice, warm feel to it. Overall the food is easily 5 stars, the only area they could improve a bit is customer service, but I can still give them 4.5 stars for that. If you haven't tried it yet you are missing out.

Gluten free pizza!, 7/27/2009
Reviewer: Gluten Free from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the only place in town to get gluten-free pizza. They also have a great selection of toppings and soy cheese. The service is pretty bad, and every time I call for a delivery, they tell me that they don't deliver to my area. I tell them that the manager said that they do, and after checking, they take my order.

Gluten Free Pizza!, 6/10/2009
Reviewer: Jocelyn from Santa Barbara, CA
We tried Pizza Guru tonight after hearing they offered gluten-free pizza. My husband is gluten-free and has never eaten a restaurant pizza in his entire life. Thank you so much for having this option. Having it listed directly on the menu inspires confidence that everything will be done correctly and his needs will be met. He also really enjoyed being able to get a gluten-free beer to go with his pizza. There are so many choices and combinations for toppings that we will definitely be back to try more.

OMG Great Pizza, 6/1/2009
Reviewer: Jonny from Goleta, CA
I have eaten A LOT of pizza in my day. So as my family headed into Pizza Guru for the first time I was skeptical. We ordered the White Pizza and the Pulled Pork BBQ pizza (name?). The BBQ pizza rocked my world with great flavors without being overpowering as some BBQ meals can be. The White Pizza was also very good with a fairly strong garlic flavor. The crust held up well and did not distract from the toppings. As our Governor would say "I'll Be Back!"

Ok food/service, 4/24/2009
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The pizza was really good, the sandwich was just Ok. Night shift cook Mr. Grumpy and I had a wait, Daytime shift people were nice. Salad was good. Lots of veggie/gourmet pizza options.

new owner does not live up to the original, 3/12/2009
Reviewer: marla S Wilson from Santa Barbara, CA
Service was lovely this pizzone was soooo disappointing- really guys sauce is not tomato paste from the can spread onto a pizza- why would i go here over a frozen pizza? they used to be good- now they need to step it - up

It's okay.. , 12/7/2008
Reviewer: Bryan from Santa Barbara, CA
I've ordered from Pizza Guru a few times. Each time it has been okay, just nothing to write home about. I ordered last night. I had a cheese pizza with the white garlic sauce, and asked for it well done. The pizza was pretty tasty but it was not well done like i asked. Rusty's is really good about actually making it well done. I also ordered a chicken ceasar salad. The driver originally had forgotten it, so he had to drive back to the shop to get it. It only took him 5 minutes or less since i live down the street. So that was good. The salad was okay. The dressing wasn't that good though, and neither were the "garlic" croutons which tasted bland. But overall, I probably will order from them again, just because I love their garlic breadsticks! They also have a pretty extensive menu compared to Rusty's.

Don't ever call in an order because they'll never get back , 11/14/2008
Reviewer: Vince from Santa Barbara, CA
I really love the pizza at this place, but everytime I call in an order, they put me on hold for a long time and never pick up. Horrible customer service!

Favorite Pizza in SB after new ownership!, 10/21/2008
Reviewer: Justin from Santa Barbara, CA
I love their pizza with the white garlic sauce. I highly reccomend to try the white garlic sauce with your favorite two toppings. Some of the best pizza i have ever had, definately best in SB. Very small so i would highly reccomend to order take out or delivery. Also only place ive seen with decent looking delivery chicks.

Great Pizza... Vegan Options Available Occasionally, 9/3/2008
Reviewer: Nancy Kim from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Pizza Guru and have eaten there many times. Whether ordering take out or eating in, their pizza has always been tasty. My only dislike is that sometimes if you order a pizza that is heavy on the toppings, the pizza gets extremely soggy. Aside from that, Pizza Guru has got to be one of my favorite pizza joints in town. Word of advice to vegans/vegetarians though - CALL AHEAD to make sure they have the soy cheese. I cannot tell you how many times my vegan friend and I have tried to order a pizza to share and been told they were out. To date, I've only gotten one (1) vegan pizza out of at least ten (10) attempts.

Great pizza, average service, 9/1/2008
Reviewer: Aaron from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten pizza from Pizza Guru probably 15 or 20 times now and it's always excellent. They have a great variety of toppings and have been careful to make their restaurant vegetarian-friendly. My only complaint is that the employees seem particularly disinterested in their jobs, and too frequently my order comes out wrong. If you're looking for the best informal pizza place in Santa Barbara, I suggest trying Pizza Guru and Giovanni's.

Terrible experience, 8/31/2008
Reviewer: Kyle from Santa Barbara, CA
Last Friday I called in an order for pickup at 5:40pm they told me it would be ready in 20 min. I arrived at 6:00pm only to be told that my ticket had been misplaced and my food wouldn’t be ready for another 10 min. I asked if I could buy a couple beers while I waited, seeing the two people at the table next to me drinking made me thirsty. I was then told that they were not aloud to serve alcohol yet but the people who were drinking next to me knew the owner so it was ok for them to drink. I was dumbfounded but didn’t say anything and went and sat down. I then waited until 6:45 until I finally received my pizza. To make matters worse when I finally got home to eat the food didn’t make up for the terrible experience I had picking it up. I would like to add that there were maybe 8 other people in the place, can you imagine what it would be like if they got busy. Pizza Mizza it is. Hope the alcohol board doesn’t catch the owner giving out drinks to his friends before his license gets approved this place is bad enough it would struggle not being able to serve beer.

Pizza Guru writes: I don't know what to say about the poor service you received except thank you for bringing it to our attention so we can improve ourselves for future patrons. I would, however, like to clear up the misunderstanding about your beer. I specifically remember the day to which you refer in your comments and you were slightly misinformed. We had received our license that very day and had not yet properly educated our staff on the particulars of serving alcohol, thus they were instructed not to do so. As I left for the evening I saw that one of our customers was a man who had taken particularly good care of me when I rented a car from his agency. I comped him a pitcher and that was that. I certainly understand your frustration, though. If you decide to give us another shot send me an email at and I'll get you taken care of with a couple of long-overdue beers.
i love pizza guru!, 8/30/2008
Reviewer: Christina from Santa Barbara, CA
Pizza Guru is great. Their variety is so amazing-who else offers a vegan option with soy cheese?! I am very grateful for that. The next best thing is their sauce selection. From the traditional tomato, to pesto, to curry, they offer it all. The tomato sauce is a bit tangy, so just ask for light sauce. Crust options are good as well. My personal favorite is the whole wheat. (Thin crust available upon request!) The ingredients are yummy and very fresh, especially the mushrooms! The only thing I would improve is the sun-dried tomatoes. Perhaps use a different brand, the ones you use are too chewy and a bit sour. Otherwise, amazing pizza.

big dissapointed, 11/8/2007
Reviewer: ari fromm from santa barbara
delivery took 1h 45 min! we called 3 times the girl answer the phone kept saying 'any minuets'.I asked delivery guy pizza is still hot or not. He said'warm'.shouldn't be hot ? dough was rustic bread like. It was just over baked.we ordered Mediterranean, it was bland. because vegetarian ? took for ever & tasted not good. big disappointed.

Yummy and cruelty free options, 10/13/2007
Reviewer: Amber from Goleta
Thanks for having vegan options. The vegan pizza was so good many of my friends who tried the vegan pizza said that they wouldn't have known it was vegan if I didn't tell them. I love the follow your heart cheese alternative that they buy locally from the Isla Vista co-op and when I asked them about the cheese they use they helped me get all the information I needed to purchase it. They have yummy pizza that is good for my taste buds and good for the animals.

Great Pizza :) Not So Good Service :(, 8/10/2007
Reviewer: Amanda from hanford,ca
Yummy!!!I loved the toppings the cheese the sauce, the crust was just scrumptious. Once I took a bite of my pizza, I had forgotten how non existent the service was. This was my first time at Pizza Guru and definitely not my last :)

Decent pizza, Disaster delivery story, 6/29/2007
Reviewer: Ryan from Santa Barbara, CA
I've ordered pizza guru twice. The pizza is not my favorite but it's better than the mainstream places like Pizza Hut or Rusty's (as far as quality goes) but the delivery service is hurting BIG time. Both deliveries were late. HERE'S THE DIRT....the second delivery arrived with one corner of the box smashed, broken open and soaked with tomato sauce or something and the driver actually delivered this thing telling my friend to hold the fragile broken corner! When we opened the box the entire pizza was smashed into the busted corner and half of the pizza was soaked and soggy from whatever substance soaked the box. The only reason we took this without complaint and ate it was because my friend was late for work and we were all starving.

My second favorite pizza place in town, 6/7/2007
Reviewer: David W from Santa Barbara, CA
They have good pizza with a wide selection of toppings, better than most places in town. I've been there many times and have only be disappointed with the pizza once. The happy hour special on pitchers of beer is a steal. I love it, though I still am looking for a place where I can get roasted red peppers as a topping on my pizza (they have red/green peppers, but it is not the same).

Great Thick Pizza, 6/2/2007
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara,CA
I finally tried pizza guru after hearing several people talk about it. What's awesome is how many options you have to customize a pizza. Lots of toppings, cheeses, and sauces. They also cater to vegitarians, vegans, and those who don't need to have a cow butchered for every meal with a wholewheat dough option, as well as vegan cheese. You can also opt for Thick or Thin crust, or normal. The prices are okay, 15$ for a small 3 topping is kinda steep, but well worth it. My only real complaint is that they don't have red onion!! However, i guess white will suffice.

Don't get their cheese pizza!!, 4/2/2007
Reviewer: Leslie from Santa Barbara, CA
Who can screw up regular cheese pizza?? Pizza Guru sure can! We ordered a plain cheese pizza and it was horrible. The dough was very chewy (we ordered it thin, so it should've been crispy), the cheese came off the pizza once you took a bite and had an overcooked rubbery texture to it, and overall the entire pie was GREASY. We were very disappointed, especially since the reviews speak so highly of this place. We won't be back!!

Best pizza for veggies, 2/24/2007
Reviewer: Steve Colwell from Santa Barbara
We've eaten a least a dozen times here, consistently great. If you want a vegan pizza, they're by far the best place because they have a vegan cheese choice, and they make it right so you get a healthy but still very tasty pie. For optimal flavor we choose the regular crust rather than whole wheat, and add a touch of salt at the table -- then it tastes deliciously unhealthily perfect!

HORRIBLE Service, 1/25/2007
Reviewer: Vi from Santa Barbara, CA
I love pizza guru's pizza but their deliviery service is horrible. Long story short, eat in or pick up. Long story: I order at 6:30pm. I am told it will take 30-45 minutes, which is understandable. By 7:30pm, no one has arrived. I call; Sheeria, the manager at the time, assures me they will be there any mintue. By 8pm, still nothing. I call Sheeria again. She says that they will be there "any minute," then with me pressing her, she calls the delivery person who claims that no one came to the door or answered the phone (I gave them my phone number and asked them to call when they arrived; nevertheless, I never heard anyone knocking anyway), so the delivery person left. Sheeria offers to deliver my pizza at 25% off. ...But it's now cold (it was made an hour ago); that is all she can offer me. If she makes me another pizza, it will take longer than 30minutes to get it to me (I am 10 minutes away from their State Street location). However, it took at least an hour to get me a pizza the first time, so I decline. I plan to call the store manager tomorrow (Sean or Steven) but for now, I'm eating a pizza from Rusty's... who delivered in 20 minutes. Pizza Guru: Please confirm phone numbers and honor repeat customers; after the hour and half and only a 25% discount on a cold pizza.

Some very good pizza in Santa Barbara, 1/25/2007
Reviewer: Jonathan from Santa Barbara, CA
I finally had Pizza Guru pizza, albeit not at the restaurant. And it is good! I moved to Santa Barbara from New York, so I have had lots of good pizza. They do some very interesting combinations that sound strange at first, but taste very good. And the plain cheese pizza was excellent - the true test of a pizza parlor. The sauce has some good flavor to it which is often lacking at many of Santa Barbara's pizza parlors.

Reviewer: Nicole Long from Santa Barbara
To start, Pizza Guru has WONDERFUL customer service along with a friendly & casual atmosphere. The food is good as well, the pizza... AMAZING! Great location & lots to choose from. The prices are well priced & great for easy family dining. Try the breadsticks!!!

I hope they are able to stay, 7/30/2006
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara
We have had two pizzas (one to go and one on the patio) and I must say that they have a very creative and well thought out concept. My wife and I prefer healthy dining options and Pizza Guru seems to have embraced that idea. They offer whole wheat, vegetarian (and vegan) pizza, great beer on tap and a nice location. The Guru special (Tandori chicken, cilantro) is very good. We hope they are able to get things running smoothly and stay up and running. It seems this might be a first attempt for the owner. Good luck!

Great Pizza, Wonderful Customer Service, 7/9/2006
Reviewer: Shannon from Santa Barbara, CA
This pizza place sets itself apart from others in the area. The atmosphere is causal, with plenty of patio seating that makes it a perfect spot to meet friends. Delivery is also available within a certain distance (check with the restaurant to see if they'll deliver to you). In addition to the usual toppings available, Pizza Guru has a special section of their menu especially for vegetarians and vegans, with soy cheese (crust, soy cheese and sauce are all vegan) available on request. I am a vegan and am used to having to ask questions to make sure I can find something to suit me at restaurants. The staff was extremely helpful and went out of their way to assist me. As it was not overly busy, the owner even took some time to come over and speak with us. My boyfriend, (not vegetarian) was equally pleased with our meal. The crust on their pizzas is really incredible, and I think the selection and quality of toppings offered is the best in town. I hope this great family owned business is around for a long time.

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