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Java Jones - State & Figueroa
No longer in business
Opened: 2006-06 Closed: 2008-06

1101 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-7344

Reviews by the General Public

Where did they go?, 6/11/2008
Reviewer: Laura from Santa Barbara, CA
I work across the street so I often stop in here for coffee and pastries, as do my coworkers. I like that they are local, and the servers are always friendly. I went in for a coffee on Friday 6/6 and they were having problems with the espresso machine, but the girl was still able to make my drink. On Tuesday 6/10, a coworker pointed out to me that they had closed. The name has been removed from the facade, and there is a sign posted outside saying, "sorry we're closed, please visit our other locations". What happened?! I am very sad to see them go and am going to miss the convenience of their location and service.

Why is the music so loud and the system so crappy, 11/14/2007
Reviewer: Sam from Santa Barbara
Everything about this place is great. Good food and coffee, free internet and comfortable seating all make for a potentially great place and I do come here often. The one big issue is the music. The system is old and sounds like crap. Upstairs the sounds are muddy and really distracting as the bass override goes right through any attempt to block it out with earphones. People go to coffee shops to either talk, read, study or work so there is no need to have blaring atmosphere music. This is really a bigger problem at night then during the day. Management if you are listening, I would come here much more often to write if you just turned down the music a lot at night and upgraded to a passable system.

Yummy Mexican Mocha, 1/21/2007
Reviewer: megan warner from santa barbara,ca
Being new to town I have only recently discovered Java Jones. The staff is very pleasant and the coffee is delicious. My favorites are the Mexican mocha and the white chocolate blended mocha, love the white chocolate chips on top! Keep up the good work!

Love this place!, 1/21/2007
Reviewer: CS from Goleta
This is by far my favorite place to have a cup of coffee and study/read. I come out all the way from Isla Vista just to get to this place. Nice interior, ambient indie music and friendly waitstaffs. I love their relaxing couches or that one high chair and table in the back corner. Super-fast free internet is definitely a plus too.

Best coffee in town, 8/27/2006
Reviewer: John Alroy from Santa Barbara, CA
Java Jones is hands-down the best coffee shop in Santa Barbara. I'm in there almost every day. Strong espresso drinks at reasonable prices with a blend that's mostly arabica but has a little robusta for, well, robustness. Excellent decor, as coffee shops go, with eclectic art on display. Staff turns over quickly, so there's occasional confusion in taking orders, but the manager is very good. I think she's clamped down on the teenage angst music that the staff seems to favor; a lot more R & B and soul these days. Pastries seem okay but are so large that I rarely try them, although I've tried their decent fruit pies a couple of times.

Great place., 7/31/2006
Reviewer: griffin from santa barbara
I go here almost daily and although my opinions may be influneced by my loyalty, the place is great. The staff is friendly, the coffee is great, the couches comfortable. Just an overall great place, worthy of the couple hours a day I spend there.

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